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» MY PREMIER LEAGUE 2020/21 TOP 4 PREDICTION by: Gentleman1(m) .:. Thu, 15 Apr, 2021 - 12:44:02:pm GMT
The 2020/2021 Premier League season is coming to an end with just 7 games left and here are my prediction:

1. Manchester City:
Man City are 11 points ahead of Man United who are presently 2nd in the league. Though Man City are a game ahead which if United win that, it makes City 8 points ahead. I don't see City loosing 3 games in 7. So, I give City to win the league.

2. Manchester United : Man United are 2nd in the league and have 1 game to tally with Man City and are 7 points ahead of 3rd place Leicester City and Man United have all the edge as their games are the most simple compare to the top 6 teams and which can give them the edge to meet City who still have two strong games.

3. Liverpool/ West Ham United : I place Liverpool and West Ham 3rd because i believe Leicester will loose points because of up coming games and Liverpool is gaining their ground gradually. West Ham are like Man United with easy games left for them.

I predict West Ham to come out strong as 3rd with their easy games and its all in their hands to make top 4 right now

3. West Ham United

4. West Ham United/ Leicester City/ Liverpool/ Chelsea: West Ham United can remain 4th if they continue with this form which if they don't loose a match, they will make 3rd because of their games left. Leicester City have to be very strong to make top 4, I believe their games are the toughest. Liverpool fixtures are easy. Chelsea really have big difficulties as they have 3 strong games which are in the top 4 and i don't see them winning 2 out of 3. at best is 1 win and one draw and that will take them off the top 4 chase.

Between Leicester and LIverpool. A hard one But Leicester will survive.

4. Leicester City

Chelsea have 3 strong games. I don't see them winning all. If they were 3rd, They may have survived. but coming from 5th to top 4 will mean they win all their games and i don't see that happening.

Those are my prediction, please drop your comments bellow and lets see your thoughts


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