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AGE: Given the increased preference for ladies 27 years and younger, it is not strange to find many ladies reducing their ages. Beyond that, ladies are very sensitive to how they are seen and 'old' is one way they don't want to been as by a man. Strangely though, with other women, they want to increase their ages above what it is to earn respect.

SOCIAL CLASS: Single ladies in metropolitan regions thrive on this as social class often decides what sort of suitors one gets. So, faking it is a popular theme. There is no bigger example in west Africa than the 'island' - 'mainland' dichotomy in Lagos. If you live on the island, your profile gains an assumed class which seems to work for many. It is easy, get a place to live on the island and you are golden.

SEX HISTORY: What? You think after paying through the teeth for her class, she'd come at you with a number count of previous sex partners? C'mon don't be naïve. This is where ladies will tell you, one does not tell it all. Surprising, because they usually want to know it all. In fact, chances are higher that she's telling a lie about having just been sexually involved with one previous partner than almost anything else. Given that the island circle is a small one, this lie almost never fools anyone with guys recommending the girls but hey, let's all pretend guys don't know this common lie.

LOVE CHILDREN: Now, this is an unfortunate one brought on by society because having children should be something to be proud of but with the demand behavior of young eligible men, it is easier to hook someone, get the commitment and then risk the truth at an advanced stage than say the truth right from the start. He knows you have a child and it's game over before it even begins.

LEVEL OF FAITH: Finally, there's a guy and he seems like a good guy, the best game move is to match his expectations, one common way to do this is to pad the level of faith and suddenly become as religious as desired. Up to a certain level, the more religious you are, the more desired you are for more serious relationships and, what's more, it is quite easy to pull off. Pick up a few extra words, pick a veil, be less accessible, speak of one or two prayer sessions, game over.

HYGIENE: You do not know the true hygiene of a lady until you have lived with her. For guys who have had female neighbours or female flatmates, this is known. The same lady who you'd fight with to do basic things in the flat or compound would suddenly turn to the posh clean queen when a suitor is around. Once your flatmates see you cleaning they know it means a visitor is coming. Beneath that wig, the perfume, the denim, what lies beneath.....toxic for many.

EXISTING RELATIONSHIPS: Of course you are the only one in her life. Has there ever been a lady who told a man she likes he is not the only one in her life?

BACKGROUND (HOME): Again, Lagos, the perfect example. Once a place is gotten, it is quite easy to pretend what goes on at home (mostly in the east) is something larger than life. The traditional name is ditched and the English ones come through to create the Lagos profile which is sold. Any reference to parents and home is met with something that matches this profile.

Not everybody will do the above but you are better off safe than sorry.


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The hygiene part.. that's basically the part that will shock you. I mean until you have lived with a girl you will never know how dirty she can be.

And the 'past numbers' part.. I think it's safe to say that most men usually care very little about the past number so long as they find her good enough. I for one don't need to know cos I know it might cause huge (mental and psychological) problems i may not be very prepared to deal with.

Thing is the more you know about these women the more they scare you.. trust me until you know, you absolutely do not know nothing!
Some of these secrets is best left untold

**Graced **

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OCCUPATION: You are going to get where he works and you'd confirm he works there but fortunately for the guy, that's as far as ladies want to know so the actual position is free to pick.

Bankers do this a lot. A very junior contract staff can instantly become the branch manager and what's amazing, especially in teams that are close, is how the manager will let him assume that role for show. Even the ladies in the banks are in on this one and they will help facilitate it. No be bank? Driver na marketer. Not that there's anything wrong with drivers o but, I mean, dude, say it as it is.

OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY: You almost cannot pity ladies on this one. There is this Pete Edochie proverb that if the bird learns to feed without perching, the hunter must learn to shoot without missing. Bottomline - adaptation, and guys are on top of their game.

