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One mistake we make when we are just getting to know someone is telling them all about our business, its so wrong.

You know that moment when you're out with a crush and you get talking about your dreams, visions and goals with the intention of getting to know each other better, be careful not to give out Information that should be personal to you alone.

Sometimes we open up too much and tell the other person about all the things we are looking out for in our ideal mate, giving the person the opportunity to mislead us by trying to fit into the qualities of the person we have told them we are looking out for, even when they are not, much to our own disavantage, because Pepsi and shawarmma in a restaurant with A.C will not allow us keep our big mouth shut. We just start talking and talking until we expose all the qualities we are looking for in a partner, and they start play acting.

Let me ask you a question, what is the need of an assessment if the candidate already has the answers to all the questions?

What else do you want to assess if the bro or sis already knows what your taste and speck is? They already have your marking scheme, and the funny thing is you gave it to them in the name of getting to know each other.

If he already knows you are crazy about a brother that takes church seriously, any time you call he will say he is in church, or he just left prayer meeting or that he is escorting his pastor to a missionary journey. Its easy for him to say because he already knows the kind of things you want to hear. You handed him the marking scheme, he didn't even have to work for It, just one bottle of coke and he got to know you even more than he got to tell you about himself. Can you now see why relationships don't last? Because people start pretending to be what and who you have told them you're looking out for, and it doesn't do you any favour at all.

Learn to talk less when you're out on a date with a potential someone, learn to keep your mouth shut.

He doesn't like being in a relationship without sex, but because you told him you don't date guys who want to have sex before marriage he will tell you since he was born he has never liked sex too, just to get you impressed. Then three months after his endurance he will start touching you and demanding for sex, leaving you wondering why he changed. Yes he changed, he changed into something you want him to be in other to win your heart, now he is changing back Into his original self.

I am talking to both sexes here, not the men alone. Have some sense guys, learn to walk in wisdom. She knows you don't like demanding women so she plays along, three months later you start hearing "my hair is due".


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Re: MISTAKE WE DO DURING FIRST DATE by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 21 May, 2019 - 07:05:54:am GMT

Well said, but I think some people won't do such a damn thing by changing into what you want due to what you said.

There are people who are very sincere and will just have to tell you the truth.

They just have to let you know that they don't fit the type of person you are looking.

This could be hard to see. But not too hard as any one thinks. There are sincere people that don't change just to fit in the way you want it.

They will tell you, if you can't endure and take them the way they are, They are just ready to walk off.

Not that they don't love the person but because the person has some quality he or she is looking for in someone that they don't have and they just have to give way for the person to get that person they need.

If the person did not get the type of person he or she needs, they will walk back to that same sincere person. And accept the person the way they are.

Some people might fit your look out. Like they are really what you want but believe me they might not be sincere. They might still have someone else they are hanging out with.

That's just the truth.

So, stop searching for the right partner with all the qualities you are hoping to get. Nobody is perfect.

And mind what you say on your first date with someone.

There is nothing wrong if you keep that guy or lady for friends for sometime before saying yes. Just to know them better.


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