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Once in a while, always make this pledge to your woman, "I am going to love you like the first day that made you accept me. I will continue to pamper and take care of you like the moment I was after your heart. I am going to remain like that boyfriend that got you drunk in love with me in ur life, I am going to continue sharking your head with love, care, attention, advice, trust, communications, plays, etc like I used to do while we were boyfriend and girlfriend".

At times we men makes our women start doing things they aren't supposed to do. We do make them start cheating on us, why? When you are new with her, you made her drunk in love in such away that her eyes couldn't see any other man than you, Her voice couldn't hear any other voice than yours. She was so drunk that any man's face she saw, she saw you, every man's voice she heard, was yours.

Her friends will be telling her, "why are you being tied down by just one man?", she will reply, "his love for me had crippled my wings, his love for me had chained my legs, his love for me had blinded my eyes from seeing any other man's face, and blocked my ears from hearing any other man's voice".

The moment you stop being who you used to be with her, her eyes will be cleared small small from that drunkenness. When her head and eyes are finally cleared, she won't even remember the good side of you, she will be seeing your present characters, your present behaviors towards her. She will automatically start listening to other voices, from there, you will loose your once a faithful woman because of your neglect and abandonment. Help her by always giving her reasons to hold onto the love she so much believed in


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Re: Protect Her Love by: Velisa(f) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 11:07:47:am GMT

As a man, your woman needs your love for protection. You need to always show her how much you love and value her. What are you doing so far to make your wife or fiancee know how much you care? When last did you smile at her? When last did you look at her and give a compliment? No, a genuine comment from your heart that you really meant and was not intended to balance the favour you wanted to ask for?

When last did you talk to her like a man talks to a woman who owns his heart? I mean sit close to her, look her in the eye and speak sweet gentle words.

When last did it bother you that you no longer see her like that? You know how, the sweet sexy queen who had chosen you over others and given it all up for you.

When last did you play with her? I mean, tickle her, carry her, pillow fight, piggyback and all?

When last did you eat with her? Steal her meat, feed her plantain, struggle with her for the drink and just laugh.

When last did you look at her and miss her, miss what you shared?

When last did she matter more than your mobile phone.

When last did it matter that she felt bad? Did you get annoyed when she is sad or you gently caress her to know what could have made her sad.

When last did it matter that these no longer matter?

Think about it. All this proves your love to her. It is not all about sex, sex, sex. Nope! At times all this makes your love grow further.


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Re: Protect Her Love by: AJESTY(f) .:. Tue, 14 May, 2019 - 03:17:03:pm GMT

What attracted you to her in the first place? What are the things you did that made her Fell in love with you in d first place. You should ask this question and I believe u can find d answers

Then when you started dating you use to call like 5times in a day, u used to give her your undivided attention,she used to be your utmost priority,and she fell deeply,madly and helplessly in love with you that she cant even think of anyone else.all of a sudden u stopped doing those things u used to do towards her.

She became so comfortable with the way u used to treat her and now this new behavior of urs got her worried.u just shattered the beautiful world you have built for her. Don't ever stop doing those things you used to.

The little things u used to do for her really matters and counts alot.the gisting,helping her out in the kitchen,laundry,talking her to bed, cuddling her,the heart to heart talk with her, those are just so priceless to her and it it will make the relationship more happy one.

**Courageous **

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Re: Protect Her Love by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 20 Jun, 2019 - 08:04:00:am GMT

You will hardly see a man who will truly love a woman and not cheat on her. Guys are covetous. They are never OK with one person. They always want to have more than one. None of them wants to have that one girl they will swear to spend the rest of their live with.

And yet, they will expecting women to come and suffer with them. I haven't seen a guy who truly love as girl so much that he can do anything just to keep her.

While they arresting one, they have one by their side, so, should in case that one gets angry one day because of their character and sat it's over, they will just go to the other one.

Shut can to me yesterday and told me of how he has feelings of love for me and really wants me to be his liver. He said if how he has fell in love with me since the day he met me in church.

I asked him if he doesn't have a lover, he said the truth that he has but he was tired of the girl, he doesn't trust the girl and does not love her anymore.

How am I sure I won't also be that type one day, when he tell other girls that he is tired of me. I told him no.

Ladies, be wise. Guys are dangerous and can do anything to get what they want.

**God's light**

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Re: Protect Her Love by: Confidant(f) .:. Tue, 09 Jul, 2019 - 06:05:10:pm GMT

A woman who loves you truly will love you unconditionally. She won't be demanding and she won't ask for anything in return but love. Don't make commitments, don't make promises, and don't take any vows. Don't appreciate her, don't pamper her, and don't go out of your way to anything to please her. But don't give her tears, sadness and a shattered heart .When a woman says she doesn't need anything from you she also means she doesn't need emotional or physical cheating, lies, deceit and dishonesty. So guys just read between the lines and love your woman with truthfulness, honesty and dedication and she will love you back in a million ways you could have never imagined and .


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