Several ladies are in relationships with 'moto' not the guy. It is so bad even they don't know it. So long as he has a car, he is good enough to be listened to, if the car has AC her mouth starts to run non stop, if he has a good house, even better. If he can top that up with a good job, the plot begins, to land him as Mr. Right, LOL.

So, he qualifies to speak with you and take you out because he has a car, he qualifies to be slept with because he has a house and at this point you are already seeing his good job so he is worth it but, the car belongs to his friend (yes, that same one who is always on the passenger seat acting like the scrub. Oh, the house belongs to him too and the squatting arrangement sold to you is actually the reverse) At this point, you are holding on to the fact that he is a branch manager of a bank abi? LOL for you, olodo girl. You have played yourself.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Even though guys don't lie about their sex history as much as ladies tend to do, perhaps because it almost counts as a positive to have experience, this issue still makes the list. Oh, every guy is single, even married guys are single. Wear your ring, put her picture on your desk, it still won't spoil your runs because there'd always be girls willing to convince themselves on your behalf that your ring is a fashion ring, the lady in the photo is your sister, your daughter is your favourite niece, you are too young to be married, okay o....this is what you are telling yourself, why should he convince you otherwise?

SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: So, you are forming FBI right? Searching him on social media and looking through his accounts, checking connections and friends.......searching searching........nothing found, meaning he's clean. You come off feeling like the smartest, sneakiest person on the globe especially given you looked up the account on his phone when he was not looking, LOL.

Did you really think you got hold of that phone because he was not looking? That was the intention! Now you are convinced you are searching his account but it didn't occur to you that, for the way he is always going about social media trends, he would have more than 150 friends and at least one should be connected to you after knowing him for a while?

Sister, let's make it simple, you are on a long thing, sorry, wrong thing. That account was opened for you. Well, not you specifically but all the 'yous' in his life.

MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS: As with social media, the mobile number you have is likely not to be the primary one. It might not seem so to you because it is the number on the 'bigger' device but you see that 'small' phone, without internet browsing facility, IS the main phone. It is deliberately so such that it is the one he has to take every single place and cannot do without, the one he'd rather be caught with given that you cannot convict him if there's nothing to check on it other than play the 'snake' game.

CURRENT LOCATION: Ohhhh, this one is very common. You cannot pin their location. Sometimes it's not even about being in the wrong place or doing anything, there's just a mental feeling of freedom that comes with it that guys crave.

Evolution has taught that when a woman is asking about where you are as a single guy, speaking the truth will almost always put you in one form of trouble in the present, future or even invoked from the past. Someone might have reported sighting you like the crescent moon, it may be that a standard time template is being measured, by which you'd in the future, be measured, e.g. "Where are you?" And you reply "Law School". If it takes you 15 minutes to get to VGC then that becomes your standard for other days but if you say you already at second Toll gate then that becomes your standard, meaning other days you can just lie that you are almost there, go somewhere else, spend 30 minutes and still not be questioned for being late.

PHONE CALLER: Default answer "a friend". Second answer " my colleague". Third answer "nobody". I mean dude, seriously? 'Nobody' is calling you? Surely 'friend','colleague' and the mysterious 'nobody' have names but you are never going to get their names because the intention is to never drop their names. If you press and push, you'd get an answer after several thinking hesitations, good luck verifying the name.

TRUE INTENTIONS: Almost every guy interested in you wants to sleep with you.
Now, I see some guys raising hands because they believe their intentions are good and they want to marry. Ehen, marry and then do what? Not sleep with her? LOL. Every guy wants to get in your pants, know that one. The question is when and how they want to do it. The ones you are looking to be around are the ones looking to do it AFTER doing the needful NOT before. So, sister, what is this 'needful'? The ridiculousness of the answer that many give is what they later come to push as stories that touch, of guys being all sorts but truly if your answer to that is 'take me to the club and buy me drinks' then you cannot blame a brother for touching down after meeting your minimum requirements. He didn't do you wrong, you did yourself wrong, you set your requirements low. (Wedding proposal or introduction is not the same as wedding by the way - just saying)

