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when you ask your debtors to pay back the money they lent it boils down to them coming up with one story or the other some have very funny tactics ... but there are some people that are actually broke tho ... share your experiences on the problems you have had with debtors
**kenny g**

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Fri, 14 Nov, 2014 - 10:05:44:am GMT

Have been In that shoe before, the highest thing I can do is to start begging the person am owing. Some debtor will have to be on the run when ever they see the person. When I was in that mess I move closer to the good person that helps because is not easy. My advice is that is better be starve than borrowing.
**kenny g**

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 05 Feb, 2019 - 06:55:57:pm GMT

If someone is owing me debt. I do find it difficult to ask the person for my money even when I need the money to settle somethings. I would rather wait till the person brings the money by him/ her self. If the person didn't bring it. At times I might try and ask the person once. If the person didn't turn up. I will forget the money. Even if I'm not happy for the person not bringing the money but I will still not tell the person about it. Till I will totally let it go.

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Piwizo(m) .:. Wed, 06 Feb, 2019 - 06:55:17:am GMT

My guy people pass through a lot no be lie, there are tough things people go through, it isn't easy my brother, someone will be owing you Just 2k and when he just sees you his heart will cut or fly that's the extent the thing he or she is facing has gotten to, sometimes they might not pass your street again if they can't pay back, your street becomes G.R.A I still believe that no man desires to be a debtor, na the money way no day, and one thing I have said to myself is no matter how much someone owes me I cannot disgrace the person publicly because I might be up today and tomorrow I might encounter some challenges and be passing through pressing times and need help from someone not necessarily the one that Owes me before, but how I treat him is how I will be treated when I need help, so this should be our reactions when our debtor are feeling the pressure of being a debtor and loosing their freedom, encourage and help boost their confidence, a good man will always pay back his debt when the money is available and thank God for providing enough for you to be able to reach the those who are passing through trying times!!!

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Thu, 18 Apr, 2019 - 03:59:03:pm GMT

This is interesting. I almost lost a friendship because I lender my friend some money. I was on a particular day he called narrating some of his family problems that needed money to take care of I sympathised with him encouraged and advised him. He later asked if I could lend him some amount of money and I responded positively. Besides what are friends for.

He began to tell how he doesn't like borrowing that he hardly ask for things like this from people. There on the phone he told me when he will pay back the money. Though the time frame will inconvenience me, but I accepted because I don't totally know his financial whereabouts that time.

It is now time for the payback, he started avoiding my calls. Initially I thought maybe he is being busy with work, but on a second note I asked, how he can be busy even at night. Later it dawn on me that he is avoiding my calls. Why not take my calls and explain things to me, I reasoned. To make matter worse we are not even in the same state.

I have to follow him up with a text messages. This was how eventually we got talking again. Though he later paid but it was on installments. I learnt my lessons after the experience.

Instead of lending to a friend, give freely the amount you can easily forget if eventually he pays not, but you must have learnt the kind of person your borrower is so you may want to or not have a deal with him next time.

Learn to say no without feeling guilty. Sometimes we tend to hurt ourselves just so we can please others. This is not acceptable, especially in dealing with money. Am I saying we should not sacrifice for others? No. All I am saying is that we must learn to draw line between helping people genuinely and inconveniencing ourselves beyond our ability. If you can't afford what someone is asking, don't lend or worst still borrow to lend. You may not be able to payback your lender in this case when the person you lent to has not paid back.

**Obinna Oguji**

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: ACETONE(m) .:. Sun, 14 Jun, 2020 - 09:01:13:pm GMT

It's unclear who first said "Money can't buy happiness." Whoever it was, they probably weren't staring at a tall stack of bills and an empty checking account.

Money can't buy happiness, but it is the only thing that will pay those bills. Doing that may not trigger an endorphin rush of happiness, but it sure beats the alternative.

It's hard to imagine anyone feeling joy over not paying their bills. Perhaps there is psychiatric condition that causes people to enjoy bankruptcy proceedings, but nobody's found it yet.

Having enough money to pay all our bills allows us to provide for our families, plan for the future and enjoy our leisure time.

Not having money restricts our choices and wreaks emotional havoc on our psyche. Borrowing money to pay those bills leads to debt, which can lead to all sorts of problems that have nothing to do with accounting and everything to do with psychology.

Among the negative effects are low self-esteem and impaired cognitive functioning. That means you can't learn, remember, be attentive or solve problems as well when you're freaking out over your water bill.

And get this - debt can hurt. I mean, really hurt.

Responding to Debt

Does debt cause mental illness, or does mental illness cause debt?


That's the best answer researchers have come up with after years of study. Some research found that worrying about debt triggers stress, which reduces your resilience against mental health problems.

Other studies show mental health problems decrease self-control, increase spending and basically mess up a person's financial judgment. That would explain why Jack Nicholson didn't have a checking account in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

But when we say "mental illness" caused by debt, we're not talking about a full-bore disorder like schizophrenia that requires wearing a straitjacket. The problems are less glaring, but they can still take you to still tie you up in knots.

