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Crimes » Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Sun, 19 Jul, 2020 - 10:53:03:am GMT

Rape can simply be summarized to be forceful penetration.

Can a husband rape a wife?

Many men feel that the fact that they paid a woman's bride price they can penetrate her anytime they want even when she doesn't give her consent. In fact, some men will be living with their wives without talking to her maybe for something she did wrong but at night when they are horny they'll want to have their way even when the woman says no, the man will forcefully penetrate her or beat her up just to have his way.

Therefore, when it comes to the topic marital rape, there are lots to be said and ill love to engage the platform, to read your thoughts as regards the topic.

Thank you.

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Re: Marital Rape by: Bookie(f) .:. Sun, 19 Jul, 2020 - 02:33:52:pm GMT

Marital rape is the most common of  form rape. Rape is sex without consent be it between husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend. As long as any of the two people involved does not give their consent ,such act is regarded as rape.

Some married women don't count it as a big deal but others see as a violation of their right. Some  men claims that it is their right as a husband to have sex with their wife anytime they want.

Most women going through marital rape don't usually speak out because they may not be taken seriously and also in our society, elderly women will always advise the younger ones to always give in to their husbands anytime he wants sex irrespective  of how they feel. Women are not robots, they are emotional beings and they have the right to say no.


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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Sun, 19 Jul, 2020 - 02:47:31:pm GMT


Very valid point you gave.
Many of these things happening to women these days are as a result of the culture instilled in men while growing up specially in Africa. Nigeria to be precise there are still many tribes where sex preference still prevails an these beliefs are wrong. 
A better solution to many of the problems in our society is to eradicate all this old traditions and belief that are no longer useful but instead are causing problems in the society.
A man saying to his wife that he has every right to sex her even when she is emotionally not ready is only replicating the beliefs he learnt while growing up. 
Mental slavery is the major menace in our society. 

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Re: Marital Rape by: Blackie(f) .:. Sun, 19 Jul, 2020 - 08:51:44:pm GMT

  According to the definition given by Google Rape is the penetration, no matter how slight of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by the sex organ of another person without the consent of the victim. Rape can happen to both genders, no restriction.  A husband can rape his wife and vice versa. Rape happens without consent. Both mostly I feel in a marriage it happens with the female mostly.  Most guys feel like it's their right. Truth be spoken a woman shouldn't deny her husband sexual intimacy but at the same time the man shouldn't forcefully have his way. Just because you paid her bride price you think you own her, she's not your property, she's as human as you are.  Don't force her into anything, if she's ready she'll get into sexual intimacy with you but if she isn't don't force her, just let her be.

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Re: Marital Rape by: Flat(m) .:. Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 - 03:53:40:am GMT

Hmm! This is a serious issue in marriage and it had been a major cause in the divorces of so many marriages in this century. But sincerely we might not know how you feel as a man towards sex when you get married but at least you were once single and you were able to control your sexual pleasures at that time. So, if you can do that then, why can’t you then do it now. Most men sometimes do take it as if they will die if they did not have that sex, my brother, die first, you will be resurrected. Forceful sexual intercourse in marriage will not be regarded as rape and this is because of the fact that both parties have both sign an agreement on the day of their wedding and therefore the agreement serve as an implied one on every day and every night of their marriage.  
Various law of our country Nigeria have been able to define and give to us different definitions of what the word “Rape” means and to all reasonable extent, the definition have been able to clear all doubt about rape. One of the Nigerian law which is Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPPA) defines rape as when a person intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person with any other part of his/her body or anything else without consent, or with incorrectly obtained consent. So, when this consent is incorrectly obtained it could be through force, use of drugs, impersonation and so many other. So the position of the Nigerian law in terms of marriage exclude the existence of rape between husband and wife that re legally married.
In as much as the law of the country does not give room for rape in the context of marriage, that does not mean we should then forcefully have sex with our wife without it coming from their act. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties and not that it’s only of the party that is enjoying it. Be considerate, be calm and take things easy, understand her when she says no, no matter how horny you can be you can control yourself. Let it always come from her heart and not by persuasion.


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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 - 09:50:47:pm GMT


It's a very nice point you gave. The wife shouldnt be a man's property because he paid her bride price. 
I'm still saying that part of the problem is mental slavery that is affecting some of the men that practice this act. Also some men grew up seeing their father beat their mother all because of sex. All these things should be stopped. 
One thing these men don't realize is that even if the wife refused to have sex there are still ways to go about it. As the husband you should know your wife's key. 

