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The level at which stroke strikes in Nigeria is alarming and need proactive measure to prevent underage from this impulsive paralysis. With the deep sense of compulsion, this revelation is obliging on me that is, I must reveal it to humanity if I don't want God to blame me because of the rate at which the menace of stroke thronged around Nigeria and beyond is disgusting. It is usually to see underage people encountered life challenges and struggling to save out of stroke, of you are between 40-45 and you can't stand without stick, you can't move as you wish in fact is like being in life but not alive. You may not know it or pity anyone that was attacked by stroke around you but I want to tell you authoritatively that, between November and January, I have 63 cases of stroke acrosd Nigeria in which I was able to attend to 45 due to circumstances beyond our control and the nature of the work. This is the reason why I ponder upon on what to dash out to prevent it occurrence but only those who have ear will hear.


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You may not know that, a stroke happens when blood flow to a part of your brain is cut off. The template that signal to all part of the body is placed on the head that why Yoruba adage says"Head is the father of all body". Without the other in blood recirculation,brain cells start dying within day by day and strike out eventually which will result to stroke. You may argue that stroke is not a malady because some of our grandfathers suffered with a serious stroke. Yet, my argument is that, the age at which stroke strikes in the olden days to the age at which under 40-45 fell down in this 21st Century is worthy of notice. It may also suprise that, thousand of underage Nigerian will still have stroke soon because their body is giving them signal towards paralysis and they only believe in medical pills that eventually affect many people at the end. But we hope to say, May God forbid bad things but don't be deceived, you need natural herbs not only to scale through but also detoxify your body.

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@donchex: it is a matter of concern to me and also to many Nigerians the rare rate at which people just kick the bucket these days as a result of stoke is alarming, i grew up knowing that stroke is for aged people between 65 and above, but I don't know why it's still rampant in our society today, especially for underaged persons, well serious thoughts and consideration needs to be given into this, and the ministry of health need to look into the matter, in my place of worship that's how a young guy of 37 died of stroke, although it seems as if his own is spiritual but there are lot of cases, well I feel it has to do with overworking the body beyond its ability and not taken adequate rest then very importantly as youth and people of the younger generation, we need to do excercises frequently, then I believe that we will be free from stroke.

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   Re: REVELATION ABOUT STROKE by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 26 Feb, 2019 - 02:58:10:pm GMT

A stroke is an attack to the brain. It can happen to anyone at any time not minding the gender. It happens when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off and when this happens, the brain cells are deprived of oxygen and they begin to die. When brain cells die during the effect of stroke, things that are controlled by that area of the brain such as the memory and muscle control are lost. So, in others words stroke can leads to memory lost and also lost of muscles. And muscles functions in movement. It is the muscles that helps in movement. We can control our body voluntarily by skeletal muscles and involuntarily and controlled by smooth muscles. The muscle also helps stabilize our joints, maintain our posture and generate heat during activity. So, when the control of muscles is lost. Am activities carried out by the muscles are shut down. That is where you see paralysis of the body. Not being able to use the muscular system anymore and some cases it will reflect only on one part of the body.

There are actually different types of stroke
1. Transient Ischemic stroke: This type of stroke is usually known as a warning for sign of stroke. This happens when there is a blood clot in the vessels which goes temporarily on its own. It does not last for long. Blood clots stops flow of blood to some part of your brain or body. Blood clot is often caused by atherosclerosis ( the hardening of the artery or blood vessels caused by plague, which is a buildup of fatty deposits on the inner lining of a blood vessel. A portion of these fatty deposits can break off and block blood flow in your brain.) But all this happens and goes in just a while.


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2. An ischemic stroke: In the case of an ischemic stroke. This occurs when a blood clot keeps blood from flowing to your brain. Unlike a Transient Ischemic stroke, the blood clot that causes an ischemic stroke won't go away without treatment.
An ischemic stroke is said to be embolic, which means the clotted bloods travels from another part of your body to your brain. Also an estimated 15 percent of embolic strokes are due to a condition called atrial fibrillation, where your heart beats irregularly. An ischemic Stroke is also A thrombotic stroke caused by a clot forming in a blood vessel in your brain.

3. A hemorrhagic stroke is when a blood vessel in your brain ruptures or breaks, spilling blood into the surrounding tissues. Hemorrhagic stroke has three main types:

A. The Aneurysm: Aneurysm causes a portion of the weakened blood vessel to swell out and at times rupture.

B. The Arteriovenous malformation: this types involves abnormally formed blood vessels. If such a blood vessel ruptures, it can cause a hemorrhagic stroke.

