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» LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Slaymama(m) .:. Mon, 10 Dec, 2018 - 01:44:48:pm GMT
Life isn't about looking back to the former things, (not holding on the past😎..it's about letting go and moving on with life... With so doing the past won't affect your tomorrow. Because if you keep looking onto the past, it will end up hurting you and you might also be hurting people around you.. ***Every wrong can be made""Right'"" when it's been realised .... #***Don't let the bad times of yesterday affect your good days ahead.


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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Mizhbell(f) .:. Tue, 18 Dec, 2018 - 05:00:01:pm GMT

One thing that connects us as human beings is our ability to feel pain. Whether that pain is physical or emotional, we all have experiences of being hurt. What separates us though, is how we deal with that pain. FIVE STEPS TO LET GO OF THE PAST 1...RECOGNIZE THAT IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON_ The hardest part of letting go of the past is trying to make decisions to move on. Yes, itís pretty hard to make new choices that can overcome our misdeeds in life but you should always remember that you have a future to share. Youíve already paid for the past and if thatís not working out for you, you need to recognize that itís time to move on. 2. MAKE A LIST OF THINGS YOU CAN RE-DO_Life does not give you a second chance all the time. But, what you can do is make a list of things that you would have done differently if you could go back in time and do it again. Making such list will help you to learn from your mistakes while also giving ideas on what things should have been done right. You also develop a skill to plan things and this will surely help you shape your future goals in life. 3.LIVE IN THE PRESENT_ If you donít enjoy the life that you are living, you future is certainly going to be dark. You should have no regrets that eat up your thinking and you need to live in present. Whatís done is done and thereís no going back. Go on a hike with your friends or dance, sing and do what ever you love to do. Itís make you lively and energize you to focus on things that you need to accomplishe right now. 4. DON'T FORGET YOUR MIRALS AND VALUES_ If youíre to perform better in life, you need to stick to your morals and values. Thereís no denying that the bad events in life develop a feeling of change in us and changes are not good every time. Stick to your beliefs and morals to develop a self-esteem and pride. This plays a huge role in order to develop a positive attitude towards your life. 5. FORGIVE_ Mistakes happen but holding back and remembering the same thing again and again will do nothing good to anyone. If youíve made mistakes, apologize, console and forgive yourself. If itís your close ones whoíve hurt you in the past and you just canít let go of it, acknowledge the fact that they are the oneís you trusted back. You need to learn to forgive and move on to find happiness.

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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Babysugar(f) .:. Thu, 27 Dec, 2018 - 12:44:25:pm GMT

@mizhbell: Forgiveness is so true about letting go of the past, in the sense that, if one can't learn to forgive he/ herself, it will be also hard to forgive others who offends us. Forgiveness is one thing i know which waives away negativity in one's mind and it makes someone to find happiness. And it's just like an act of uplifting an heavy weight from someone's body to feel that free happiness which everyone deserves to have, because happiness is free.

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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 27 Dec, 2018 - 07:56:00:pm GMT

If we are to talk of this letting go of formal things, that is the past. How to be able to let go will determine what has made the past a let go one. Someone who lost his so much love partner and always hold on to his/her memory will have a way of counselling that can wipe away those memory. Some of those people who lost their partners to death are usually affected with the memory of the lost one. Some go insane. Cause I have witness a situation whereby a lady lost her husband to be on their wedding day. And from that moment. She went insane. And couldn't overcome it till she died in that condition. The incident made a way to far in her that she couldn't overcome it. Now for such person to overcome such past or let go of such past. It will be difficult. Very difficult. But now I want us to contribute in how such a person can overcome that past. 

And secondly ,a lady who was sexually abuse. Raped precisely. And was pregnant as a result of the rape. Not knowing the person who has raped her but carrying the unborn child of that person. Please, how can such a person overcome such past? While she stills carries the unborn child. She was still a secondary school student. Now she couldn't continue her education. She is now being faced with mocking from peer group, classmate, neighbors e.t.c. how do you advice such person to let go of her past. 