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 - 09:57:58:pm GMT


Thank you for this valid point you gave. 
Do you know that some men actually rape their wives knot because their sidechick denied them sex outside. And instead they go home to use that aggression to forcefully have their way with their wives at home. Many of these men needs to be orientated . 

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Re: Marital Rape by: Blackie(f) .:. Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 - 11:09:55:pm GMT

@nagian👏 I understand your point.  Those people are the ones who've been mentally abused.  The images of their fathers beating up their mother because of sex has been imprinted in their brains.  I do believe in that kind of situation it can be corrected by the wife who doesn't want her son to end up like her husband.  Besides this is a modern generation we learn and unlearn,  things evolve everyday, we learn new things.  Some one in their right senses would know it's definitely inhumane to lay a hand on a woman. Its disgusting  and such people need therapy. 

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Re: Marital Rape by: Flat(m) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 06:44:29:am GMT


Exactly oooo my brother. Sincerely, most times I still wonder what the effect of education really is if we are still full of ignorance to some facts or things that our culture claims to be the right action to take in some certain situation. The fact that you (as a man) witness your father doing that to your mother, does that mean your father is right, does that mean that is the best way to handle the situation. Have you really taken your time to ask your mother how she felt during those times your father was treating her that way, if truly the pains can be understood by most men. So, it is better for a men to orientate themselves and stop waiting for who to orientate them. What is the best way to orientate yourself, the only way you have to  orientate yourself is to take a reflection and assume yourself as a woman and begin to imagine if a man begin to treat you that way. Will you be happy, if the answer will be NO, then you will have to change your ways and do the right thing.
If we say marital rape is not punishable under the law, well, you are right with that, but do not forget that if marital rape continues, it will definitely lead to domestic violence, and do not forget that domestic violence is punishable under law. So, don’t think you are free to just do anyhow just because there is no law to treat your fuckup, the domestic violence will be raised against you. Oh! You have not heard of Intimate Partner Violence abi, you will get to understand, just continue the good work and pray the law of karma did not catch up with you.
The earlier the better it will be for all men to eradicate this irrational beliefs and thinking that they can just act anyhow just because they are the head of the home.


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Re: Marital Rape by: Gooddy(f) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 07:24:21:am GMT

When they say marry someone that has the fear of God, people no go hear. You'll see a believer, someone who so much cherish God marrying a street boy, saying she'll preach to him and he would change. (When he's not APC😎

After 2 years in marriage, complain will start. Did you  not see him before marrying him? 

Let a prostitute marry a street guy, they will know how to satisfy themselves well. In fact, the guy might even get tired of sex at last. 

Also, before marriage, know your type of spouse, if he is someone that likes sex a lot, then be ready for him. The bible did not say, sex is a sin for married people. Even if you are not in the mood, make sure you satisfy your husband. 

He will eventually rape you one day, when you keep saying  you are tired every night. So, I wont blame a man that force his wife to sex. 

But, with all marry a God fearing man, he will never rape you, he will respect you as a woman. Marry someone that has the fear of God. 


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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 11:52:55:am GMT


My brother, I don't agree with you on some points you have, however it's your opinion though. 
Marry a God-fearing man and leave the street boys
When a wife keeps on complaining she is tired and the man rapes her, you said you don't blame him
Finally, you feel God-fearing men do not rape their wives.
Let me start with the first point. A God-fearing man can also be a street guy. What is your definition of a street guy? My brother there plenty wicked men carrying Bible to church so please I don't accept that point of marry a God-fearing man and leave the street guy. It's not written on the forehead that one is God-fearing and another is a street guy.
Also, when your wife complains Everytime that she is tired there is a way to go about it. That is the essence of communication in marriage. And how you communicate the issue with your wife matters alot. Don't rape her because she refused you sex no. Pet your woman and ask her why she doesn't want sex again. Try to know what is hidden within her that she's not telling you as the man. Some men are actually the problem and the woman doesn't know how to communicate it with her.
Finally, my brother many God-fearing men rape and beats their wives. This is a fact. Don't think because someone talks about the word of God all the time and so that person doesn't have flaws. If you try and reach out to marriage counsellors and ask them you'll understand why I disagree with you. 
Nobody is perfect

**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 12:00:41:pm GMT


Thank you. Your point valid. I was discussing this issue with someone when the man was talking about how our culture sometimes favours these men that rapes their wives and all of a sudden a man came in and told him that he is complaining for the women more than the women themselves. Can you just imagine the orientation.  But I love the response the man gave him. He replied that I am not complaining for the women but rather I am well orientated and I have a daughter who would be getting married soon. I don't want any man to now be raping my daughter because he paid bride price for her. 
So my brother orientation really matters a lot until a man imagine himself to be woman and try to think of the pains they go through, then they'll stop this act. 

