Politics » Irrational Hatred Of Trump, Hating Trump Without A Cause by: Kissy(f) .:. Tue, 08 Dec, 2020 - 08:55:38:am GMT

A Nigerian old friend of mine told me he hates Trump, when I asked him why, he said because, Trump called Nigeria a "shit hole" country.
Then, I asked the guy to objectively answer whether he thinks Nigeria is a "shit hole" country or not, and the man answered, 'Yes, even if Nigeria is a "shit hole" country, but Trump shouldn't be saying it'.
I then sought public opinion by asking 16 people whether they think Nigeria is a "shit hole" country, and remarkably, all 16 of them answered affirmatively, "YES".

So, doesn't that vindicate Trump?
Yet, people hate Trump for daring to speak out his mind, and for representing natural and conventional values.

**Seeing is believing to those who do not have faith**

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   Re: Irrational Hatred Of Trump, Hating Trump Without A Cause by: Ogiejoe(m) .:. Tue, 08 Dec, 2020 - 09:18:17:am GMT

There is a cause for the Left's to hate trump. Their main reason why they hate Trump and Trump's agenda is that it spoils their spiritual, mental, financial and physical plan.

The democrats gives right to same sex and gives right for abortion which is killing of children, they have a plan which no one actually knows what their plan contain. Biden said that he cannot reveal his plan yet till after he is president. if such plan is something the people will want, why would he delay his plan?
In all, i believe the reason the Democrats hates Trump and would do anything to stop Trump is because Trump blocks their spiritual agenda which they don't time left for them but to implement it now.


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   Re: Irrational Hatred Of Trump, Hating Trump Without A Cause by: GbenijieOdion(m) .:. Mon, 11 Jan, 2021 - 10:13:42:pm GMT

Mr Trump is not irrationally hated but because he is a successful well known liar, self contradictory comments and fake artistry. He lies with great ease and he is dividing America along racial lines. Everyone knows the orange coloured blobby is unhinged and ready to destroy the rich-long american democratic apparatus and well structured modus operandi. Mr D. Trump is an extreme far-right person who sees Black African Americans and Latinos as not true americans thereby gives an archaic sense of belonging and ownership to the white supremacist groups regardless of the serious implications. If truly he is a President with sincerity of purpose, ought not to have shaked unnecessary tables such economic war with China, bullying Iran and as a matter of unnecessary war mongering aassassinated (Iranian) top military intelligence personnel. He opted out the world's climate treaty solely for selfish & extreme capitalist benefits without considering the consequences. Despite his arrogant misdemeanor, he never allowed his doggy wags &lified cricket noises dare malign Russia simply because of their role in his election success i.e President Putin is his boss!furthermore, he never accepted to take as a matter of emergency about the health fatalities and that have actually caused many americans lives to die helplessly. And the resultant effect of the pandemic amounted to much job loss - this is not fallacy but I have couple of friends who are there post and who keeps me posted. Hence, Mr Trump is not rational, selfless leader and such attitude can not work in this day & age. Need I have to point out many but few. Trump is not helping Americans at all but only best at buying America more vicious enemies. Thank you.

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   Re: Irrational Hatred Of Trump, Hating Trump Without A Cause by: GbenijieOdion(m) .:. Thu, 14 Jan, 2021 - 01:53:18:am GMT

@ogiejoe: There is nothing pertaining to spirituality in American democracy. Trump is not the first president and will never be the last in American history.

As a matter of fact, he is playing his gimmicks and gaming on the fact of religiosity to buy support and sympathy, Trump is neither religious nor spiritual person but leverages on such sentiment solely for selfish creed and interest.


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   Re: Irrational Hatred Of Trump, Hating Trump Without A Cause by: Ogiejoe(m) .:. Thu, 14 Jan, 2021 - 11:44:08:am GMT


If you think there is nothing spiritual about America Democracy then tell me what the Freemansory, the Knight-templars and others that the elite in America joined are for. Let me tell you, everything going on in America is a spiritual thing even though they will not open up to it. America still has the highest cults and worships than every other part of the world. they hide under the Democracy thing


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   Re: Irrational Hatred Of Trump, Hating Trump Without A Cause by: Fashnet(m) .:. Thu, 14 Jan, 2021 - 04:08:16:pm GMT

I think this irrational hatred of Donald Trump is not ordinary. Lots of people follow the crowd just because of what they here about him and because of who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump is a down to earth type of a person and he stands for what he believes.

Part of what I have discovered about the hatred for Donald Trump is because he stands to support Israel and he stands to settle the dispute between Israel and her counter country that have been having issues for years.

Though Donald Trump called Africa shit hole and all sort of names and this is really disturbing and annoying as Africans. Donald Trump has his history before he was voted as American president. They knew he is the type of a person that does not take shit and he is actually very tough.

The problem they are projecting is simply because Donald Trump did not succumb to the cabals that controls the economy of America and the world at large. They taught they would be able to initiate him but he rather did not give them a chance.

This is the reason they project him as a bad leader. Though we know he has strong will but he does not bend easily. Winning the president out of power is not common in America history as he made the voting free and fair but it was used against him.

Back to the calling of Africa shit hole and president Muhammadu Buhari a dead brain. This does not sound good but indirectly it is the truth because African leaders are not on their toes as they are all corrupt. Even president Mohammadu Buhari is just too old and inactive.

**Help the needy and love everyone**

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