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Fashion » PROTECTING YOUR LIPS DURING THE HARMATTAN SEASON. by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 22 Dec, 2022 - 10:36:39:am GMT
The harmattan season is pleasant to everyone but it hits hard on some parts of the body like the lips.

Surprisingly, some people naturally have chapped lips.

How does one with such nature cope during the harmattan season?

Chapped lips is a common concern during this season.

Dryness and cracking can be painful and relying on lip balm isn't the only way out.

Here are few tips to help reduce dryness and keep your lips smooth.

1)Choose the right lip balm: Not all Lip balms are good .Many lip balms contain irritating ingredients which doesn't do your lips good.
Avoid ingredients like fragrance, menthol or flavouring.
Use lip balm with ingredients like shea butter, petroleum jelly or mineral oils.

2) Drink lots of Water: The use of Water on the body can never be overemphasized in the harmattan season. Always go about with a water bottle throughout the day to keep hydrated especially if you're an active person or your job requires talking a lot.

3) Remember the Sun Protection Factor The lips are susceptible to sun damage just like other parts of the skin. So we should protect them. Look out for lip balms that contain SPF before spending time outdoors in order to prevent sunburn which can worsen chapped lips.

I also believe that guys can benefit from this because they are humans who have lips too.

What other tips can you suggest?
Let's have them.

**I love being me.**

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