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Yes, you have to keep takking. When there is trouble, it's talking that will get us out of it. When we are going through bad or rough patches, it is talking it out that will see us through. When we are optimistic and excited, it is talking that will help our partner share it.

If we are not talking there is something wrong. If we are not talking, what are we doing? Talking helps us understand, listen, share, communicate.

Lots of people assume that silence means there is a problem, something wrong. Of course we don't need to feel all the silences but there are some basic rules of etiquette when it comes to talking to each other :

* Acknowledge that your partner has spoken to you - and no, a grunt or a sigh is not what I mean

* Make some recognition every few seconds that you are still awake, alive, in the room, interested, paying attention - this may be a nod, a yes or no, a noise of encouragement (hmm, oh)

* Be aware that talking is part of your duty as a lover/partner and you should be good at it.

* Good talking leads to good sex - if you are talking you are not flirting, holding hands, seducing. By talking we are committing the art known as foreplay

* Talking helps resolve problems, silence only amplifies them

* Talking keeps you together - it is not what you use to do when you first fell in love, remember?

There is obviously a time and a place for silence (that is knowing when to listen and when to act) but talking is healthy, productive, companionable, friendly, loving, kind and fun. Silences can be boring, unhelpful, distructive and threatening. Obviously there is quality talking and there is nonsense talking. Make sure you don't chat away to fill the silences with meaningless things. Talking has to have some purpose although gossiping is fine. So talk sensibly now.

**Happiness is free. **

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Re: Keep talking by: Gentleman1(m) .:. Thu, 03 Jan, 2019 - 12:00:06:pm GMT

Do you mean talking or good communication?

There is difference A whole difference between the too. Most times the women don't communicate, they talk. Especially those girls who just love to talk a lot that causes the man to have headaches. Communication is necessarily. Communication is an exchange of information from one person to another without interference, and it is clear for the other to decode and able to give a reply. Without communication a relationship is bound to fail.
But talking especially those talks that has just one way information without the ability to give a reply like when one starts to yell, it is talking but hardly a communication. Yes it's not just women who talk, men talk a lot too. Talking is good but it should be able to communicate, pass information to another as you have listed.
So I think it should be communication and not just talking. We have heard before that it's not good to talk too much. But communication is never to much because it's passed with understanding, so there is a time to rest and a time to continue.


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Re: Keep talking by: Exousia(m) .:. Tue, 08 Jan, 2019 - 11:55:12:am GMT

@gentleman1: true talk but most times when a spouse is talking trying to communicate he or he might not know how to or the right way to so the spouse should be able to be calm and when the person is done , you will try to make him or her see reason, but most times we are to in haste to reply , 2 wrongs dont make a right


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Re: Keep talking by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 08 Jan, 2019 - 04:24:48:pm GMT

I am of a different opinion, the problem we face in our society today is this everybody wants to be heard, they want their opinions to be respected, they want to take a stand, they claim they are right, they talk and all they do is more talk, too much talking doesn't get anything done, some person don't even know how to talk or how to communicate, everything that flows or passes through their minds they voice it out even if it will get you in trouble, sometimes the best response in a situation is no response at all, if you take for example two people who are using swear words against each other, sooner rather than later it will result into fighting because everybody wants to be heard and nobody really wants to listen, and truth be told a wise man pays more time listening than talking and fact is whenever he stands to talk people listen to him, because he has something relevant to say, what we need to do in this present age is to build capacity, especially from the younger generations, invest in ourselves, become better than we are, read inspirational books, motivational books, not just talking aimlessly, because if you talk too much there's a tendency that when you have nothing to say really, you end up lying, and I love the point the guy who commented on this post raise communicating, and funny enough communicating is beyond talking, you could communicate without talking but you can talk without communicating, so in conclusion build capacity, spend more time listening than talking, it saves you a lot and if you must say anything make sure you're communicating the right thing!!! Thanks

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Re: Keep talking by: Velisa(f) .:. Thu, 06 Jun, 2019 - 09:29:22:am GMT

Yeah, you are right... Some people did not understand what you said.

To those who don't understand.. He means it is good to talk. Take for an example... You are with your partner... Apart from the lady asking you what will you take for dinner... There is nothing else she talks.

You both don't talk about anything... Not even your experience while you were away or while she was away. Good morning.. Good Morning.. That's all you say till breakfast is ready then after eating you are off to work.

Does it not sound to you that things are not how they should be?... You are expected to be talking and laughing.

My boo one day said to be that he loves my playful part. He loves it when i talk and play. Cause at times i might not talk and just be silent throughout the day. It will seem to him like we are fighting. So, we should always have to talk.

Ask each others question and play games. Bring out some funny games.. It keeps the relationship lively not just kissing and romancing always.

So, i so much support you for saying this. Talk... Keep talking.


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Re: Keep talking by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 13 Jun, 2019 - 08:04:05:am GMT

@Velisa: Now I get the point. You have to keep talking. Don't make relationship boring.

Communication brings unity. Imagine a towncrier was asked to announce an upcoming meeting in a village.
Do you know that when it gets to the time for the meeting, all the villagers will gather, and maybe the king wants to speak with them. So, they will want to settle those who had quarrel and lot more things. In that process, there will be unity. They will make plans together and more. That's communication.

Communication makes you say your mind. Like when you are very annoyed. And you asked to talk. When you talk, you have the privilege to say your mind.

Communication promotes love in relationship... A relationship where there is good and constant communication tends to exhibit love than the one there is no communication.

So, in a relationship, let there be communication. Talk and keep talking.

**God's light**

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Re: Keep talking by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 09:08:22:am GMT

"Keep the communication lines open between you and your spouse (or potential spouse). They should have the assurance that at any point in time, you will be there to listen, advice, rebuke or correct when necessary. And they should trust that you will do it all in love. Also, if things don't go as planned, if they are hurting or frustrated with whatever they may be going through, they should have a shoulder to lean on, in you. When an individual feels like he or she cannot freely speak to the one human being that should be their ultimate earthly support system, they often either withdraw or find comfort in someone else and more often than not, the consequences are disastrous. -

At first you may not understand them or even agree with them but never allow that to pose as a stumbling block in your relationship. Just don't be set in your your ways your goal should always be to get to the point of understanding and agreement. Even when they make mistakes, don't flare up keep calm and respond appropriately. Most issues in relationships occur because of no communication or a lack of effective communication so do your best to create an atmosphere that boosts a free flow of communication.

- I believe the best communication booster is prayer. Go to God in prayer and genuinely engage your heart, pray in the Spirit & the Holy Spirit will give you utterance that will enter your spouse's heart. You'll begin to speak with spirit filled words, not your emotions and that is sure to diffuse any tension and provoke respect, acceptance and openness. That is also will secure trust. That is what will help build intimacy. That is what will not just promote love but deep love between the two of you. And when that's in place, it automatically flows to your children and other family members"


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