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Re: Marital Rape by: Flochords(f) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 04:02:14:pm GMT

Hmmmn! This is a very interesting topic with interesting comments all through. Marital rape is the forceful act if sexual intercourse in the context of marriage.I agree to the fact that it should not be encouraged in our society because it has alot of adverse effects on the victim( either married or not) psychologically. There is a way sex matters can be handled between couples which would not eventually lead to rape. I like the comment that talks about marrying your type of person, this is very important. You cannot expect a novice, a God fearing person that is not wordly to marry a prostitute, that will be an issue because he might not be able to satisfy in any way, she may always get horny than he does thereby if their request is not granted can lead to rape, also, the different sex styles the prostitute might be bringing can be strange to him that he won't be able to cope, so this is where compatibility actually comes into place. Marry your type of person because you cant expect to see two people that lived modestly before getting married not satisfy themselves in marraige or understand themselves as regards sexual matters(not in all cases though😎 Men and women should please desist in forceful sex with their partners, endeavour it is an agreement so that both of you can actually enjoy the sex together and not that one is in pains and the other is enjoying then it is balanced like that. Agreement makes it balanced.
**christ's own**

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Re: Marital Rape by: KennyM(f) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 05:39:44:pm GMT

The question is, why should a husband rape his wife in the first place? The both of them made a vow to love and to protect. Raping your wife means you have violated that vow as a man. The woman will not respect you and the marital sex that is supposed to be enjoyed by both, will now be a painful experience for the woman. Nothing, I repeat, nothing calls for a husband to rape his wife. It's totally uncalled for! Husbands and prospective husbands should frown at this. 

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Re: Marital Rape by: Phaithh(f) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 06:52:17:pm GMT

@nagian👏Hmm, I agree with you. Sometimes, the woman might be tired or stressed out, forcing her into sex won't help matters. He can talk it through with her. Ability to understand each other's body languages in marriage is important and no matter how God-fearing a man is, a man is still a  man - they have an hormonal imbalance of the testosterone. So that's not an excuse.

Someone told me a story about a lady who married a God-fearing man (a pastor😎 The both of them were virgins. Their first time together on their wedding night was quite clumsy as they both were trying to find their ways. After their first child, she became disinterested in sex, for like 6 months! So she thought her husband won't see anything wrong in it until one day he got back from work and said to her "Darling, now I understand why men cheat on their wives". She needn't a soothsayer to tell her what he's indirectly saying to her. Immediately, she went to the bathroom,showered, wore a lingerie and got into action. 

Understand your partner, that's all I can say. 

**Jesus junkie**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Wed, 22 Jul, 2020 - 04:08:43:am GMT

I'm really loving the comments that I'm seeing on this topic and I'm glad that there are still people out there with good orientation about the topic. Another thing I want to chip in is that the male child should be orintated about issues like this at a earlier statge in their lifes, that rape is never is good act but a crime. Some men actually have raped a lady at an earlier stage but might not see it as rape. But with proper orientation, they'll get to understand that their actions then were wrong. That way they won't have to take such attitudes and thought into their marriages. Though the orientations might not stop the rape issue completely but it might reduce it to an extent.
**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Glamour(f) .:. Wed, 22 Jul, 2020 - 04:00:55:pm GMT

Rape is the act or crime of violently forcing oneself on another person. If a man rapes a woman, he violently forced himself on a woman. This topic is talking of marital rape, which means forcing oneself on his or spouse. it can happen to both the husband and the wife in the marriage. but most times we hear of the wife being raped by her husband.

I would not say there is any one at fault in this,that will just make me sound biased, so what are the things that causes marital rape:

Failure to satisfy your partner: your partner is ready to have sex, but being that he/she wronged you, you decide to punish them. it all starts with a friendly touch and you decide to move his hands off your body in a nasty way. he then tries to show he has more power over you and there it is, it has happened and you are left empty. 

