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» Measures for securing your E-mail and instant messages by: EmjaysFantasies(m) .:. Fri, 20 Aug, 2021 - 02:29:23:pm GMT
Email and Instant Messaging (IM) are widely used for business and personal communication. However hackers, online predators and the people who create viruses use email and IM for malicious purposes.
The following explains the actions to ensure email and IM security:
✓ Be cautious when opening E-mail messages with attachments - you can send E-mail attachments to share files with your friends. You might receive a photograph or a music file as an attachment in an e-mail message. You have to be cautious while opening any mail containing an attachment because it is the most common pathway for the spread of viruses.

✓ Do not respond to unsolicited commercial mail - You may receive a number of unwanted E-mail messages from unknown senders including individuals and companies that are advertising their products and services. These unsolicited messages are known as junk mail or spam which often include harmful contents for your computer.

✓ Protect yourself from phishing - Phishing is a common activity used to extract personal information from computer users and then use the information for malicious purposes. For example, someone sends Email messages, pretending to be from the bank or any trustworthy organization, and asks for sensitive information, such as credit card number or password. This information is either sold further or used to cause financial loss to you. Therefore, you must verify the authenticity of such E-mail messages before responding with any personal information.

✓ Limit chat activity to people whom you know - You should limit your chat activity only to the people whom you know. Developing communication with new and unknown individuals makes you more vulnerable to threats such as online predators and scams.

✓ Avoid opening instant messenger attachments- Instant Messaging is a common pathway for malicious attachments. You must avoid opening any attachments that you receive in an instant message, unless you are absolutely sure about it's origin.

Stay Cautious ✓


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