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Political apathy indicates a situation in which people are indifferent and Choose not to partake in the political process of a state, community or a country. It is also the process in which the citizens of a country exhibit carefree character towards political process by not participating in it.

Forms of political apathy
Political apathy is the refusal of citizens to participate in the political process that leads to an election of the leaders that would govern a state or country in a democracy. It manifests in various forms

1. Refusal to register: political apathy manifests first in the turn out of the eligible voters to register for voting. Voter's registration is an essential aspect of election, which the electoral body takes very seriously. It is an essential pre condition for voting in an election.

2. Refusal to vote: government usually encourages the masses to register by insisting that the voter's registration card will be used for receiving some benefits from the government.

3. Refusal to protest against rigging and other electoral malpractices: electoral malpractice is a situation in which the electorate falsifies and manipulates the electoral process, especially voting in order to ensure that an unpopular candidate wins the election.

4. Refusal to belong to a political party: political party is a body of people who came together with the goal of coming to power in a state.

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   Re: Political apathy by: Bookie(f) .:. Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 - 11:51:40:am GMT

Political aparty can be defined as a situation where the majority of the populace shows an attitude of lack of interest towards politics. It is a situation whereby a person shows no interest in the matters of politics in his or her country.

In Nigeria, political aparty is expressed in different ways:

1. Man Nigerians refuse to belong to or support any political party

2. The low turn out of Nigerians who are eligible to vote for the voters registration process

3. The poor turn out of voters during elections.

4 most Nigerians are not interested in protesting against bad governance and leadership in the country.

Some of the effects of political aparty in Nigeria are:

1. Politicians are not held accountable for their actions.

2. Continued imbalance of power can lead to civil wars and revolutions

3. High level of corruption and lawlessness flourish in the country.

4. Greedy politicians keep getting into power

5. The development of the country becomes very slow.


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   Re: Political apathy by: ChukwukaEmmanuel(m) .:. Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 - 04:40:36:pm GMT

As a result of the failure of politicians in fulfilling their electoral promises, the number of people who tend to be politically inactive is increasing in our society today. This has become such that people have lost trust in the political leaders and have relegated to their own matters and showing less concern for political issues. Political apathy is said to be the passiveness and reluctance of citizens in engaging in political affairs.

In the bid to attain power through election, politicians make diverse manifestoes to the citizens and these promises stirs their hopes up for a better future. But after being voted for and attaining that political position, most of the promises remain unfulfilled ,thereby stirring up offence in the people. This is one medium that leads to this political apathy in context.

What could probably be a solution to this? Let manifestoes be meet. This can encourage the citizens to be more active as they can see that the government is out for their good. Plus let adequate safety and security be ensured most especially during election periods, casting of votes and as well generally. The involvement of touts should highly be prohibited and enforced cause this had led to the harm of innocent people during election periods.

Also, ignorance is also a striking cause of political apathy. So, in order to eradicate this, adequate enlightenment programs should be set up mostly in the rural areas where development is a bit limited. By educating the people, you equip them with the basic knowledge and importance of political partispation. Democracy is a government of the people, so every qualified person is eligible to engage in the election process of whoever is to govern them.


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   Re: Political apathy by: Mima(f) .:. Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 - 05:51:47:pm GMT

Political apathy is the refusal to vote. It is a situation whereby people have different beliefs about the election. People in this case do not actually say that they wouldn't want to vote but because of the system of government or the way the government of a particular country operates. Take for example, if a political party that is aspiring for power gives it proposal to the people which is written down in its manifestoes(is a book where people aspiring to dominate government states their promises to the people) but eventually fails after the winning the elections.

Moreover, people also belief that taking part in politics is a bad idea because they know or belief that politics is a dirty game(people involved can kill to gain power, cause crisis, riots etc.).

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   Re: Political apathy by: Blackie(f) .:. Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 - 06:04:26:pm GMT

Political apathy can be defined as a feeling of disinterest towards political activities. Political apathy is a situation that arises from different things. Poverty can cause political apathy. People focus on how to survive daily, they think about how they'll meet their ends meet, they worry alot more on survival than for them to take interest in political activities.