An act of dominance: some men feels since they have paid your bride price, there is no need to ask for permission. whether you want it or not they are going for what they want. 

An act of wickedness: because you did something to your partner, he decides to pay you back.

I know you would be wondering, she said she doesnt want to be biased but i can only see the word HE here, its because it is ramparts among women which might be due to the fact that they speak up. why it is easier for people to believe that women are the ones that are suffering, is due to the fact that men are the dominant figure. Who would believe that a small statured, gentle woman raped a huge soldier man.
 some men are victims of marital rape too, it doesn't have to be forceful for them but against their will. They dont want it, but their wives are not giving then an option.

Inorder to avoid marital rape, a God fearing partner is needed. you dont do things for yourself , you do it for God.

A God fearing partner would respect God in the marriage, i am not saying the urges would not come but when they do he or she would respect themselves.

**God's favorite**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Abbey(m) .:. Wed, 22 Jul, 2020 - 07:17:34:pm GMT

Is there something like  marital rap.. I don't  think so because  husband and wife  need  to  have sex with each other, now I look  at the word marital rap. 

Marriage is the joining together of man and woman  to  become husband and wife, both of them  have  the  right  to  touch each other. 
Husband  and wife, if the husband  is in need  of  sex, he can call upon the wife, and  if it was  the  wife  that  is in need  of  sex she can call on the  husband . I don't  think  rape is in marriage, sex is very important  in the life of a couple, there is  nothing like  marital rape, since  both  of you  got married  together . some people call it Marita rape because  some  time  the wife  can be weak or stress up and the husband  may be in mood ,. So if the  wife reject the  husband  at that time  and the husband  force  her, I think  that  is  what  people  called, marital rape. No I don't  believe in marital rape. 


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Re: Marital Rape by: Olatoke(m) .:. Wed, 22 Jul, 2020 - 07:34:22:pm GMT

Whenever  I hear the  word  marital rape I just  smile. What is  marital rape, does  rape occur  between a husband and a wife. Husband and wife  could  have sex when ever  they  feel like , there is  no  how  couple  will not  have  sex with  each  other, couple  who do not  have  sex can not  have  children , couple  bear children through Sex,. Since the day a man and a  woman  are been  join  together both of you have the right  to  have sex, so if husband or wife make a request for sex therefore  it should be done. There is  no rape in marriage , 

Couple  make  sure you understand  your self , slove  any issues  that  stand  against  you  and live a glorious life 

**Olatoke **

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 02:10:30:pm GMT


My dear i agree with you in everything you said until you got to the Part of God-fearing partner. I still don't understand why despite the things we see that are happening around us we still think being religious makes one holy. When you do check the news on rape, you tend to see that pators are raping women and little children up and down but you still keep on saying God-fearing partner. 
We are too religious in Nigeria, but yet we are one of the poorest counties in the world. If religion is a criteria for being developed, Nigeria will be the most developed country in the world. The most anooying thing is that even when you look into the religious system you'll be diappointed.
In some situations, human beings loose control over their emotions and tend to do what they'll later regret. Being God - fearing doesn't mean you can't get angry. Being God-fearing doesn't mean you can't go astray sometimes. 

**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 02:27:02:pm GMT


My dear you have to start believing that there is something called marital rape and it's a crime to forcefully have sex with your husband or your wife just because only you is in the mood. You said they both agreed to get married and that sex is part of the marriage. my brother sex is very good and it is meant to be enjoyed by both partners. Sex is not meant to be enjoyed by only the man even when the woman isn't ready for it. 
SEX has to do with emotions and you enjoy it more when both partners are emotionally ready. That's what you call a good sex. Your wife/ husband says she/he is not ready for sex and the next option is to force her/him because you are married to her/him. That is very wrong because you might even cause complications in the process. And even you the forcer will not end up enjoying it. It's just like going to masturbate and ejaculate and later you start regretting and asking yourself why did you do it. 
There is need for communication in marriages. Because that way instead of raping her you'll tend to want to find out what the problem is and why she isn't ready for sex. You the man might even be the problem without knowing. So, its not in every scenerio you show power. 

