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Phones/Computers/Internet » PHONE REPAIR SKILLS by: Osaroju(m) .:. Sat, 13 Nov, 2021 - 08:02:35:pm GMT

Hello guys, hope we're all doing well.

Well, let me use this season's news to begin my message.

Like we all know, it's Jumia Black Friday this November and a lot of items would be for a clashed prize, including that phone that you've always wanted to get, yes. Lol.

We'll talking about phones, they come with a lot of wahala, if you'd permit me to use that language.

Well few months ago, my previous phone, Infinix hot 2. Which has been disturbing me all this well, got a bad screen.. long story short, I changed it.

I met a guy, a real nice repair man who helped me do so in late night even when others refused to help due to time. He was also kind enough to give me tips about phone repairs and tell me his story on how he started.

He's a teacher, in different schools, I forgot what subject he teaches. Well during the pandemic out break and stay at home imposed, he decided to no depend on one skill, so he bought a book, which I also can't remember,it's about phone repairs by an Igbo man.. he read and then joined someone as an apprentice and learnt for some weeks...

Fast forward today, he is on his own now, doing well.
We'll, he gave that same advice to me,and I'm dropping it here.

Phones are not so hard to repair. Most times it's screen, charging port and software issues. Read and learn about some ways to sort these out incase they come.

It's a very lucrative skill also,it can save you from spending money from other repairers, just be careful not to damage your phone in your bid to self repair it. It would also earn you money among your peers and others.

**Don't be a good student and a bad teacher.**

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Re: PHONE REPAIR SKILLS by: Fashnet(m) .:. Thu, 18 Nov, 2021 - 10:04:42:pm GMT

Thanks for the information, update and view on this topic as it is very revealing and encouraging. Truly there are lots of challenges that phone gives when one comes across a phone that turns out to be bad,
Part of these problem can be broken screen or bad flex or bad touch pad or earpiece, the speaker not clear at same time some phones might not be receiving network.
in all these just like you have encouraged, the little knowledge that someone has can help one to prevent excess cost in the repair as one will be ahead and not be Laurent of how to repair the phone.
**Help the needy and love everyone**

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