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Your life partner is someone you spend the rest of your life with. Your life partner is your companion, your friend , someone you can share your problems and challenges with . Someone who is ready to be with you through thick and thin . Someone who understands your every mood. Someone who is ready to defend at all times . That is your life partner .

Your life partner is not someone you marry because he or she is rich, handsome, beautiful, tall, famous, strong etc. When you choose a life partner because the person is rich, handsome and all that, when those things fades, what happens?

A lot of people especially ladies marries a person because the person is rich. Why would you marry a man simply because the man is rich ? Do you know the origin or the foundation of his wealth. Because you think you have caught a big fish, you go ahead to marry without asking questions or seeking God's direction. You go ahead to marry someone who will send you to your early grave .
A lot of guys are desperate in this 21st century . They are ready to sacrifice anything and anyone including their loved ones for money.
In as much as money is very important in a home, it should not be seen as the first criteria in choosing a life partner. It should be the last thing to consider when choosing a life partner . Marry someone you love , trust and understand, someone who loves you for what you are and someone who will stand and be with you no matter the situation.
Please be wise while choosing your life partner .

**I'm blessed **

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Choosing a life partner is a very important part of my a man's life (the female and male gender respectively) and it's important to use a long term approach in choosing a marital partner than settling with short term results. The choice of a marital partner can either make or mar a man's destiny, therefore making the decision to settle into marriage with a person requires qualitative reasoning so as to make the best out of the marriage institution.

Ideally, getting into marriage shouldn't just be based on physical attraction because there is more to deal and live with in marriage than a perfect hour Glass shape or six packs. It is worthy to take into consideration the characteristics of a supposed partner and carry out regular evaluation so as to know if the marital picture you envisage will be birthed from the summation of your character and supposed partner character.

"Every good and bad in the society has it's root in the character of the populace"

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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