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Health » My Near Death Experience by: Administrator(m) .:. Mon, 21 Feb, 2022 - 07:41:48:pm GMT
With reference to the word spoken through the ages in Psalm 23, "even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i fear no evil, for you are with me," it is my pleasure to be back after passing through a life threatening situation, fighting Covid and "double Pneumonia" and then incidentally contracting the deadly Sepsis. i was put in medically induced coma for 3 weeks: and at the peak of the sedation, i was not breathing on my own but relying on oxygen machine, and was on 100% life support: The doctors thought it was the end of life for me, but i pulled through because, the Lord is with me.

Laying in my hospital bed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the University Hospital, Kerry, Ireland, as i tried to make sense of the situation of things, I remember how bewildered i was when a Doctor tapped my shoulder and said, "Victor, you're a miracle, i'm glad to see you awake, how are you?"
I remember seeing the joy and the attitude of celebration in those doctors and nurses, and how one nurse told me, "you've got such lovely people who care so much about you"
Another nurse asked me, "Kem and Jon, were calling the hospital from Nigeria, who are they?".
"Kem is my big sister in-law and Jon is my youngest brother", I calmly answered in whispers.
And then a nurse said, "Laura just called, she is coming shortly, she has been coming everyday and never ceased to come to check on you".
I remember thinking "what are they talking about, why are these guys exaggerating these stuff?" I then tried to ask them questions, but little did i realise that my voice was not there, (they had performed tracheotomy on me, a tube had been surgically inserted into my Trachea or windpipe to aid my intake of oxygen, and another one had been inserted through my nostril into my system for feeding) .

While experiencing delirium, i was disorientated and i attempted to remove those inconvenient tubes which i felt were restricting me, but a nurse held my arm to stop me: seeing that she was only a young woman and knowing how physically strong i was supposed to be, i tried to resist her, but she easily over-powered me and pinned me down without much effort, and to make things worse for me, another nurse joined her, and soon, i was totally exhausted and began to gasp for oxygen: not a bit of strength was left in my tank, i was as weak as a worm. One of the nurses yelled, "Victor stop resisting us unless you want to die!", she paused and then added, "do no attempt to remove these tubes, your life hangs on them".

In my wildest delirium, i recollect watching every doctor and nurse with suspicion, i saw them as suspicious people who were there to get me and then kill me: (silly me, it did not dawn to me that these people had all the opportunities to get rid of me when i was unconscious, but they did not, are they going to kill me now that i am awake?) .

A nurse came to me and said, "Victor, i'm glad to see you awake, we thought we lost you, you were very sick" Another nurse said similar thing, "you were very sick" and soon after, it became as if it was a general consensus for every doctor and nurse to use the phrase, "you were very sick" as a terminology when addressing me.

Still in delirium, i looked and saw one lady nurse came to me, "Honey, i'm glad to see your eyes open, you were very sick". she supposedly said.
"And who are you?" i asked. (Only Laura has ever called me, "Honey", of course, only when she is happy) . But (in my delirium) this was not Laura, the lady looked Hispanic or Brown.
"It's me, Laura" the lady supposedly answered.
"You're not Laura!", i tried to yell, but my voice disappointed me, i could only talk in whispers due to the tube inserted into my windpipe.
"I am Laura, are you doubting me because i am wearing a mask?". She supposedly emphasised.
"Get away, you're an impersonator, i'm married to a white woman!" i yelled again in whispers.
I remember telling a senior nurse to call the Guards (Irish Police) to report this "evil" woman who was impersonating Laura.

