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It's very easy to be angry. It's easy to get riled up and mutter, or to make rude gesture and swear. It's not so easy to be forgiving. I am not talking about turning the other cheek here or any of that stuff. I am taking about seeing it from the person's point of view. And being forgiven.

I saw an incident recently on holiday which basically involved a trycirclist mouthing off because he thought someone had driven too close to him and nearly forced him into a ditch. He was loud, rude, aggressive and was out of order. I tried to speak to him reasonably on behalf of the person he was being abusive to and he gave me a mouthful as well. Then he rode off and shook his fist at the person he was quarreling with. I found it easy to forgive him, not on any religious sense, but I sensed he had had a bad holiday.

He obviously thought he was going to have a nice day at work, but that day, it was raining so probably he has not meet his target. So, I believe he was tired, wet and unhappy. And he had to take on someone else. Assuming I had choosing to answer him the same way he came at me, I would have been grumpy, ready to fight and raw. But I felt sorry for him, and could sense a great deal of his unhappiness. Yes, he was wrong to use all these abusive words and aggressive. But he was also me or you or anyone else in that situation, cold, wet, miserable. And who is to say we wouldn't have our temper if we too had had a bad day.

Being forgiven doesn't mean we have to pushed around or to put up with nonsense. We can stand our ground and say, sorry I don't need to take that but we can also make an attempt to forgive because we see it from their point of view. Just bear in mind that anyone you come in contact with who provokes you may have had a really bad time before they got to you.

**Happiness is free. **

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Re: It doesn't hurt to forgive. by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 01 Jan, 2019 - 06:56:38:am GMT

It doesn't hurt to forgive. Nope! Not at all. Let's take for an instance. Your Partner did something bad to you and you felt so hurt. Or even your son or siblings did something to you and you were so bad about it. That it leads to break up in the relationship. Now, do you know that every day you will always remember the person you've break up with even when they ask for your forgiveness. You will keep on feeling the absence, which will thereby cause more wound to your heart. Seeing someone you love walked out of your life is so painful that it could almost pull your heart out of your chest. You feel the pain for long. You become depressed, frustrated, and finds it difficult to eat, you have sleepless night, you begin to have bad day at work cause you could no more concentrate, you begin to act like you are insane cause the one you loved so much. The one you have always spend your days with. The one you cant live without. The one you can't spend a minute of thinking about. Your closest person. Is out of your life. Out of your path. At times you just feel crying will bring a relief to your mind. At times you feeling nailing your head to the wall will just get those memory off. At times you feel revenging can settle it all. You just feel like paying back to what the person has done to you. Cause you feel hurt. At times you will just feel punishing yourself to have gone into a wrong relationship, or to have been dating someone and laying all the trust on the person thinking he/she was the right person for you. At times you just can't stop blaming yourself for falling in love with the wrong person. Break up hurts. Breaking someone trust hurts. Revenge hurts and harm too. Unforgiving puts you in a state of worries. It hurts too. It turns you into what you never expected. But forgiveness never hurt. Imagine if that partner had forgiven the person when he/she did that thing to him/her. Such partner will not face those bad times of hurts, lack of appetite, insomnia, e.t.c. The partner will only find it difficult to trust that person again. But the hurts will not be there. Forgiveness does not hurt. It relieves you of pains. It relieves you of revenge

It relieves you of bad times, bad mood, bad days e.t.c. Learn to forgive. It pays more to forgive than to not.


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Re: It doesn't hurt to forgive. by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 01 Jan, 2019 - 05:56:35:pm GMT

what is forgiveness? forgiveness is the ability to let go completely of a wrong deed or action done towards you by someone either close relation or distant relation.There is an act of forgiveness and a way of forgiveness. If you know the way of forgiveness, then, its easier to let go of a wrong done to you.Now, for you to forgive without holding onto the pain, the emotional trauma that is accompanied by what the person did, you have to know the way of forgiveness because forgiveness is beyond the saying...."I forgive you" in the sense that we often hear words like it's not easy to forgive. "What she did to me. if i recall it. I cant let go. Or what he did to me. If am to think it all over again. I dont think i will forgive him. I cant imagine myself forgetting what he did."