Ignorance can also cause political apathy. The lack of education or training on the need to participate in politics can also result to political apathy. Sometimes discouragement can also cause it. Someone can inform another who was initially interested in politics that it's bad, instead of giving positive comments, negative comments are received instead and this can also cause political apathy.
The question now is how can we put an end to Political apathy. The major way I've seen so far is by educating the citizen. Citizens need to be educated on the reasons why they should participate in politics. The need to involve themselves in voting(voters education)


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   Re: Political apathy by: Ninoevans(m) .:. Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 - 06:07:12:pm GMT


We are bound to have youths that lack interest i n politics due to the draconian nature of our political system. Nigeria is only practicing Democracy on paper, we are in a military or khaki regime. Most of our political leaders are ex-military officers who think in line of friend and enemies. They reward their friends and destroy their enemies. This is the reason, Nigeria politics is tagged as "Do or Die Politics".

Policians in a domocratic regime are suppose to be civil and diplomatic with their colleagues, opponents and the general public. it is a sorry case in Nigeria, because those that rise up to fight for the truth are slaughtered physically, emotionally and mentally. They are unjustly detained without anyone standing up to fight for their release.

This is the main reason why people are generally passive when it comes to politics in Nigeria. This is not to say that political apathy is good, it is just an explanation on the reason for political apathy in Nigeria. However, There is need to sensitive the general public on their role as watchdogs to the government of the state. The people are the government because they voted does in power into those ppositions and they can remove them or vote them out when they discover that these people are no longer serving their inetrest.

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   Re: Political apathy by: Flochords(f) .:. Tue, 28 Jul, 2020 - 12:36:34:am GMT

Political apathy can be defined as lack of interest/motivation of the people towards politics. Politics is a dirty game is what various people think about politics. Thought sometimes the way somethings are handled in the community by the government discourages alot of people towards politics hereby leading to political apathy. Also, sometimes when the government doesn't meet the requirement for the need of the people, then the people begin to feel disappointed and most times they lose their trust in the political leaders and it often makes them have resentment towards politics.
Political apathy has a lot of effects also on the country at large: When there is a high percent of political apathy amidst the people, then it will slow down the growth of the country because most of the citizens are not actively involved in politics, It can also make the people hate the people in authority and never support them in anyway in whatsoever they are doing which is not supposed to do, some people because of all that decide to go against the rules of the country not minding the implications beside it. Refuse political apathy and embrace politics, we should also be ready to actively be involved in it so that together we can make our country a better place to be. Politics is not one man effort, it is Joint effort and we must all put hands in it and have interest in it.

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   Re: Political apathy by: Goddy(m) .:. Sun, 20 Dec, 2020 - 03:06:11:pm GMT

Apathy is a state of not being interested in about something. Politics is the activities that generally defines a government. Therefore, political apathy is a state of not being interested in taking part in any activity that concerns politics/the government and also not having the urge in taking part in the decision making process of the country. There are different forms of political parties,they are: 1. The refusal to form or belong to a political party: it is a form by which a person has no interest in the process of a political party and talk less of joining it. This in a way reduces the formation of political parties. 2. The refusal to vote or register: it is a way through which the individual have no interest in the registration of him or herself into voting for an election. This reduces the election procedure. 3. Refusal to take part in election like voting: people belief that election is a very rough,since two parties are in opposition they would not want to risk their dear lives to vote in the election. There are some reasons for political parties and these are: 1. The chaotic atmosphere through which political parties kill among themselves,riot and crisis which destroys many lives and properties leads to people not engaging themselves into politics.2. The government who promises and fails gives a higher feeling for the people not to take part in the voting process since they have witnessed the promise and fail government of old.3. The corruption that occurs in government makes people not to partake in the process of politics.4. The rigging of election has become a major reason why most people do not want to partake in voting in election. Since most citizens belief that even without them voting,the opposition party will rig it and will later on win,this brings down the zeal to vote.5. Campaigns held by some government are too violent which brings about fear to the citizens. Do end this discussion, I think the main reason why most people will not want to partake in the election process or politics of a country is because the government do not follow the promises they rendered on their manifestoes. Manifesto is a document that shows the promises the government wants to render to the society. But they fail and this has caused people not to partake in the process of government .
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   Re: Political apathy by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Sun, 10 Jan, 2021 - 10:36:04:am GMT

Apathy is disinterestedness in a particular thing.
Political apathy is disinterestedness in politics.

There are many causes of political apathy and the rate of apathy differs in different countries. The masses in most poor countries are mostly involved and majority of them have a very good reason for such.