Soon after, Laura came in, her face full with delight, obviously excited to see me awake.
She expressed her gratitude to see me in consciousness and for the fact that i could now see her present. What is she talking about, i wondered : then she explained that she'd been coming to see me each and every day. But still, what is she talking about, "i have just had a nap for about an hour", i thought.
"You need to call the Guards, there is a woman impersonating you, she has the pictures of Dan and Pepe, she is a danger to them and to us". I instructed Laura.
At a point, i tried to pull off the tubes that were inserted into me, but Laura too was stopping me from removing them: and a nurse again warned me that i would die without the tubes.
Laura had been made aware of the fact that i was experiencing post-sedation delirium and she had been briefed on what to expect in my first week after waking up from coma, so, she was aware of the probability of me saying nonsensical words or doing unreasonable things after waking up: She tried to convince me that what i was saying weren't true and that i was experiencing delirium, but i began to express my frustration at her, suggesting that she was taking side with the nurses (who had a mission to kill me) instead of taking side with me and then and there about, my heart monitor computer was displaying dangerously high blood pressure: so, she decided to fooled me by taking out her phone and pretending to call the police in order to calm me down.

Realising that i had a tube inserted into my Windpipe and another inserted through my nostil into my stomach, and considering the manner in which everyone was talking to me, as well as making observation of the appearance of my bed area together with seeing my family photographs with Dan and Pepe, i began to realise that there was more to my stay in the hospital than a presumed one hour mere nap as it became evident that the settings of my room and the situation of things must have taking some amount of time to be the way they were.
I then asked Laura, "how long have i been like this", and i was dumbfounded when she informed me that i had been in coma for about 3 weeks. I then asked for the date and then-after, the reality set in.

I remember how one day, a doctor came to me and said "Victor, you were very sick, we thought it was the end of life for you, but we never gave up".
"Really, are you serious?" I asked.
"Do you realise how sick you were?" The doctor asked.
"I have no idea". I honestly answered.
"You were not breathing on your own, Victor, you were swollen all over after contracting Sepsis, we thought you were gone". The Doctor explained.
"Really, what was my chance of making it out alive?" i asked again.
"Two percent by our assessment" The doctor unequivocally stated.
"What do you mean, two percent?" I wanted confirmation.
"I mean that your chance of dying was 98%, you pulled through on 2% chance". The doctor confirmed.
I turned my face away from the doctor toward the ceiling trying to figure out how close I was to death, and the doctor interjected, "Victor, thank your God or whatever you believe in, I've never had a person this close to death and yet made a recovery".
"God heard the prayers of the saints and showed mercy", I calmly remarked.

It bordered me that i could only whisper whenever i wanted to speak out, and (in delirium) i remember blaming my inability to speak on Jon for accidentally dropping his loaded pistol and the gun discharged on impact and the bullet hit me on my throat, severing my tongue.
I remember how Laura argued with me that it was not Jon's gun that accidentally shot me in the neck and that i had Tracheotomy operation, and i remember how i asked a nurse to temporarily fix my voice box so i could call Jonathan on telephone to ask him whether he had a gun that accidentally shot me in my neck: it was after Jon confirmed that he never owned a gun that it became clear to me that i was experiencing Delirium.

I also remember how i could not walk in the first month after waking up from coma, due to medically induced paralysis they deemed it necessary to paralyse me in order to enable me to be positioned on my belly for 14 hours each day: and that drained out my leg muscles to extreme frailty to the extent that i could not even stand on them how much more to walk with them.

I remember how I was being hoisted from my bed to a side chair for a short period of time, and how I would need to be hoisted back to my bed as I was unable to stand on my own legs.
Although my chair was only less than a metre from my bet, yet, I could not help myself back to the bed. On one occasion, I was sitting on my chair for an uncomfortable period of time, and I felt tired and sore, I pressed the call button for attention, but the nurses wanted me to remain on the chair for a bit longer: in desperation, I wanted to help myself back to bed, and that was when I realised the extent of the weakness of my legs as I could not even lunge myself to my bed even if my life depends on it.
I also remember the first day that I started to learn how to walk again and how extremely difficult it was to stand on my feet how much more to take a first step even with two people
supporting me on both my left and right sides: at a point, I did question whether I will ever be able to walk again as I dreaded ending up on Wheelchair.

Eventually, after nearly 3 month of near death experience in hospital, having suffered Covid and Double Pneumonia, complicated by the deadliest Sepsis infection, i made it home at last, and i am ultimately grateful to the Almighty One for the favour of life, and not letting me suffer death before my time: I give God thanks that those who would have mourned my death are now rejoicing with me. God be praised. Amen


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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Iyanu(f) .:. Mon, 21 Feb, 2022 - 11:57:41:pm GMT

You have received total mercy from God , the lord has a reason for spearing your life.

