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Make points and get paid N5.000 each time!

Logging in = 2 Points (once every 24 hours).

Inviting genuine new member to the forum = 10 Points


a) The purpose of the point system is to encourage members to post comments that would benefit the forum. Such comments are expected to be rich with reasonable amounts of meaningfully worded contents: Please, write in standard English, applying punctuations and syntax, as any point made through comments that are not well arranged will be voided.

b) Although, both Topic posts and Comments carry the same point rewards, but currently, in order to balance the activities of the forum only comments that are made as reply to topic posts will be rewarded, meaning that, although creating a new thread is allowed, however any point obtained by starting a new topic will not count.

c) You must remain active even while your payment is pending, and the Admin reserves the right to require of you to write a testimonial before payment.

d) Logging in on block (multiple) days to accumulate points without contributing to the forum is a breach of the terms and conditions and would get you disqualified.

e) In order to get paid, you must have a picture of you in your profile page.


In the registration form, there is a question that say: "Where did you hear about this site?" Inform the new member to select "From Existing Member", and then enter your Username).


*** Your entire points will be wiped off if you received 10 points from a new member who is inactive after registration.

*** Warning: Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, whoever is guilty of plagiarism (copying and pasting) will forfeit all his or her scored points.

*** Generally, avoid cheating as any form of cheating will not be tolerated.

Finally, when you make your payment points, click on the "Submit" button and your points will be submitted. You can also contact the Admin with a private message, and if you have any questions, contact the Admin.

Feel free to make relevant comments below and start accumulating points now!


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   Re: Make Points and Get Paid N5.000 Each Time! by: Davzee(m) .:. Mon, 29 Jun, 2020 - 06:12:16:pm GMT

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