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Granted, maybe some of you are still with your first love to this day, but I was targeting this question more to those who have had a true "first love" that ended. For instance, perhaps you were with your first love years ago and have since moved on with your life and had other relationships. What are your general feelings toward that first love? How often do you think about him? Do you ever find yourself wishing things had gone differently? Do you feel as though you still love him and possibly always will? And do you find yourself comparing other men to this first love? Please feel to tackle any/all of the above questions as well as adding any additional insight you may have. I am curious as I have recently had some interesting things happen between my first love and me. Thanks!
**kenny g**

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Thu, 18 Dec, 2014 - 12:14:56:pm GMT

Seriously I don't feel anything about my first love, nothing at all. The relationship was cool but I went through hell. Assuming am the jealous type I would committed suicide. So many things happen then that makes me hate the Presence of her.
**kenny g**

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 28 Feb, 2019 - 08:22:03:am GMT

In my first love.. there was nothing like true love to me. I didn't really love him. Was just dating him for dating sake. And my feelings towards him were just mere feelings. Feelings of just having someone you introduce as your boyfriend not as your lover. I can't recall if I have ever once thought about him. I can't really recall because I never had any feelings of love for him. I never one day find my self wishing things went different as it has being. I really love it that we departed. I don't feel I love him and never wish to have him back anymore. I haven't in a day compared batman to him because my immediate is better than him.

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Piwizo(m) .:. Thu, 28 Feb, 2019 - 09:05:55:am GMT

Well for me I don't like comparing relationships whether it be my previous relationships or my first love to my current one, as I have been in relationships with different kind of people at different times or phase of my life, what I will say is I learnt from all my relationships and it helped me to become the man I am today, so I will say of my previous relationships and first love that since we broke up maybe, just maybe we were not meant to be together, and there's nothing that will make me go back to my previous relationships, in life we only look ahead there's nothing to look behind if not you'll just be stoked in one place, so am happy for the people that have been in my life, I am also happy with the impact they made but am more happier with my present relationship, and by Gods grace nothing can separate me or make me compare it to my previous relationships!!!

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 05 Mar, 2019 - 07:13:17:am GMT

Well.... I don't like the fact that I have to start comparing my first love to my present love. Firstly I don't even have a present lover. So, there is no reason I should start comparing. But I will just say some little beings about my first love and about the relationship I had felt loved the most. In my first relationship things were good. Being in a relationship for the first time was great to me. I actually thought that maybe we will get marry. But we couldn't. I never knew much about love but I knew there was actually something called love. And talking about the one I felt loved most is my second relationship. I felt true love and I understood what love truly is. But at times, we can't write the future, not even guess what the future will be because we are blinded by love. If I had known the future. I wouldn't have feel in love. I suffered heartbreak for months. I felt the pain of heartbreak when he broke up with me cause I love him deeply. But I guess he never knows. He thought I was cheating on him. He thought I had someone else I was dating. Truly when you are dating someone, jealousy comes up most especially when you are far from each others.

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Divinkeme1(m) .:. Thu, 07 Mar, 2019 - 06:13:30:pm GMT

Well, first loves are always amazing and mind blowing because they introduce you or rather show you the way to a real relationship life must often. When you are really in love for the first time my dear nothing on earth matters anymore. You hardly give listing ear to your parents or guidance, but all the same sometimes things go wrong and you two will part ways to look for love else where as well as in search for greener pastures. Me personally I feel so special about my first love and even if I think about it over again things get really good and fine and I will want to go after her or even willvwant to see her all the time but all the same we are moving on in our own separate ways and its cool. In a not shell I will say I feel special and good about my first love and it is cool. Reasons been that even as we are separated it doesn't mean we are enemies or in a big fight but rather we are still best of friends and will always want her to succeed in all her life endeavors. Thanks.
**Blessed by God**

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Victoria(f) .:. Sat, 01 Aug, 2020 - 04:32:50:pm GMT

Ladies, how do you feel about your first love.
I have a huge question. Who exactly is a first love. Is it the first person you fall in love with in your life or the first boyfriend you have? To me that has been a very very confusing issue. Maybe I'll just talk about the two.
I don't know how everyone else feels about their first love. It doesn't seem first loves are usually sunshine and rainbows. I heard it's actually the hardest one to get over. Hardly does anyone ever end up with their first love. I remember when I was much younger and I was naive thinking I was going to get married to the first person I would date. Seriously, that was my plan, that was my desire, that was all I dreamt about. I would see those that had been in multiple relationships before finally finding the perfect person and I hoped that I wouldn't be like that. I really just wanted one person

The first guy I dated? I really dislike him now. I wonder what I ever saw in him in the first place. I made a huge mistake letting someone like that into my life. That sounds really terrible of me, right? It isn't. He messed up big time. He practically broke my heart into pieces. I wasted three years of my life trying to be the perfect girlfriend, sucking up to him, losing myself and making the worst mistake of my entire life. So does that depict what I actually feel about him. The worst part was that I was young and I could have spent that stage of my life doing more sensible things. Every second, every minute and every hour I spent with him could have been spent doing other things. I could have been with a better person. So what I feel for him is pure annoyance and great dislike.
As for the first guy I ever liked, I'm indifferent to him now. I am really surprised at that considering the fact that I spent seven years having a huge crush on him.

**Live, love and heal...**

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Phaithh(f) .:. Sat, 01 Aug, 2020 - 09:25:52:pm GMT

I won't call it "first love" but rather "first guy" because there's was nothing loving about it, he was totally the opposite of the type of guy I want in a relationship. You may be wondering, why did I accept to date him in the first place? Well, it was as a result of peer influence and wanting to "feel among". My friends were all doing it (in a relationship) and I was like the only one different. So they (my friends) tried to matchmake us (me and this guy).
Permit me to be sincere here, I don't know if he has changed, so I will write about him in the past tense. Firstly, he couldn't speak English fluently, he preferred the vernacular. He wasn't good-looking. He was not smart, a dumb brain. He had halitosis. He was so local. He doesn't know how to combine clothes. He was a luke-warm Christian. He likes the things of the world more and kept making "unholy" demands. But he is hardworking and not selfish with his money.
I couldn't flow with him because I was more, should I say, sophisticated than him.
I didn't take the relationship serious because I knew from the start that it won't work, I just wanted to please my friends. And when we called it quits after a month, I still couldn't see it as a relationship. It was when I started reminiscing about my past, that it dawned on me - he was the first.
I don't know what to make of this, I've read lots of novels and I've pictured how my first guy would be - Perfecto Romeo. And I knew if I still had this mentality, then no guy would've met my overly high standards.
Maybe GOD wanted me to learn this - nobody is perfect.

**Jesus junkie**

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   Re: Ladies, how do you feel about your first love? by: Toxyron(f) .:. Mon, 10 Aug, 2020 - 05:34:56:pm GMT

Well about my first love, I was the one in love with him while his was the opposite, it wasn't as if we were in a relationship but I was dating him mentally, we only dated in my head. LOL.

I also heard that first love's doesn't last and somehow it's true because I have seen and heard of numerous issues of people who were so in love with their first love but still they didn't end up together. Reminiscing about you and your first love is one beautiful thing though, I believe that there's always this special bond that people hold with their first love. No matter how hard they try they still have that special memory of their first love they hold on to.


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