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It is true that love grows gradually, BUT it grows only where it is watered.

Some people go into relationships believing that with time they will get to love the person they are with. Some people get married with the confidence that they will get to understand and love each other later in marriage. Most times the pressure is from our parents and family that care about us. Talking about

"Don't worry, Michael is a nice man, you will learn to love him as you move on."

"Sarah is a good woman, you may not love her now but you will learn to love her later when you're married."

And yes it is true, they are not wrong at all. Even for two people who love each other crazy from the start of the relationship we still need to keep growing our love for each other as we move on. It doesn't start and end after I DO. we have to keep learning new things and new ways to keep falling and falling and learning and growing the love we have.

But love has to be watered. There is no magic moment anywhere inside a relationship or marriage that will make you fall deeply in love with that person just like that. It doesn't work that way. Let me show you how the science of falling in love works

In other for anything to grow, first there must be a SEED, and they must be a committed GARDENER.

Not just one committed gardener. But two
The one you are hoping to fall in love with, and the one that is already In love with you.

Then the seed that needs to be planted and consistently watered? - Is PEACE!

Being at peace means you are comfortable with the person and the qualities they possess. Being at peace means that even though you are not in love them right now, you cannot say you don't find them attractive. I mean that peace that will make you scream YEEESSSSS when they want to touch you. Being at peace means that you might not be in love with that person but you feel comfortable around them, and they make you happy. Being at peace means you that will be willing to go through what it takes to give falling in love with that person a chance. This means you are willing to be open, welcoming and ready to reciprocate their efforts as you seek to water your relationship with them.

Don't just take "love grows gradually" and run with it. Make sure there is something to grow. Love will not grow where you cannot stand the idea of being with someone. Love will not grow where their touch irritates you. You have to first feel that inner peace on your inside and on every side, that's the seed that will grow into the love you want to build.


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Re: MISCONCEPTION ABOUT LOVE by: Velisa(f) .:. Sun, 19 May, 2019 - 06:57:25:am GMT

There are people you might get to love as time goes on, and also there are people you might hate getting into a relationship with.

I know how it is for someone to be asking you for a relationship with you. No matter what, you don't just have to quickly make your decision. You need to know that person and decide if you will love that person or not.

I do feel the best idea is to date someone who loves. But it's never complete when you don't love the person in return.

Though a lot of people agree to that fact of loving someone that loves you and not someone you love.

Well, that's imbalance. Love the person that loves you and you won't be a prey to that person.


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Re: MISCONCEPTION ABOUT LOVE by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Tue, 11 Jun, 2019 - 11:05:51:pm GMT

Just the truth.

But I will advice....

If you are going into relationship with someone you don't love, then make sure the person loves you, so you only have to grow your own love for the person.

Because, if this person does not love you, and you also don't love the feeling. It is like a forced relationship. Or let me call it a contract relationship. Maybe you both have to be in the relationship for some family trouble reasons, or some work trouble shooting reason, or for some games.

Make sure the person you are growing the love for is someone who loves you.

But most times I do feel, it is better not to marry someone you don't love but when I think deeply, I realized it is better to marry the person you don't love, yet loves you than to marry someone who don't love you but you love.

Bearing the frustration and challenges you get from someone you love and don't love you, it takes a calm person, someone who is patient, someone who is kind and simple, someone who has control over his or her anger.

**God's light**

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Re: MISCONCEPTION ABOUT LOVE by: Confidant(f) .:. Tue, 09 Jul, 2019 - 05:08:53:pm GMT

Many don't believe in true love...
If you don't believe on something, you can never gonna
have it. You need to believe that true love still exist.
You need to believe that you can still have someone who
will not play you games. You need to believe not all
women/men are the same. People are different if you
seek deeply.
I believe that true love still exist. Change your
mentality today and keeping praying to God, he will
surely do something about your relationship and marriage
life. I will not deny it, many people are wicked and
pretenders. They will promise you heaven on earth and
later dump you for no reason.
A lot has been happen in the world of relationship and
marriage but non matter what has happen to you, don't
believe that true love don't exist.
Listen, many people are happy with their lover, many
people are living happily in their marriage.
What's is exiting between them??? HATE OR LOVE, my
brothers and Sisters some people are happy in their
relationship and marriage.
Believe that true love exist, you need to believe in God
and pray for his grace and mercy.


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