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I'm sure many of us has either a fiance or fiance while some spouse. Some has the woman they promised to spend the rest of their life with. Some the guy they want to spend the rest of their life with. I want to give us a little advice. Don't love in words, love in action.

He does not have a job... It's not enough to say it's over.
She's not a graduate... It's not enough to say goodbye.
She is ugly... It's not enough to say goodbye.
She insulted you.... It's not enough to say goodbye.
He slapt's not enough to say goodbye.
She is stubborn.... It's not enough to say goodbye.
She can't cook... It's not enough to say goodbye.
He does not have a car.... It's not enough to say goodbye.
She talks too much.... It's not enough to say goodbye.
She has bad characters.... It's not enough to say it's over.
He doesn't go to church.... It's not enough to say goodbye.

Remember that nobody is perfect. No matter how beautiful or handsome one is, there will surely be something that makes that person not to be perfect. Try helping out in that way. Understand your partner. Understand her worst. Know the part she isn't good at. Why do you claim love if you can't bear your partner wrong. Know their weak point. We all can't be perfect. Some people are very ugly but rich. Some are very handsome but poor. Some people has very good character but they don't have limbs. Some don't have characters but are well created. Some people can so much care for you, they can even volunteer singing for you always, bathing you always, washing your clothes always, some don't even want to see you stress yourself, they are ready to do everything for you.. but they can't control their temper. Some can truly love you in every way, care for you, do a lot for you. And you will be like one in a paradise... But they don't have money. They might not eat but make sure you eat. Let's all know these that we are all humans. Don't because of one bad thing in a person you love, drive you away. Try to help out. Study your partner, understands him or her.

I know if your partner cannot cook. If you look ouout, she will find one better than her. But I tell, that one will still have a mark, a comma that will still not make her perfect. People don't marry their husbands or wife because they are perfect, no... They don't but because they already know their partner. The wife knows the husband is the type that talks rudely. The Bible says, that there is none perfect, none except God. We have all sin and come short of his Glory.

Love that person. They deserve to be loved. Stop storing their mistakes. Nobody is above mistake. Stop saying there are people out there better than your partner. Those people also have their wrong. Nobody is a wrong partner, and nobody is a right person. All it takes is understanding, love, patient and perseverance.


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Re: IT'S NEVER ENOUGH TO SAY GOOD BYE by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sat, 09 Mar, 2019 - 09:07:21:pm GMT

Well for me it doesn't really matters, anyone that I have not married yet if that partner feels because of something I am doing then went ahead to say goodbye for me I will accept it and move on, that's the reality of life you can't force someone to be in your life if they don't want to be in your life you don't need to loose any sleep over it, like you have rightly said nobody is perfect and I for one don't seek for perfection in my relationship because I myself am not perfect, so anybody that can't accept my mess and my faults is not really for me, if they choose to call it quick let them go, if the wrong people don't leave your life the right ones won't show up, that's why relationship shouldn't be based on love but commitment, that's the key to a healthy relationship, if your partner can be committed to you he will always see beyond your incapabilities!!! So young ones in be wise and don't kill yourselves for someone who doesn't value you or appreciate you, don't kill yourselves for someone who always see everything you do as wrong, free yourselves from the bondage of their relationship the right partner will definitely come

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Re: IT'S NEVER ENOUGH TO SAY GOOD BYE by: Velisa(f) .:. Mon, 11 Mar, 2019 - 08:42:38:am GMT

A relationship can only stand when true love exist in both partners. But when one is not ready to be in the relationship.. then the break up will surely come. Though you are right about this. But when you are doing all this and has a partner who don't show care, a partner who is not even serious the way you are. Then one day, a break up will surely come.

Though I will advice that in every relationship we are in. Be it married or not married, be it friends. Let's love each other truthfully. Let's be sincere with each other. Let's learn to bear each others. Relationship deals with love. And love overcometh all things. Love deals with sacrifice, bearing one another burden, pleasing others than yourself, seeing others as the main priority, help each others when needed, forgive one another, forget the past mistakes of one another, perseverance, e.t.c all this are things involve when you profess you love someone.

I can easily say I love you. Someone can easily tell you I love you. But do we really understand that word. At times you hear someone saying my husband loves me but can't stop cheating on me. Are you really sure he does? If he does. Then why is he cheating on you?

Understand what love means, and stop professing what you don't have.


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Re: IT'S NEVER ENOUGH TO SAY GOOD BYE by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 13 Jun, 2019 - 08:25:58:am GMT

Well, if you have tried all your best correcting the person, yet the person refuses to change. Please let him or her go or you leave them.

I was speaking with a friend of mine one-day, I wanted to know more about relationships problem and ways to solve, and also the reasons for break up. I also had in mind to write a book about love. So, I needed to know more and some challenges people face in relationship.

I asked the guy about his past relationship cause he isn't in any now.

He told me of how he loved his ex, even with the fact that people complained to him of how rude and mannerisms the girl was, but he didn't because of that break up with her. He still tried to correct her buy she didn't change. Instead she insult people the more. A lot of people advised him to break up with this girl. But he refused till she got pregnant for another man and left him.

There are some people, that when you try correcting them, they will never listen to you. Even if they are not acting bad to you, one day they will surely do something to you that will make you regret being with them.

Leave anyone who is stubborn and stone hearted. Else you will suffer heartbreak at the end.

Though I know nobody is perfect, but nevertheless there are people who are good.

**God's light**

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Re: IT'S NEVER ENOUGH TO SAY GOOD BYE by: Confidant(f) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 01:55:07:pm GMT

Don't give up on that marriage so soon.......and if that day comes when you have to decide whether to continue or leave, please don't rush it.

I understand that when a marriage appears to have lost its purpose, it can become a burden that weighs you down and depresses you daily. Now imagine a feeling worse than that.... surely you don't want that.

That is what happens when one takes a decision that was not properly thought out, especially on something as important as leaving a marriage.

It is true that many people will just ask you to continue pushing without caring about how you feel but again, you have got to think this through.

I know you are tired, nothing is working and everything is leading to fights but please, don't leave your home without at least seeking help with it.

Very few pains can rival what you feel when you leave a marriage before discovering that the solution was right there in front of you but you didn't seek help in finding it.

It is your home, it is a big deal, think about it.


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