Please contribute in that. 

**Gooddypye **

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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Oma_maron(f) .:. Sun, 17 Feb, 2019 - 12:56:16:am GMT

Life is a teacher, the more we live the more we learn, we shouldnít be always hard on ourselves, we have to be aware of the fact that people will hurt us, they will hurt us a lot, and some might do us wrong willfully, donít hold onto them, let it go, if you donít let those things go, it becomes a grudge and a pain in your heart, you tend to hurt yourself more, life is like an athlete who is running a race, he has both those who cheer him and those who criticize him, if he focus on those who criticize him, he definitely wonít win the race, and also if he focuses on those who cheers him, he wonít win the race, your focus should be at the prize, if youíre bitter with yourself, life wonít get better, always forgive, donít wait for people to come and ask for your forgiveness before you forgive them, they might never come, free up your mind and live your life to the fullest.
**Graced **

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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Youngbeauty(f) .:. Mon, 01 Jul, 2019 - 07:34:43:am GMT

In life one need to let go of his/her formal and past life in other to move on,holding on to your past is like adding pains to a broken heart

letting go of your past is the way of moving on in life
no matter how bad it was in the past for you,you can never remain in the past,and in other to do yourself good you have to move on and let your past live behind you so it won't be a problem to your future and present life

never let your bad days surface in your presents because you can never move on with your past add to your current life

**Obedience is better than sacrifice**

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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Flat(m) .:. Tue, 21 Jul, 2020 - 04:16:45:am GMT

Most times we might not be able to ease it off our mind or probably we are unable to ease it of our thinking due to the fact that thing or probably an event is painful to us. If you hold on to the pains of the past, it will definitely affect your moving forward in the sense that it will not allow you think and strategies about the future. Although, the former things are things of the past and should be think of sometimes but not as burden but it should be use has a guideline to guide the steps into the present and the future. 
Well, a lot of people usually attributes the past mostly to evil occurrence or bad events that have at one time in life happen to them but I tell you, that is a wrong perception. Your past could be your achievements, that is, good things that you have done in the past. Whatever thing your past might look like, it must not affect your present situation. Holding on to your past achievements might not give you the opportunity to have further achievements, for instance, you will hear a lot of people telling you how good they were while in secondary school then I begin to think, what of presently, probably you are in the university, polytechnic, college of education or any other higher institution of learning, are you not good again, what has happened. In this kind of situation, you will clearly see that the person is bringing or comparing the environment of the past to the present one.
Always take a step or let me say, always have it in mind to always make your later greater than the former. It is always good to make your current on your future life happenings to be better than the former. You can people about your past life, they can learn from, in-fact, it is a guide for other people that are in that position that you are in your past. But this will only be done if your current happenings is admirable to them. Therefore, hold on to the future and let go off your past.


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Re: LETTING THE FORMAL THINGS GO by: Abosedegrace(f) .:. Tue, 16 Mar, 2021 - 10:57:15:pm GMT

Honestly speaking, it is so easy to talk, to advice, to write than to actually put into practice. I mean look at me, I could come here preach so much about letting go of the formal things but then bring a situation to me and the preacher herself is finding it difficult to practice what she preaches. Irony of life that is true.
Almost everyday now, I have to be reminding myself to let go of yesterday, the pains, the disappointments etc of yesterday. Mind you my yesterday could actually be something that happened two days ago, it could be what someone did to me maybe three hours ago.
So yaaaah, am here to say its actually very hard. Until you are being face with a situation. Especially when the person in question reacts or behave almost the same way or the same way they had done before but you can't talk, you can't say you don't that particular way they behaved because they are your elderly ones and they are always right.
Letting go of small issues is actually not that easy not to talk of big issues.
May God help us.
But one way am actually dealing with it most of the time is that I will just remind myself that it has past and am not supposed to remember it. It has worked and helped me so many times, you can try it to.
**Redeemed to reign**

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