C. A very high blood pressure: A very High Blood pressure can cause weakening of the small blood vessels in the brain and result in bleeding into the brain as well. High blood pressure is one of the risk factor of stroke. Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries and veins. High blood pressure is when the pressure exerted is high. So, when the pressure is much it tends to weaken the blood vessels, which can cause them to rupture.

In other to reduce the attack of stroke, you should adopt some lifestyle that can bring changes to your body.

1. Involve in daily exercise. Burn out some ugly fat from your body.
2. Eat adequate diet daily. Don't bounce on only fatty foods as this could be risky to the body.
3. If you know you are hypertensive, make sure you use the drugs prescribed by Doctor daily to avoid increase in the blood pressure.
4. Avoid use of hard drugs like cocaine e.t.c.
5. Reduce intake of alcoholic drinks.


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   Re: REVELATION ABOUT STROKE by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Wed, 27 Feb, 2019 - 10:17:17:am GMT

@Velisa: Good points...

Stroke is a very common disease that truly fights the humans adult. And it is also becoming so visible among the young adult. But it can be dealt with before it gets complicated.

Storing excessive fat in the body is not really good. Fatty deposits in the body is dangerous especially when they are in excess. They tends to build up into plague. And they become discomfort to the blood vessels. Thereby causing the blood to clot. And when blood clots at a particular place, it won't allow blood to flow through the place. And when blood does not flow, then there will be lack of oxygen to those areas that lacks blood flow because oxygen is transported through the blood and also other fluid. The reason why a bleeding person becomes weak is because as he/she bleeds blood, the oxygen and fluid in the body like water follows. The person becomes dehydrated because of excess loss of water. So, when there is no blood flow to some part of the body due to clotted blood in that area, the person tends to loose control over that area. And blood clots can move from any part of the body to the brain as it deals with circulation and can blood not to flow through the blood vessels of the brain, this will thereby cause every thing that is controlled by the brain like the muscular system and nervous system to shut down, this leads to stroke. Same pertains to heart attack. Those blood clots can block any blood vessels in the heart and thereby preventing that area from blood flow, which will now leads to lack of oxygen to breath and all that. So, the attack comes. Stroke can be prevented when you take the precautions for prevention.


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   Re: REVELATION ABOUT STROKE by: Princess(f) .:. Tue, 30 Jun, 2020 - 09:40:10:am GMT

Stroke happens when the supply of blood to the brain stops (as a result of the blood vessels being retired) or is reduced ( is being blocked by a clot) which in turn prevents the brain tissues from functioning properly. This is a very rampant cause of death and disability in human.

Symptoms of stroke include
1. Paralysis or numbness if the arm, face or leg.
2. Loss of coordination and experiencing trouble walking.
3. You could have problems seeing with your eyes.
4. Difficulty in speaking or understanding what people say.
5. You could experience dizziness and headache.
It is advisable to go for checkups once these symptoms are noticed.

Stroke occurs in three forms Hemorrhagic stroke, Ischemic stroke and Transient Ischemic attack.

This occurs when the blood vessels in the brain leaks or ruptures. It could be as a result of uncontrolled high blood pressure, trauma from accidents, bulges at weak spot in the blood vessels and protein deposits on blood vessel walls.

This is the most common type of stroke which happens when the blood vessels in the brain are narrowed or blocked causing reduced blood flow. A blocked or narrowed blood vessel is as a result of fatty deposit that build up, blood clots and other deposit s that move through the bloodstream.

Like ischemic stroke, it occurs when blood clot or debris temporarily reduces blood flow to the brain. This attack does not cause permanent damage, it may just last for five minutes or more.


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Risk factors of stroke include High blood pressure, obesity or being overweight, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, heavy drinking or use of hard drugs, diabetes and family history of stroke.

Ways to reduce the risk of having stroke are
1. Controlling high blood pressure - using medications and living a healthy lifestyle.
2. Quit the use of hard drugs and smoking. Smoking increased the risk of stroke for an individual.
3. Lowering cholesterol intake could help, as it reduces the build up in the walls of the blood vessels.
4. Manage diabetes - with medications and maintaining good and healthy diet.
5. Maintain a healthy weight.


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