Behavior patterns that compel some to spend without restraint can drive a person into debt just as surely as a financial emergency caused by a car crash. Regardless of how someone falls behind, being in debt can trigger unsettling emotional responses.


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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Fashnet(m) .:. Mon, 10 Aug, 2020 - 05:14:27:pm GMT

My experience with debtors are not funny at all.. I can vividly remember about five years ago when I learnt a young man about N1,000,000 for business in forex trading with promise that all will be well...

Hmmmnnn. It's no joke that till date my money is still hanging and I can't force the money out as he claims the money has gone with his failure in trading exercise.

**Help the needy and love everyone**

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Krainaix(m) .:. Sat, 21 Nov, 2020 - 07:05:15:am GMT

I believe it's normal for debtors to have that spirit of frustration when they're about to pay...it's easy to spend than to save up also easy to destroy a creation than to create it. I don't know how to get paranoid with my debtors because i've been in their shoe not that i got the problem of paying back but me having a mindset or imagining that the person collecting the money should just forget or say i shouldn't worry.

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Abiodun(m) .:. Sat, 21 Nov, 2020 - 09:51:21:am GMT

reaction from your debtors. it is the feeling that can cause it. it is enough to drive anyone insane and those suffering from debit will likely feel a combination of shame. depression. embarrassment. anger. anxious. while physical and emotional problems occur out of massive debt. other negative side effects occur as well. debt can cause a lot of damage. and not just to your credit score. choose your debt amount. being in debt can trigger unsettling emotional responses. debt routinely cause more arguments between partners and can cause relationship breakdown due to decrease positive communication increasing mistrust and blame. others tend to hide their debt from their partner's and this can cause feeling of guilt and shame to manifest which further hurt their mental health. it is a vicious cycle. high debt can driver a low credit score. a low credit score impact your ability to get a low rate on Loan's

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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Francis(m) .:. Sat, 21 Nov, 2020 - 01:41:40:pm GMT

Debtors!!, Na wa for them o. The funniest thing about them is that, they will be so friendly and calm when they want to collect the money, when the money get in their hands, they begin to show their true colour. Na you go dey use phone chase them up and down.
I can't count those that have lend money without returning it back, especially my friends, they will use familiarity to cover up the case. You won't be able to ask them again after all trials and efforts to get it back.
The truth there is that, some didn't have the power to pay back truly while some won't intentionally pay back, they don't care whether you need your money or not.
As there are blessings in helping, also there are bad lucks in it. When you lend someone a huge amount of money, and the person could not afford to pay back will plan evil against you or even kill you, just not to pay back.
Don't pressurise debtors, if they refuse to pay, leave them to God, it is for your own good.


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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Flat(m) .:. Mon, 23 Nov, 2020 - 04:31:22:pm GMT

Hmmm! Sincerely speaking, one might not truly understand the life of a debtor if one have not been a debtor before. It is not a crime for one to be in debt but it becomes bad when one is not having the mind of settling the debt. Have had this experience countless times from the two dimensions, i.e. have been a debtor and have also been owed before. So, I will share my experience from the two dimensions.
Being a debtor part of the things I do ensure during this time is that I always ensure I communicate with the person am owing constantly not because I don't want to pay but I want the person to know I have he/she in mind, this is where most people failed it, they just neglect the person just because they have gotten what they wanted already. Another thing I do is that I make it know ahead of time if I won't be able to meet up with the payment deadline because they might have plan on it. This where some people also miss it again, they won't call or give any form of notification if they won't be able to meet up with the agreed payment date.
Now, when am the boss, i.e. when am being owed, I thought people will act towards me just the way I do but reverse is the case. A lot of times I do even find it difficult to borrow people money just because they don't payback neither will they show any remorseful act for what they have done. Imagine that am the one calling them to remind them that they are owing me, imagine them still negotiating the payment they will pay and even just pay half and will not pay the remaining debt again. This is how cruel human can be, some people find it convenient to owe and see no wrong in it.
Debt is not a good thing, but we can't really do without it. So, let's pay as we owe.


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   Re: Reactions From Your Debtors by: Chiboy(m) .:. Mon, 23 Nov, 2020 - 05:51:42:pm GMT

My course mate in school borrowed money from me to get a handout, the handout was sold for #2000 and the lecturers law was that no handout no test, because we are to write the text in the handout. My course mate seated close to me does not have the handout and also does not have money to buy, so he ask me to lend him #2000 to pay back the following week, I accepted and gave the money to him, the week for him to pay he was no where to be found in school, then the upper week I saw him in school, when I ask him for my money, he just told me that he does not have it now that I should chill when he have the money he will give it to me. I told him this is not our agreement why changing the agreement now, he just said he his sorry that he does not have money now to give to me. Ever since then I have not ask him for the money again and he has not bother to pay me the money up till this time. Now when he sees me in school he just behavior like he does not know me, so I decided to leave the money with him.

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