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Make sure you don't allow your husband leave home unhappy. Settle every issue before He leaves the house. (When a man leaves home angry most times that day turn out to be a bad day for him)

Do your best not to shout on your husband especially in front of your children or people living with you.

(When you are angry, learn not to end his call while he's still talking on phone and no matter how angry you are, pick his calls... you might be saving him from danger at that moment.)

Be quick to say sorry sir to your husband when you offend him and try to always mind your words when you are angry, don't abuse him and don't walk away from his presence while he's still talking.

Always be willing to give your body to your husband...After wedding, he owns everything in you. Constantly give him enough sex.

Nothing satisfies a man like sex...75 to 80% of problems in marriage today is because of sex. (When it comes to marriege, there is no holy or old man in sex. Don't allow your marriage to break because you always have reasons to say NO! to him)

If you have money on you, some times cook his favorite meal without demanding anything in return... don't allow your husband to suspect that you cooked with your money because you are expecting something from him. (That's a bad impression)

Pray for your husband always in and outside his presence and occasionally send him messages of encouragement.
(Every husband needs it)

Your husband comes first before your children or anyone else. Don't allow anybody take his place in your life, No matter who ( Remember your children will marry, your visitors will one day go, leaving you and your husband your relationship stronger.

Don't let anyone know not even your Children when you support him with money and don't allow him feel inferior because you are assisting him. Don't kill inside.

Most times thank your husband and call him pet names for the woman God have used him to make out of you, Because it's through him you became a wife, mother and daughter in law.

Honour your husband in every thing and every matter how poor he might be. Don't take decision on his behalf or at his back, wives are made to suggest and support and not to decide.

Remember a wife of a godly poor man is more honourable than a rich widow... Always respect and treat your husband with care so that He can live long for you.


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For a home to be fun filled and happy, they have to be a Mutual understanding and togetherness between all loved ones involved.

Leading a happy home has its unique features, starting from the father, right to the very least child in the home. All responsibilities should be adhered to, by each and everyone in the home. As a father, the right responsibility is to pay up the children's required school fees, provide necessary needs in the home, like food, conducive environment (good house), teaching the kids and bringing them up, well mannered, also loving his partner at all cost - his wife. As a woman, the responsibility of her as a home builder, is that she is to be submissive, yet financially stable in all family affairs so as not to disturb the husband too much, now and then, concerning necessary needs. She is to cook for the family, guide and pray for the labour of her husband teach the children morals and academic support, as well as spiritual upbringing. As children in the home, it is expected to obey the instructions rendered by their parents, and not to put or show all forms of grudges, remember, even the Bible says it "children, obey your parents, for this is right".
Leading a happy home needs God as the Number one priority and guidance, a family without christ, is a familyyfilled with Crisis, this gives enough room for the devil. I pray the devil will not have his way in our peaceful home in Jesus Name.

**The pursuit of Excellence is gratifying and healthy **

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Gifted spec I must really commend your effort for this with up. Ephesians 5:22 says wives submit yourself to your husband as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. A lot of married men die prematurely from the pressure of taking care of the home down to the pressure so taking care of the needs of everyone at home so if there's anything he needs from h is wife, he needs more of her love, understanding, her prayers and her peace.

In as much as the wife submit to the husband, the Bible made us to understand in Ephesians 5:25 that husbands should love their wife as Christ loved the church, protect her, defend her and make sure you love and respect her.
Even as the man is the head, the woman is the neck without which it would fall. Buy her gifts, take her out spend your leisure and make feel loved. That is the secret to any woman's heart. When you do all this as a man, she would reciprocate the love back to you.
The greatest weapon that the devil has in his armoury are the daughters of Jezebel and Dalilah, those beautiful yet evil seducers whose mission in life is to destroy men that are called to greatness by God. The greatest weapon that God has in his arsenal are the daughters of Zion, those beautiful, wise, prayerful, discerning, prudent, patient, kind, loyal women who are faithful unto death and who are the enforcers and guardians of God's purpose in the lives of men.
The question you need to ask yourself as a woman is are u going to b used as a weapon for the devil or a weapon for God in your home.


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A woman has a vital role to play in leading a happy home.
She is responsible for her happiness or sadness.
She is created to be an helper not a spoiler.
She is meant to be submicive and respect her husband at all times.
She is meant to console her husband whenever he is bothered.
Whenever her husband is angry, she is meant to be patient and not reciprocate the anger.
By this, she is leading a good andhappy home. A man will be so pleased with such woman and love her the more.
Being a virtuous woman and a responsible man in the house contribute to a happy home.


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Abbey(m) .:. Mon, 05 Oct, 2020 - 09:27:27:am GMT

Leading a happy home.

Am starting from marriage, marriage is the union of man and woman to become husband and wife, and what lead to marriage is courtship but during your courtship there are some certain things you should have known about your partner in one way or the other.
Leading a happy home wife When ever they is a misunderstanding between you and your husband try and apologize to him don't let him get angry with you satisfaction is important in marriage don't abuse or shout on your husband respect him in all areas.
Let your husband feel he is the luckiest man on earth in having you as his wife, prepare a good food for him to eat talke good care of him wash his clothes at the right time call him sweet names, don't fight with your husband when ever he goes to his working play call him on his Mobil phone to ask about his wealfer show love to him be humble seek for opinion from him before taking any decision.

