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As for the educational sector, it is headed by incompetent people. In my earlier post I highlighted the fact that our VC's need to bridge the gap between the industry and the academic institutions. Secondly I'll like you to google EDOOFA SCHOLARSHIP. It is a vibrant program by the Indians used to attract Africans to study in their country. The program is robust, affordable, empowering, gives you work experience, opportunity to earn while you study. This is what I expected our minister of Education to emulate. Make our institutions attractive to other African countries and they will come here with their money to learn. Don't forget that in capitalism you need a region to exploit in order to be economically vibrant. Instead he reduced the cut off mark for Jamb to 120. This is the only country where a region (northern region) pride themselves as less developed educational regions after 57 years of independence. This is madness of the highest order and if the state continue to condone this, there would be no frantic effort for them to develop their educational system. Don't be surprised too that we are governed by people produced from that same region.

Yes we need a revolution by the youths and that is why I agree with you totally that the youth are too lazy to stand up to the government and demand for their rights which include their involvement in governance. Ironically, I believe the youths in the north can do this passionately but majority of them are uneducated to know the importance of such revolution. While in the western and southeastern regions where we have educated youths, in Fela's words they fear too much. Nobody wan die.

You can see that the problem is too wide to be narrowed down to a perspective and generalization that the youths are lazy.

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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Ojc(E)(m) .:. Fri, 02 Oct, 2020 - 02:34:50:pm GMT

I kindof agree with you Ninoevans Nigerian youth are not just too lazy to stand up for their rights but they tend undergo more of a misplaced priority.

We tend to channel our energy to irrelevant things. Most youths spend most of their time doing things that would not benefit them anything.
The just concluded big brother Nigeria I know of a friend that watched every single moment in that reality show, he goes as far as watching the house mate while they're sleeping. Is that not a misplaced priority???
The northerners that are youths would stand up for their right because they are the major beneficiaries of whatever the government has to offer and that is why would stand against the government.
This is how we will sit down and watch the politicians steal from us and take away what is rightfully ours and all we do is complain, nag, pray and hope. The worse part is that we have been hoping for 60years and this is how terrible the country has become.
Genesis 27:40 Isaac told Esau you shall live by the sword and serve your brother. But when you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from off your neck.
Until we grow restless as Nigerian youths and say enough is enough the yoke this politicians has placed on us will never be broken


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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Abbey(m) .:. Fri, 02 Oct, 2020 - 04:03:50:pm GMT

Nigeria youth are not lazy but our leaders are corrupt, bad, thief.

Nigeria youth are not lazy, but the major problem we are facing is that don't have good leaders all our leaders are corrupt they did not think about the welfare of the masses but only themselves and their families alone. We are not lazy at all we have thousands of graduate out there which are ready to work but there is no job for them to do people are suffering every day, and our senator are there spending money anyhow they like we are not enjoying any thing in the country. The youth are not lazy for example go to lagos state and see how people are working in other to get some money some are selling peaurwater, some are selling gala under the bridge some are selling puff puff are they now lazy. Some people are riding triycicle because there is no job in town and some of these people are University graduate.
Just imagine a father with four kids working in a private school and he is receiving eight thousand naira in a month, we all not lazy but our leaders are evil

**Abbey **

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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Holashayo(f) .:. Fri, 02 Oct, 2020 - 09:19:20:pm GMT

To be sincere, youth of nowadays are so lazy. You will ask me why?. We are too dependent on our leader, we can't make something possible for ourselves, we don't want to stress our brain at all and we neglected our potentials, fighting with our credentials.
Did Thomas Edison depends on any government before discovering the bulb we are using today?. Am not trying to compare heads here but pointing out the fact that, we are living for nobody but ourselves.
If the government fail us, we shouldn't fail ourselves. We don't need to take that for an excuse of being stagnant.
Truly our government has failed to carry out their duties on both the youth and citizens of this country, they don't really value education like so many other countries, but who will stand up to make a rebel, who will lead the protest?, nobody.
So, let's not be dependent.


