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Recipes/Cooking » MAGEIROCOPHOBIA-THE FEAR OF COOKING. PT 1 by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 08 Sep, 2022 - 10:01:41:am GMT
Some people love cooking and even take it as a profession, but there are millions who don't take even the slightest delight in cooking.

They rather relish or devour what has been painstakingly prepared as food.

You see those people who don't like cooking, there's a name for that phobia -Mageirocophobia.

They are extremely fearful of cooking or they deliberately avoid cooking. They are scared to set foot in the kitchen.
You may wonder if it is this serious. Yes, it is.
It could be, that they are scared of making mistakes such as:

1)Fires and heat that stem out of stoves, ovens, microwaves and other kitchen appliances that can cause fires.

2)Using the wrong quantities of ingredients and even using the wrong ingredients to prepare a meal. For example, it is very wrong to add curry to okro soup which is a local delicacy. Curry is suitable for tomatoes stew.

3)Over cooking the food:This could lead
to having a tasteless food because the food could either get burnt or become soggy.

4)Being scared of injuries: There's small.risk of injury when using sharp objects like knife or forks.

You may wonder if it is possible for someone to have phobia to this extent just because of cooking.

Well, anything is possible.

**I love being me.**

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