**Abbey **

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If husband and wife have a clear understanding of each other peace will reign in their home now to the husband the father of the house appreciate your wife don't allow your wife to suffer for anything before you provide it either in monetry aspects or in material things, your wife should be a precious to you take good care of her and her children I mean the children God has blessed you with. Women usually get impressed when their husbands show them love and care love your wife no matter what she deserves your respect at least a little bit let her fell your present when you are absent.

Majority of home collapsed today just because of lack of love and sex, husband love your wife and give her sex when ever she ask for it another major problem in some home today is that when the husband don't have enough time to share with his wife don't have passion for your work than your wife although work is also important but your wife is more important than your work your home is more important than your work don't use your hand to destroy your home.
Be a father to her children make your wife smile let her be happy being with you let her know she is the love of your life call her sweet name such as dear, sweet, love, darling, all these are to show her concern that you really care so much about her. Put smile in her face be a loving husband if issue arise between both of you try and find solution to it amicably don't raise up your hand to beat her it is very wrong for a husband to beat his wife no it is a bad ideal if she offend you call her attention and talk to her don't share your family secret with anyone.

**Abbey **

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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Davzee(m) .:. Mon, 05 Oct, 2020 - 12:32:27:pm GMT

Never You allow your husband Or Any Family Member leave home unhappy. Settle every issue before they leave the house. Whenever One leaves home unhappy it tends to ruin their day completely.

Now let me take it down to our mummies and daddies. Mothers when angry should never hang up on their husband as You Have said. Still Pick up is call (vice Versa)

Always be quick to say am sorry to your spouse whenever you offend him or her and try to always watch your words whenever you are angry this also makes Matter Worse.

You can make your spouse happy with sex,
most Issues in marriages today is Because of lack of sexual Activities.

Always try to go Out your way to please Your spouse, you can get them their favourite food, suprise them.

Also pray for your spouse always you can also send them an encouraging text.

Wives honour Your husband always, even tho you earn or you the one supporting the family financially still do your best to respect him, remember he is the head of the house.

I Love this proverbs so am going to use it to end mine lol.

"Remember a wife of a godly poor man is more honourable than a rich widow... Always respect and treat your husband with care so that He can live long for you".

Thank You.

**No doubt**

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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Abbie@21(f) .:. Wed, 07 Oct, 2020 - 01:45:48:pm GMT

There is nothing like a happy home, I have seen families that have been able to give me a clear conviction that of a truth there are families that live peacefully on the earth. What really makes a happy home is not how well the home is decorated or how comfortable the inhabitants of the home are but what really makes a home is the lifestyle of the people and the people in that home.

Putting our families first should be our number one priority to a happy home, families should come first, because they occupy a big part of our lives, our memories are stuck with them.
Where happiness springs from is home, where there is peace of mind is your home, fun, love, peace and happiness makes a perfect home.
People at times think owning a clean, well tidied and we'll decorated house makes a perfect home, but this is not always true, if anyone in the world was asked to choose between a happy and peaceful home and a rich and not very peaceful home, I am sure that majority of the people will go for a peaceful home.

I have seen and heard of cases whereby the lady chose to marry a man because of his wealth and after getting married she had all the clothes her body wanted, she had all the expensive jewelries in the world but she never had peace, she never enjoyed her new home, her husband never had any time for her and she became so tired of the marriage and she filed for a divorce. The first step to leading a happy home not just for yourself but for your children and husband is by loving, loving with your whole heart, love your partner with everything in you , if you would giver her all the attention in the whole world and if she would do the same then the both of you will go places together.
Secondly commitment and trust, and finally satisfaction.


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Gifted_Spec(f) .:. Wed, 07 Oct, 2020 - 06:29:15:pm GMT

@KestyBrown: Amen. You're very right. God is the bedrock and foundation of any happy and successful home and marriage.

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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Gifted_Spec(f) .:. Wed, 07 Oct, 2020 - 06:32:52:pm GMT

@Abbie@21: The home needs every of the virtues you have mentioned,it's not about the outward appearance of everything although you have to appear good so that you can attract good things but the inner content of the heart and home should be even better


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: AdaJesus(f) .:. Sun, 11 Oct, 2020 - 01:00:40:pm GMT

@Gifted_Spec:In leading a happy home, the God-factor must be included. Anything outside God only thrives into chaos.

Both parties must be willing to forgive, knowing that no one would intentionally hurt the other, all things being equal.
Both parties must be understanding, swift to hear, and slow to judge.
Assumptions should be avoided.... What I mean is, when certain attributes are exhibited by our spouses we should not just conclude that it's intentional, we should clear out misunderstandings with love and patience.
Open-mindedness is also very much needed, both parties should be free in sharing secrets and nothing is supposed to be hidden from each other.
Above all, a praying family survived together.