**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 02:41:25:pm GMT


what will you call a case of a man that beats the wife because she says she isn't ready for sex.
what will you call a case of a man that goes out to see his side chick and when that one denies him sex that is when he will remember he has a wife at home and on getting home if the wife says she is not ready the next thing is to beat her but he could'not beat the side chick outside oo.
let me give you a scenario of a marital rape case. There was a man who has a side chick outside marriage and the wife and the family member s knew about it but they pretended they did't. So one day, he went to spend the night with the side chick and on getting there, she was with her boyfriend. The boyfriend insulted this man and beat him up. Now when he got home that night, the wife saw bruises all over his face and asked him what happened but he ignored her. After taking his bath, he now wants to have sex with the wife. But the woman said no because she could guess that maybe he was beaten up by another man he met at the side chick's house. The next thing the man did was to beat his own wife up and forcefully have sex with her. In the morning, the woman called police and they locked him up simple no argument. 
Will you call what the husband did marital rape or normal sex.

**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Ninoevans(m) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 04:38:02:pm GMT

Marital rape is indeed a problem in our society but we must realize that Nigeria is a Patrichal society where these things hardly have any recognition. This is not to justify marital rape or ignore its existence, it is about raising a fundamental question: How do you solve a problem that people consider as nomalcy.

So we need serious orientation especially for the malefolks to help them understand the gravity and consequences of marital rape on their wives. They need to inderstand that it causes depression, low self esteem and affects the mental health of their wives. They must learn to treat their wives with diginity and respect. Wives should also know that the change will not be instant, so they should endeavour to appreciate the steps taken by their husband to adjust.

Women also need to know that it is evil to use sex starvation as a tool to get back at their husbands. If you're not happy with your marriage, seek divorce and leave the house. Don't stay in the house for months and deprive the man or sex.

**Creativity lies in the imagination of man**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 04:53:39:pm GMT


It still baffles me that many still don't think it exist in marriages. Like you rightly put it, sex starvation shouldn't be a tool for both gender in marriages. One thing i noticed is that there is lack of communication and understanding in many marriages. married Couples should try and understand the essence of communication in marriages and apply it. if your partner starves you with sex, you can still try and talk it out with her to know what exactly the problem is. 
The male child in this part of the really need orientation. Especially on matters like this

**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Glamour(f) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 05:45:58:pm GMT

@nagian👏 my dear not all pastors are God fearing. I am not asking a lady to marry a pastor, imam or any religious leaders.  A God fearing man, is someone who sees God as his beginning and ending, who sees God as the reason for his existence. This kind of person would love to follow Christ footsteps. Since morally rape is wrong, when the urge comes because of the fear of God in him, he would put himself in order.
**God's favorite**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 - 07:09:10:pm GMT


i understand your point. but it is not in all situations that we tend to use being God - fearing to judge. Even in the scriptures God - fearing men still lost control of their emotions at some point. I don't want to start mentioning names but you know what im trying to say. No one is exempted when it comes to things of the mind. 

**Man United for Life**

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Re: Marital Rape by: Fashnet(m) .:. Sun, 23 Aug, 2020 - 04:23:24:pm GMT

 What I am about to say might sound strange to lots of people here when it comes to marital rape, the view by many people, Nigerians, the law, scripture etc. Now let me quickly make it known to us that marital rape can be viewed from different views.

 First of all, we know what marital rape is seen or known to be and the views of different persons about it. Let me start from our views as people. Our views when it comes to marital rape is that a married man can rape his wife or wife's as the case might be.

 In foreign countries like United States of America, when this type of case is filed against the husband, the plaintiff who is the person bringing in the charge against the defendant would eventually win the case up to 90%.

 United States of America and other developed countries give special treatment and attention to women. But when it comes to Nigeria, don't be surprised that the opposite is the case, may be this is because of our various cultures, traditions, beliefs, norms and the likes.

 In Nigeria as of today I am made to understand that a married woman can not win a case against her husband when it comes to rape because they are both married and SEX is part of what binds them together. Do not be surprised to here that a woman can press a charge against the husband on other cases like battering, assault, killing, maiming, beating and the likes and the woman, that is the plaintiff who presses the charge would eventually win but different is the view when it comes to rape in marriage as seen by Nigerian law.

 Though when we talk about rape, I feel that we are been biased as it is not only women that can eventually get raped. A man too can be raped though it is common with men. For me I totally support that the law should be amended quickly because lots of women are suffering under this.