There are so many reasons why you should let go. but i will briefly emphasize on little about it. in an instance whereby you were hurt by someone you so much love. Lets say the person broke your trust. If you dont forgive the person, you are the one who feels hurt the more because you have grudge in your heart,that pain of what the person did is still there,you are tolling with your emotions because you wont be happy when you recollect what happened. And the reason you remembered what happened in details is because you have not forgiven, so cycle repeat itself over and over again. So, the best way to forgive is to forget totally. It gives you freedom, you can express yourself freely around the person who might have hurt you in the past. One particular thing to note of this very vital subject is that humans will sometimes hurt you and funny enough some persons takes pleasure in hurting you. They are happy when you are demoralize. when you are hurt. When you past through pain. Or you cant overcome the pain of what they did. They are glad, they feel fulfilled, so develop a thick skin, that no matter what anybody do to me, i will never get to a point where i cant forgive them. A heart that forgives dont wait for the offender to come seeking for his forgiveness, he forgives without the offender requesting for his forgiveness!!! The fact still remains that forgiveness doesn't hurt at all, its a proof of your maturity.


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Re: It doesn't hurt to forgive. by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Fri, 22 Feb, 2019 - 11:05:36:pm GMT

It pays to forgive, yes it might not be easy but there is a saying that says, what goes around comes around, someone might have wronged you intentionally and played with your emotions, kept you in a state of oppression and duress, made to worry and stress yourself so much, but instead of going through all those hurt, pains and negative energy, it is better to let go and let God, forgiving someone for the hurt he or she did to you actually frees your mind, it releases the negative energy and the bad feeling you are having, when you forgive someone, you actually come out better, and you know this world we are living in nowadays, some persons just want to get on our nerves, like they take pleasure in it because they know it makes us feel uncomfortable, so this is the way to live your life, pray for the best and always know that people can hurt you at any given time, so in case you come in contact with those people who hurt you, just let it go and continue with your life, dont pay attention to their wicked act, and dont respond to them with a loud voice, they want to spoil your mood, dont give them that opportunity, you are far better than that, instead of worrying forgive because the highest thing worry can give to you is sympathizers and trust me that is not what you need
**Graced **

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Re: It doesn't hurt to forgive. by: Dynameak(f) .:. Tue, 19 May, 2020 - 11:01:00:pm GMT

To err is man but to forgive is divine and if we truly are born of God then to forgive should be part of our default setting because offense cannot be ruled out in the course of living here on earth. The Bible posits firmly that we should be angry but not sin through anger and Lisa Bevere in her book be angry but don't blow it emphasized how man shouldn't give into the devil's tactics of making man brood continuously over wrong done by another person because the Bible urges believers to not allow the sun go down on their anger.

Yeah, man should get angry when a wrong is done to him but his anger should follow God's pattern which is temporary as God's anger endures just for a moment, in his favour is life for weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. God doesn't prolong his anger because he loves his creation and is being moved with compassion toward man such that mercy comes to play even after man has offended God greatly.

To forgive doesn't hurt whatsoever rather, it sheds the weight of unnecessary thinking off man's heart. Holding onto the wrong others do to you will result in to worry but choosing to forgive willingly will give you peace of mind.

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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Re: It doesn't hurt to forgive. by: Dynameak(f) .:. Tue, 19 May, 2020 - 11:07:12:pm GMT

@Gooddypye: Immeasurable peace truly comes with forgiveness as it's a matter of the heart. Here's a few lines of my thoughts on forgiveness.

Not a first time occurrence,
Not the last to be seen.
Quick head scan to magnify or bring the claws of bottling wrongs to scratch nothing.
A choice is to be made
If the slap should get you to kick or hit and run,

70 × 7 said Jesus.

How about an investment in your heart to forgive ahead,
Not so easy humanly yeah,
But a lot easier from love.

Arms stretched out labelled with surrender,
take in the air as much as you can,
the warmth of the Father's Love melts the sensation of wrongs.
Offense is an event but offended is a decision to be made by YOU.

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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