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In life, there are levels you need to take one after another. When you jump over a step, you face the consequences for it. Nobody is gonna make you face that but life itself. When you jump a class in school, my dear you will eventually miss something in that class that must be very relevant. And it will surely affect you. You don't have to rush. rushing does not mean you are fast. And the truth is when you rush, you fall into mistakes and which you will need time to correct accumulating those times you've spent correcting together. You will realize the time would have been enough for you to have round up everything and get into something else without rushing. When rushing, if you are not careful enough you will have to correct sometime. Take your time to do whatsoever you have to do. It is not possible you give birth to a baby today and he/she starts walking the same hour you gave birth to the child. If such should happen then i am very sure you will scream for help. Yeah! it's unusual. You expect your child to pass through the normal process of growth. He/she should sit first, then learn to craw, craw then learn to stand, stand then learn to walk before walking. The same pertains to anyone who starts a business today and wants to make it immediately, it is not done anywhere. You work for it. You put more effort if you really want to make it. You don't just sleep and wake up one day and insist if you don't make it that day you will kill yourself and very well you know you haven't been doing anything that should give you the hope of achieving your dream that day. There is a time for everything in life. Don't be silly to yourself. Don't make yourself a bunch of fool expecting miracle from somewhere without passing through the normal stages of life. School, if you can't afford school then develop yourself on the gift you have in you. Start working on it. Everyone is not expected to be professor or doctors. If it is not your destiny then find yours. If you know yourself very well then you can't suffer. Learn to work and pass through the normal stage of life.


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Re: LIFE IS ONE STEP AFTER ANOTHER by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 12 Mar, 2019 - 03:37:08:pm GMT

Yeah... Life is one step after another. But because life is short people tend to run fast. Lack of patient has kept so many people in one trouble or the other. My mates are buying cars, I really need to get mine. My mates are buying mansions, I need to get mine. My mates are getting married, I need to get married. This is what we now think nowadays. But we've failed to ask ourselves this... Are you mates not dying? Yet you are alive. Then why don't you say your mates are dying yet you are alive. Be patient... Life requires patience. The cars your mates are buying are the cause of some death. The houses some are buying got burn killing some. Have you thought of that. Why do you rush? Why are you worrying yourself? Take your time. Build on your dreams. And you will enjoy life to the fullest without rush.


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Re: LIFE IS ONE STEP AFTER ANOTHER by: Piwizo(m) .:. Thu, 14 Mar, 2019 - 04:28:37:pm GMT

That's very true my dear, I totally agree with you, my dad use to advice me and tell me as his first child that there's no short cut to the top, there's no easy way to make it in life, he said it's just like a school that's what he likens life to be like a school and before you get to the primary 6 you will have passed through many stages from nursery and then primary 1 and so on till you reach primary 6, because if you choose to skip from primary one to let's say primary 4 it will become very difficult for you, because you are not matured enough, the doctor you see today that's wildly celebrated in saving people's life or treating people was once a student and might have failed some test or assignments but yet he continued because in school he was being prepared for the assignment he was to carry out as his career, while he could fail in school and be forgiven he can't fail in doing a surgery as a doctor like forgetting scissors in a patience stomach or giving a wrong diagnosis for a patient, he can't do that, hence he had to go through all the necessary stages, so as young ones growing up, we shouldn't be in haste, we shouldn't rush, life is not about rushing, what are you rushing for, it's one step at a time, a journey of a thousand years begins with a step, so in your quest for success don't be faster than your shadows, you might end up regretting it!!!

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