There are some people whom their case is not even up to this and they are no more today.
Everything that happen to all human on earth is by God will it is not your time yet that is why God spear your life, it is only mercy that speak for you.

The Scripture say I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy on , you have indeed received total mercy from God.

You have pass through death ,but never worries the lord has shown you how powerful he his ,what you have to do now is to always give thanks to him.
Lord may your name only be glorified.
**Oladipupo **

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Vickybrown(m) .:. Tue, 22 Feb, 2022 - 08:30:25:am GMT

What a touching story it is....
I never knew it was very serious because the last time you talked about your illness, you were very brief about it.
Hmmmmnnn... What a life changing experience this is....
I'm so happy you made it through alive despite the little of you surviving.
To God be the glory...
**Just me**

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: YocheifYadam(m) .:. Thu, 24 Feb, 2022 - 06:31:12:pm GMT

Wow! to God be all the glory, when you hear such testimonies,they strengthen your faith, and give you confidence to serve God in spirit and in truth 🙏. What a mighty God we serve, I find the article very interesting, with a dose of 100% reality and comedy,God is a God of purpose, we understand in part but time shall come where we will understand in full, Mr Victor for you to still be alive, God has not finished with you and your story will bring people to the Kingdom of God 🙏🙏

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Lilcent(m) .:. Fri, 25 Feb, 2022 - 02:09:30:am GMT

2% chance of living is as good as nothing... But thank God you scaled through... What a big testimony this is.

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Wonders(f) .:. Fri, 25 Feb, 2022 - 04:40:52:pm GMT

Hmmmmm. Your experience is a touching one and indeed you're a Victor just like your name means.
Your name is following you, sir, am glad you could pull through!

Your experience is a great lesson that teaches there's nothing God can't do! And hopeless situations are not hopeless with God. Keep enjoying the best of life and keep serving him sir. That's what really matters!

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Nagiano(m) .:. Sat, 26 Feb, 2022 - 05:06:55:am GMT

Hmmmmnnn this is the lord's doing.... Nothing more cĂ n be used to explain how you scaled through that ailment with only 2% chance of living.
I'm so happy for you sir, because many had gone through the same situation as you and didn't make it.

**Man United for Life**

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Thu, 10 Mar, 2022 - 09:48:39:am GMT

Glory to Jesus for saving your life. Many people didn't pass through half of what you passed through and they are nowhere to be found today - no wonder the word of the Lord says is not by him that willet or by him that runneth but by God that show mercies.

I congratulate you once again sir and I pray afflictions shall never rise again... Amen!!!
**Always put God first **

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Osaroju(m) .:. Thu, 10 Mar, 2022 - 11:28:10:pm GMT

Hmmm... what can i say, but thanks to the Almighty one who has done this miracle for all to see. May His name alone be praised.

Its not over untill God says so. Sir, God kept you and may He continue to hold you by His hands.

I also pray for strength for all family members who were with you in those times.

I read through your testimony with so much intense feeling.

**Don't be a good student and a bad teacher.**

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Ojc(E)(m) .:. Sun, 13 Mar, 2022 - 07:47:16:am GMT

What a touching testimony. My Bible makes me to understand that it is not of him that willeth not of him that runneth but it is of God that showeth mercy. Lastly he said I will have mercy unto whom I would have mercy on and compassion unto whom I would have compassion on.

This is God just been compassionate unto you because it is very Impossible for one to have 2% chance of living and still survive...

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Ojc(E)(m) .:. Sun, 13 Mar, 2022 - 07:52:45:am GMT

I tap into your testimony today and I pray that such incident would never reoccur IJN..

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Re: My Near Death Experience by: Vickybrown(m) .:. Sun, 13 Mar, 2022 - 08:20:24:am GMT

Ever since you made this write up, I've been trying to imagine your absence in this platform, it would have been catastrophic to this platform because you have been a blessing to us here. Thank God he made you scale through that ailment and never again would it happen IJN....

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