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Culture » IS IT RIGHT FOR A GOVERNOR TO DETHRONE A KING? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 05 Jan, 2023 - 02:35:48:pm GMT
Kings from time immemorial have been chosen by customs and traditions as the ruler of community subjects.

They are seen as natural leaders ,which means that leadership flies from father to son.

Governors , especially in democratic don't dispensations are politically elected to rule over people.

In recent times in Nigeria, we have witnessed and heard of situations where Governors dethroned kings, for sometimes funny reasons or other flimsy excuses.

There was the case of one Deji Akure in Ondo State who was dethroned by the then Governor, Dr. Olufemi Mimiko because the traditional ruler fought with his wife ,the Queen, in public.

Another case was in Anambra State,where three traditional rulers had their Certificate of Recognition withdrawn because they visited President Muhammadu Buhari without the state government's approval .

Traditional rulers ship is an ancient long practice and I sort of find it weird to insult the throne in that manner.

Shouldn't it be the gods of the lands who should determine how the king should be reprimanded or dealt with?

Some believe that , Governors have the right to dethrone kings because it's the state that installs the kings or chiefs.

Others blame the kings as being the cause of such embarrassment because they delved into politics instead of minding their traditional stools and duties to their subjects.

Do you think it's in place for a Governor to dethrone a traditional ruler for whatever reason?

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