MONEY: Guys love sex and women give sex but if there's anything they love more than sex and women, it is money so, it is not strange to find money on the list. There are two types of money liars here the ones who inflate what they have (ladies love these ones) and those who say claim to say it as it is without inflation (women call these ones stingy liars). In any case, for one reason or the other, which is most likely related to the payment of sex in the past, present or future, a guy will fall into one other two categories

GIRLS: It is simple and straightforward, if there is another girl in his life (and it is almost certain that there'd be), you are not getting the truth about her (or as it is in many cases, 'them').
There will always be something to qualify them with. Friend, Friend's cousin, colleague, classmate, course mate, neighbour, neighbour's friend, colleague's friend, classmate's friend, Friend's classmate, Friend's neighbour, classmate's neighbour, Ex, the list is endless.

Isn't it funny how he is always the one that got dumped by an ex, the one who wasn't liked by her family (or when your breakup time is rip, the one who is liked by his mum)?


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Re: MOST OF THE COMMON THINGS LADIES LIE ABOUT by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 28 May, 2019 - 07:10:14:am GMT

This write up is very interesting but i think the writer wasn't talking of ladies all over the world in general but focused only on ladies from Nigeria to be specific. Now when we talk about Age, a girl from Europe or even South Africa doesn't have an issue with telling you their age, and they don't use their age as a yardstick in relating with their spheres of contact especially their partner they might be seeing or be in a relationship with because they are very aware that honesty is the key to a successful relationship.

In Nigeria the case is quite different, our girls love to act smart and play a fast one even to the point that they lie about their age, and one thing they forget to understand is that anybody who lies in a relationship and isn't honest with the partner in a relationship, it means that that person doesn't value the relationship, loves her partner or trust her partner, so if her partner where to find out her real age, especially from another source, he might tend to end the relationship because he will believe that this whole relationship was built on a lie.

So Nigerian girls need to change their approach and attitude and maintain their integrity, age is just in numbers, no real guy will stop loving you because you are older than him, instead he will respect you and take care of you, don't be afraid of speaking the truth to your man as regards your age, your age isn't a proof of maturity, your character and attitude is, show your man that you are different by being honest with him, it helps a lot.

Talking about Social Class, this is also an issue with Nigerian ladies, they will be staying in a particular area that maybe isn't up the high standards they have set for themselves, s when they go out with a particular suitor who is interested in them instead of them to open up and not be ashamed of where they come from, they will begin to lie all sort of lie, and what they dont know is this, those lies may work for a period of time about them being what they are not but when it might catch up with them is when they fall in love with the guy in question.

If the guy wants to take the relationship to the next level, its their parents house he has to come, and maybe the girl has said they live in island or Lekki to be precise whereas they actually live at "Okoko or Ajegunle", it becomes a problem and most times you might loose the guy.


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Re: MOST OF THE COMMON THINGS LADIES LIE ABOUT by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Fri, 14 Jun, 2019 - 06:18:05:am GMT

"SEX HISTORY: What? You think after paying through the teeth for her class, she'd come at you with a number count of previous sex partners? C'mon don't be naïve. This is where ladies will tell you, one does not tell it all. Surprising, because they usually want to know it all. In fact, chances are higher that she's telling a lie about having just been sexually involved with one previous partner than almost anything else. Given that the island circle is a small one, this lie almost never fools anyone with guys recommending the girls but hey, let's all pretend guys don't know this common lie."

I wonder the type of discussion you are having with someone that will make him ask how many have you had sex with. Isn't it crazy to ask such a question.

Though some ladies might lie... But a matured person can never ask a lady the numbers of people she had had sex with.

May I ask? "why are you asking such question?"

It is a question of immaturity and stupidity.

You don't ask someone such question, be it male or female. Ask something else, if they wish to tell you, they will, not you forcing them to.

Some questions are better avoided.

**God's light**

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