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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: DamilolaOluwadahun(f) .:. Sat, 03 Oct, 2020 - 05:10:44:pm GMT

I agree with you that Nigerian youths are not lazy but then you talk of a revolution and then I ask, is this country worth dying for?

You can only die and fight for something you believe in and so I ask again, how many youths still believe in this country?
A lot of us have gone through so much already, we have been deprived by the very people who should be fighting for us, we ha been denied our rights to leadership, we have been deprived of our right to thrive and be successful in our fatherland.

As much as I appreciate what Fela did, he was considered a potential threat, and his life was threatened so many times until he lost his life. What has this country done for him in return?

See, I love the revolution idea but what is this country worth? My life or yours?

I want to fight but I want to see what I am fighting for and also be equipped to fight properly.

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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Bookie(f) .:. Sat, 03 Oct, 2020 - 08:01:08:pm GMT

Nigerian youths are not lazy. How do I know this? I know this because of the perseverance demonstrated by most of them in the face of hardship. I know this because of the possibility mentality lived by most of these youths when everything around them seems to be telling them it is not possible. I know this because of the passion exhibited by them when they are doing something they believe in.

The real lazy people in Nigeria are the leaders. How do I know this?I know this because instead of our leaders to rise up and come up with policies that be of great benefit to the citizens, look for ways of easing the pains of the people,they will rather sit and trade words over their failures. Blaming others is the only thing they know how to do best.this is one of the main attributes of lazy people.


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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Lilsymex(m) .:. Sun, 11 Oct, 2020 - 05:57:28:pm GMT

I agree no less with you, the popular ranting of youth been lazy is not totally true. The real stuff is that something always lead to another, our leaders are the real lazy ones, let's take the educational system for instance. The so called leaders in the educational system can't even boast of a sound educational background and their on competency as lead of youth or students astray

Let's now talk about the leaders in a whole. Of our leaders are not lazy there will be surely enough room for education and employment for youth and students. But instead this inept so called leaders as shifted their gaze and their concentration from the next generation and are foolishly payed more attention on unnecessary activities. And due to crimes from the youth there have tag the youth as "lazy youth". The government has ignored a lot of things, which no doubt has affected the youth severely.

But I agree with you once more that the youth should not just sit around and let the government have their way. We should not let the government continue shifting the tagged title of laziness to us. We have to stand up to the leaders and let them know that there are the real lazy ones in this country. Most youth has the capabilities, the skills, the attributes to be great instruments for the Nation but all this are just fantasies because our leaders have decided to be lazy towards our affair.

Though we know its going to take a lot of guts and courage. The fear is there but we have every platform at our tip like the social media to turn things around in our favour

**Passion for writing**

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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Obajichi(f) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 12:03:53:pm GMT

With what is going on now about END Sars, I'm sure many will agree with me that Nigerian youths are not lazy.

It takes determination & courage to e out on the streets protesting. If you don't give youths the enabling environment to work how then will they prove they are not lazy.

To worsen it, even those who have engaged themselves with one meaningful thing or the other are still being harassed by societal nuisance under the guise of security squad.

**I love being me.**

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   Re: Nigerian Youths are not Lazy, Our Leaders are. by: Francis(m) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 01:24:10:pm GMT

It is not that the government are lazy, they know the right thing to do, just that they don't want to do it.
As for the youth in this country, we are meant to work to earn a living not relying on government for necessities.
Just tell me how many youth did the government want to recognize and commend. The truth is that the government did not see us at all.
They said we are the future leaders, when will that be where our fathers are still sitting on the leaders chair. If not that death is unavoidable, they will never want to leave.
They have failed us in the area of education and the only option left is to empower us so we can be self employed they refused to do that too.
Even if they do, it will be one sided, so it is better to forget about government and struggle for our future. If the government fail to help us, let's help ourselves.


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