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Temmylove(f) .:. Mon, 12 Oct, 2020 - 12:05:50:pm GMT

Hmm, I agree with you. All you said is very good.
A happy home is a home that is sorrow free, fight free, malice free and everything is going the way it should go.

You have only mentioned how to treat a man right, hope you've not forgotten that it takes two to tangle. I know of a woman so humble, beautiful, loving and caring to her husband and children yet the husband was the one who didn't allow the woman to live long.

What a pity, the woman really suffered with her husband. The woman went to the extent that she gave the money she contributed for her income so as to buy a plot of land, she gave it all to her husband and yet the man was not responsible.

The man was not responsible as a husband and as a father, he prefer spending his money on jewelry and on strange woman all in the name of sex.
This man was so cruel to the extent that he brought in a lady to sleep with her even on his matrimonial bed. If I don't know I won't say, the woman was all a man wanted.
She was a good cook, very nice, she will be the one to pay the school fees of the children and even the house rent until it get to a point she said she won't pay it any longer and the rent was piling up and the landlord asked them to pack out if the man of the family can't run around to the get the money paid at a stipulated period of time.

The couple later had to sepesepa due to accommodation and on the long r u n the woman died, so tell me what could have been done to please such a man? What else could the woman do to this man that made her weep and cry to her grave?
What could she had done to the man who sent her to an early great grave?

To me, I think the work of building a happy home lies in the hands of both the husband and wife. It is the duty of the man to make sure the wife is always happy and it is the duty of the will to make sure the man of the house is always filled with joy. Shalom!

**God's will be done**

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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Chiboy(m) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 01:23:49:pm GMT

The happiness of a man lies in the happiness of his family. As a woman it's your duty to make your husband happy at all time.

No matter the issue you guys are having, try to calm him before he leaves the house to work, because if he do leave home in that state his going to have a bad day. A man can never be settled knowing fully well that his home is not at peace.

Every marriage have their rough time , but how you manage it is what matter.
Shouting and fighting your husband in the presence of your children send the wrong message to them about marriage. For you to have a peaceful and happy home, you must cultivate the habit of saying sorry to your husband when you are wrong and let peace lead.

Sex is also a leading factor to achieve a peaceful home. As a woman on no account should you starve your husband of sex. It's his right as your husband, and when you refuse, he goes to another lady to have it. And that is how homes break.

Most importantly to lead a happy home the presence of God needs to be in that home. Always pray for your husband and children. Let God take charge of your home and the affairs of your home will be run smoothly.


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Francis(m) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 10:04:50:pm GMT

Hmmm you are right there. A good wife material must know her duty as a woman, mother and wife.
A good wife must always be there for her husband, care for him and reason with him. Although both parties have their responsibilities to perform but a woman is always responsible for a happy home and the opposite.
If the husband is doing well, we should credit the woman.
I will advice all women to draw the face of their husband closer to themselves because we men, we easily compromise.
So therefore, women, do your best in leading a happy home.


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Flat(m) .:. Mon, 19 Oct, 2020 - 05:58:29:pm GMT

Hmmm! After the joy of the Lord which is the joy of salvation, the next joy one should have is the joy of the home. Having joy in one's home simply means one is enjoying the blissfulness and peace in marriage. Those that are experiencing or have once experienced hotness in their marriage will truly understand the influence of one day joy.
Now, leading a happy home, if the concept of the home we are talking about here is not clear enough, it might cause us some confusions. A home is a place of affections a home is a place of care a home is a place of refuge a home is a place of support a home is a place of rest a home is a place of peace a home is a place of strength, these are the meanings attached to home. But this meanings are only meaningful considering the kind of people that comprises the home. One of the vital part that one need to understand is that a happy home can only be created if one does not see it has a responsibility one party but both. It is the sole responsibility of both the man and the woman to make the home a happy one. Although, it might be that the man have a higher responsibility to take but the taking of the responsibility will be useless if the woman is not supportive. This means that if the woman is doing her part the husband must be supportive and vice versa, the happiness of the home will be shared by both.
So, just as the husband needs the happiness of the home to function properly for the day, the wife also needs the happiness of the home to function properly for the day. Never ever should we both use anger to respond to anger, be calm enough to settle things amicably and overall, don't stop committing the home into God's hands.


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   Re: Leading A Happy Home by: Abbey(m) .:. Tue, 20 Oct, 2020 - 03:32:36:pm GMT

To have a happy home and a leading happy home husband and wife has to complete with each other know what your husband like and the husband also should know what the wife like, have full understanding of each other will enable couples to have a leading happy home

Husband don't hide anything from your wife there shouldn't be any form of secret between you and your wife share your thoughts with her discuss your plans with her carry her along in all your endeavor, if she did something wrong or bad to you don't react to her negatively, take care of her children I mean the children both of you have together be there for her in all areas
Wife your husband is your partner he is the father of your children honour your husband personality, cook him at the proper time don't allow any other person to take the place of your husband in your heart respect his dignity, don't fight him and don't allow third party to get involved in your home affairs respect his friends and family members

**Abbey **

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