Causes of apathy include :
- Bad Governance .
- Difficulty in joining a political party.
- Corruption.
- Violence during election.
- Politics as a dirty game.

Apathy is not really nice it leads to some particular persons always in leadership office. However, in our economy especially in Africa can't be stopped.

**Victory **

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   Re: Political apathy by: Flat(m) .:. Sun, 10 Jan, 2021 - 02:08:42:pm GMT

There are times when we won't feel any emotional support from our inside, there are times when we won't feel any motivation from our inside, there are times when there won't be any interest in anything, there are time we would find it difficult to have any enthusiastic feeling about anything times like this are what we call apathy. It can happen in different dimensions to different things, which means that we can have a feeling of apathy towards education, religious activities, relationship matters, economy matter and the subject matter which is political matters. Political apathy is a situation whereby will don't seems to develop any form of interest in any political matters, we don't seem to feel motivated by any political activities, it consists of interest apathy, voter apathy and information apathy.
The current situation of the political activities of the citizens of Nigeria shows that the country is in a state of political apathy, a lot of the citizens of the country are beginning to loose interest in the way the politics of this country is being run. People are no longer interested in voting not to talk of even being voted for. They no longer have believe in the information provided by the government because a lot of this information have already being window dressed. This is not getting favourable any longer because we need to stand up for what is right, we need to take up the sword now and fight the good fight. We need to begin to act fast before all this leaders finish all things we rely on as natural resources.
Political apathy can affect the economic activities of country to the extent that the financial status of a country will begin to begin to degrade if care is not taking. The whole country in the world is guilty of this, it does not exclude anyone.


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   Re: Political apathy by: Wonders(f) .:. Thu, 14 Jan, 2021 - 07:54:01:am GMT

Political apathy? Oh I am one of those people!guilty as charge but I don't feel any remorse for that.

So I know what it means to be political apatic!.
In an country like ours when you don't even know who is who anymore, I don't even think I have plans of voting for whosoever in the next ten years or become interested in politics.Right now politics is the last thing I will sit down and discuss with anyone.
You vote for the old men and they happens to be babes who are only interested in toys so they use our money to buy cars,houses etc.
Now we want to shift to the youth,is it the same youth that has now form"stingy men association of Nigeria"because they feel the load on their neck is too much.if the same people who thinks the load on their neck as the head and also being the family guy is too much, how will they cope if they had to join politics to their work load?can they cope? Will they not also join these bunch of fools in their corrupt ways?
I can not believe that in my country,the youth will lead a peaceful protest and will be dealt with mercilessly for that!.
As if voicing out our pains was a sin and to even think,it was a peacful protests where they were even praying on the streets that just made me loose the tiny interest I have in this country.
If I can't protest peacefully anymore,if I can't voice out my opinions anymore, do you think I will be happy to vote?Do u think I will be interested in anything that has to do with politics anymore?flat NO!
So far the only thing have been doing is prayer.I don't even waste my energy to insult them anymore.I use that energy to engage in stuffs that will help me financially!
And am always praying their wicked plans continue to be frustrated because,Yes! Politics is a dirty game!.


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   Re: Political apathy by: Darey112(m) .:. Thu, 14 Jan, 2021 - 11:20:49:am GMT

Sincerely, this political apathy, has damaged our country, many people believe that, their votes is not count, so where are they wasting their time to vote. Another facts is This, Politics had become affair of do or die. So, many religious beliefs ignore it.

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   Re: Political apathy by: Yahyaafeezolamilekan(m) .:. Fri, 22 Jan, 2021 - 09:26:19:pm GMT

Apathy can be defined has the lack of enthusiasm towards something.
It can also be seen as not having the least interest towards something.
Political apathy can therefore be as the lack of enthusiasm or lack of interest towards political activities like voting during election, aspiring for political office, performance of civil responsibility.
Political apathy can be in many forms but I will list very few of it below.

Failure to vote during election: an individual with the mindset of apathy towards politics will never vote during election. He/she with that kind of mindset will never show up in the electoral activity of his/her country.

2. Lack of interest in political climate office: although it is normal for someone not to have interest in political office but contribute to politics in some other ways, but an individual with political apathy mindset will never show interest in political office and In any other aspects of political development activity.

3. Failure to perform civil responsibilities: an apathy mindset will find it very difficult to perform his/her Civic responsibility.


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