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Many times, you find people asking how to know when they or their partners are ready to get married. Is it when you hit puberty, when you clock 18 or 21, when you graduate from school, when you complete NYSC, when you get a job or when you become rich?

For marriage, you basically need mental maturity, financial means, partner or parental consent (depending on who you are) and the desire to do so.

This list may vary slightly when you apply the position and requirements of different religions and cultures but it basically is the same thing.

Using the above list tends to make us forget the use of one tool, self-questioning. There are questions that need to be asked and from experience, a person is not prepared to be married until they have been answered positively.

A man should ask

Am I ready to teach her new values she may resist, patiently?
Am I ready to give up my last resources to fund her desires?
Am I ready to run the risk that she will be different from what I currently see?
Am I ready to listen attentively even when I need to speak, knowing that only one person can talk at a time in a healthy conversation?
Am I ready to believe and trust her, over external sources?
Am I ready to learn from her?

A lady should ask

Am I ready to humbly accept his leadership of my new home?
Am I ready to learn from him?
Am I ready to listen and let him speak in a conversation?
Am I ready to trust him over external sources?
Am I ready to support him with my resources, if the need arises?
Am I ready to run the risk that he'd be different from what I currently see?

Until a person is able to answer "yes" to all the questions above, he or she is not prepared to be married regardless of how much money is being earned or how many degrees have been earned.


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Re: IMPORTANT QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF BEFORE MARRIAGE by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Wed, 01 May, 2019 - 11:07:28:am GMT

What to know before getting married ...

Marriage is not a child's play

mariage is a life time commitment.

So before talking about marriage.....

one must be financially, mentally, and physically stable.

First thing is hard work, for you to be financially stable you must work had try and be the best in whatever you do, be the best you can be.

You have to be able to make decisions for the benefits of each other.

Setting your priorities right no more unnecessary spending( save for marriage not for wedding) as a man taking your friends out and buying them drinks has to stop( some guys have drank bungalow in the name of give everybody whatever they want) and ladies buying hair of 150k has to stop.

Commitment know that once you get married it's you and ur spouse and less of family so if you are still a mummy's boy or mummy's girl you have no buisness talking about marriage.

Responsibilities are you ready for that?

Another thing needed is.....

Maturity, Maturity and more Maturity,... At least a regular income to cater for two people and if possible a side hustle if the man has a regular job.... For the women, you have to remove your rose colored glasses and face the fact that....
Daddy is now second person, the first one is now husband, patience because you are from two different backgrounds, so work towards a common ground, learn how to manage income and stroke your man's ego, ONLY WHEN Necessary and not CONDONE VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND, moreover be willing to work with your man to achieve a good level of success in the house....... Above all involve Almighty God

**Graced **

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There are certain questions you should ask yourself before getting married to that guy... Marriage is a lifetime thing.

Earlier on after church... I had a discussion with one of the pastor of the church. We had to fumble on marriage as a topic of our discussion.. I learnt a whole lot of truth from what the pastor said....If you want to marry a man, there are some things you should consider as a lady...which are...

*Fear of God.... Believe me or not, any man who doe snot have the fear of God will lead you astray... Watch his prayer his relationship with God... Watch his dealings with God. If his ways are not right with God. He will lead you astray.

*His Career... Any man you want to marry should have a career that won't be a burden to you. It shouldn't be a man that will won't accept or support your career. But a man ready to support you.

*His mindset... You should Marry a man that you have the same mindset with. It shouldn't be a man whose mindset won't go with that of yours. You need to plan together and do things in one mind.


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Re: IMPORTANT QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF BEFORE MARRIAGE by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Sun, 09 Jun, 2019 - 05:13:59:pm GMT

I concur to this...

Before you go into marriage, there are some certain questions and research you need to do.

Make sure you are marrying the person your heart chooses to marry.

Search your heart appropriately very well and see if the person you want to marry really worth you.

Then check the person very well.

Is he or she a short tempered someone?

Can you bear their anger?

Can you bear their silly way of talk and help them deal with that in love?

Are you to bear the partial insults from the mother in law?

Do you really want to go into marriage now?

Ask yourself very well.... Don't jump into marriage without preparation.

I know there are lot of your mates getting married, but remember you were not born the same way they were born, you have your own life to live. Even if you are born of the same mother and father, you are never still the same.

Take your time, but don't waste your time.

Think right... It shouldn't be that you are not marrying because you still want to enjoy the world, you still want to club and party.

It isn't bad if you want to party, but it is bad when you do that at the wrong time.

**God's light**

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Marriage is not for the feint hearted,we must understand that there is much more to marriage that the physical eyes cant see, hence you don't go around and marry anybody just because they said they love you, love is not the basis for marriage because everyone can offer you love as a lady but not everyone can offer you a foundation, marriage is all about building a home, establishing a family, it requires commitment and sacrifice that might not be easy to do naturally, may people have said marry who you love but i tell you it is far better to love who you marry to enjoy your marriage.

There comes a time in marriage where you go through challenges, you need to ask yourself this question am i ready to stick with this guy through the thick and thin, because even though we pray for absolute peace in our marriages, there will surely be a time where we might have differences, and how you handle it determines the beauty and success of your marriage, marriage is not about giving birth to kids but being able to cater for them, not just financially but also have the understanding that you need to spend quality time with them, so this will make you reevaluate when giving birth to be able to plan your family well.

Marriage needs understanding from both party, no one should always think he is right as the man you don't need to have the mentality that as the head you have the final say, you must be willing to give listening ear to your wife, because you are in the marriage together and if you know you wont give her listening ear or let her speak her mind or give her opinion, you shouldn't have married her in the first place, as a man don't make the mistake of making another woman your closest friend, your wife should be your best friend, if there is anyone you should confide anything in it should be your partner.

The success of every marriage is solving your problems within, don't take your problems outside for others to solve it for you, it shows a sign of irresponsibility and it also show a sign of immaturity, as partners you must know when you speak and when to listen, the woman shouldn't be too loud and the man shouldn't be too authoritative, she isn't your slave she is your wife, your confidant and your love, so you have to accord her some respect.

So for those who want to go into marriage, please be prepared before you venture into it, its a beautiful thing to get married but don't marry out of pear pressure, or because of family pressure or because you feel you are getting too old, it is never too late to get married, it is far better to marry late than marry wrong, and if you are looking at the right things when you see a potential wife you would know, a word is enough for the wise.


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Re: IMPORTANT QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF BEFORE MARRIAGE by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Mon, 10 Jun, 2019 - 02:38:34:pm GMT

Marriage is not for boys. Just like you write, finance is not enough, age is not enough, and many more. All must be combined to achieve a successful marriage.

If he is tall and handsome, what are his values and beliefs? If she is fair and beautiful, what does she value most in life over others?

Compatibility is still a very big key in marital decision. Individually, two of you may be your best, but not as a couple. This is the area many forget so easily.

While you're still single embrace personal development. This really helps one both to discern and to understand what exactly one wants.

**Obinna Oguji**

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