**Help the needy and love everyone**

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Re: Marital Rape by: ObakaEmmanuel(m) .:. Sun, 23 Aug, 2020 - 04:50:08:pm GMT

Sorry to say this only a stupid man will rape his wife. Someone you called your love, someone you paid her bride price, someone you vowed to protect both in good and in bad time? How on earth can that be done. No woman I mean true woman will deny her husband sex without a major reason. It may be as a result of misunderstanding, or because of her health. When you forcefully goes into her do you know what you are causing your self? In her sight after that night you will become useless, infact you will become her enemy and the worst thing that can ever happen to a man on Earth is when his own wifebecomes his enemy. It. May even lead to your death.So try as much as possible to understand your wife. When she is sick know that the reason why she is denying me of sex is because of her health. When they is misunderstanding in the family the best place husbands and wife should settle their misunderstanding should be on the bed. Back to the ladies don't for know reason deny your husband of sex. Because a friend told you something about your husband you did not even care to ask him all the plan that came into you is how to punish him with sex . Such decision may sometimes lead to marital rape.

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Re: Marital Rape by: Vickybrown(m) .:. Sun, 23 Aug, 2020 - 06:41:40:pm GMT

Well these are issues happening in a lot of marriages even though it is more pronounced when a man who is married to a woman forcefully have sexual intercourse with the woman he is married to. Even though some women also rape their husbands as well buh it is not too common. 

Well if I don't see any reason talking about this issue because by law there's nothing wrong with a man forcefully having sex with a woman he is married to.
      The Nigerian Criminal Code in Section 357 states that , “ Any person who has unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman or girl , without her consent, or with her consent , if the consent is obtained by force or by means of threats or intimidation of any kind, or by fear of harm , or by means of false and fraudulent representation as to the nature of the act , or , in the case of a married woman, by personating her husband , is guilty of an offence which is called rape . ”

         Section 6 of the Criminal Code defines unlawful carnal knowledge as that which takes place otherwise than between husband and wife; and the offence is complete upon penetration . In other words, marital rape is not an offence in Nigeria. 
      The level of sex preference in Nigeria would never allow   any law on marital rape to stand. So it's of no use talking about it, not when you have a northerner ruling as the president of the country those ones that don't see women as anything aside staying at and performing the work of reproduction.

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Re: Marital Rape by: Holashayo(f) .:. Tue, 25 Aug, 2020 - 09:34:23:am GMT

Well I don't too much believe in marital rape because it is a thing that does not cause for argument no matter what. You have sworn in the presence of God for better and for worse, so why will you neglect your duty. A woman that is being maltreated by her husband  is a different case entirely. That man is not responsible but you decided to still be with him all because you love still love him so why will you allow rape. Why can't you kindly give him even if you are not in the mood. A home where peace reigns can never be heard of marital rape; if the wife is very tired to satisfy his husband sexually then they will talk it and the husband will understand. Of course, women are not sex machine.
A situation where marital rape occurs in the home is as a result of shaken foundation, mistakes from the two parties. And if divorce can be possible, you endure to the end.


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Re: Marital Rape by: Nagiano(m) .:. Tue, 25 Aug, 2020 - 11:07:04:am GMT


Some times I see some comments on this marital rape and I smile because it's surprising to even hear it from our Nigerian women that marital rape is not a case to talk about. You are forgetting the fact that you might give birth to your own daughters one day and my question now is how will you handle the situation if her husband keeps on raping her in the marriage?

Will you advice her that because marriage is for better for worse she should still stay and be enduring such babaric act. This issue is one of the reasons that me I have decided that I'm not going to accept any bride price from any man that wants to marry my daughter.
So he will not come and say because he paid bride price, he now has the right to force himself on her even when she is not feeling to well.

Anyman that understands that sex has to do with emotions and both parties needs to be involved in it emotionally for them to enjoy it will never rape his wife.

Most men that don't have issues with marital rape were the ones that their parents didn't date at all before they got married back then. They just bundled the woman without her consent to the man's house and tell her this is your husband and all he has to do was to pay bride price. Then later he starts to feel like he owns her and has acquired a new property.

These days people don't get married that way and you can't start to feel like your wife is your property because you married her and you can just come and be inserting your penis inside her anytime you like. It is very wrong. If you want such go and by a sex doll and you won't have problems with that. Even prostitutes that men pay money to sleep with, some will still tell you how you will sleep with them on top your money that you paid and he won't say anything but when he gets home and the wife does the same, that is when he will remember that he has a match with Anthony Joshua and he needs a punching bag to train his fists.

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