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I sat down inside the keke, thinking about what my kids were going to eat when they returned from school.

After their mum died, the sole responsibility of taking care of the kids was on me and it didn't bother me.

I was doing relatively well until I was sacked from my place of work because they needed to reduce the number of staff as they could no longer pay everyone.

I couldn't tell my kids the bad news, I mean, they have been used to a life of luxury and enjoyment and I didn't want to ruin it.

The money I saved, I invested it in a business that turned out to be a scam and it left me devastated.

I had to sell my car to pay for their fees and I told them that the car was bad and needed repairs.

I sat down in the keke with just #150 in my pocket, thinking of my next step until a woman carrying a sickly child on her back approached me.

I turned my face to another corner, hoping that the keke driver will just forget about filling the Keke and drive away with me and the young lady inside .

The woman came to me and began with the usual begging skills

"Oga help me, my pikin no well,we never Chop since morning "

If only this woman knows that I have eaten anything myself and that after paying this keke man, the only thing I will have in this pocket will be just #100.

She turned to the other lady and she immediately shouted at her.

"Common getout from here with this smelling child of yours. Una nonsense skills wey una de use beg money. Idiots!! "

She throws a spit at them and the woman walks away crying.

I felt a tingle in my stomach as she walked away, my spirit man just won't let me be.

I tried to take my eyes off her but I just couldn't.

I came down from the keke and gave her the #150 with me and she thanked me so much and cried again.

She went as far as praying for me, much to my delight.

Since I had no money to pay for the Keke anymore, I decided to trek home. I was about to start moving when the Keke driver called me and asked me to enter.

"Oga, I see u as u give dat woman money and I know say money no de ur pocket again, no worry, I go carry you for free"

I was shocked. I looked at the Keke driver again, he reeked of alcohol and wore a very distasteful look but underneath all that is a kind Man.

"Oga, this World na human beings de make am hard. U see dat woman wey u help so, she bin de work for post office one time. When she born dat her pikin, de find out say d pikin get one kain yeye sickness like dat. She don spend money tire, even the husband sef come die join for where e de mould blocks, d building fall ontop him body. Her work people come sack am say she too de late. Na our neighbor before oh, na landlord drive am comot say she no pay rent. Only say I never hustle today own, na me de give am food everyday"

The other lady inside the keke with me suddenly felt bad and started to cry, she instantly regretted all the words she said to the woman.

"I didn't know, I just thought she was one of those scammers" she said.

"Aunty, if person get money e no go beg, if u no wan help person no de abuse dem, nobody go beat u if u no give"

I almost passed my house listening to the Keke driver, such a nice guy.

I learnt something valuable from him and I felt so good that I gave the woman that money.

As I was about to enter my house, I got a call that Jude my son has been involved in an accident and has been rushed to the hospital.

Since I didn't have transport, I ran all the way to the hospital and I met my daughter crying.

"Where is my son?where is he? " I barked at the nurse.

The Doctor, a tall handsome young man came out.

"Mr Mike, your son is in good condition. He lost a lot of blood though but a good Samaritan woman helped donate hers"

As he was still talking, the Woman I gave #150 came out, crying and massaging her hands with cotton wool.

"She brought her child here for treatment but the child died. She was crying when your son was brought in a stretcher and had lost so much blood. We had run out of blood in the bank and so when I asked the nurse to call you, it's because we needed blood. She overheard our discourse and offered to help even when she is mourning her daughter who just died, I have never seen such kindness in my entire life, this just restored my faith in God again "

I held the woman close to me and hugged her tightly, I hugged her and wouldn't let go, both of us were crying as we were the only ones that understood the whole scenario.

The Doctor didn't collect a dime from us as he tagged what happened a "Miracle" and it would be unfair to take money from us, money I didn't even have.

My son was discharged two weeks later and the Woman is now living with me and the kids, atleast they need a mother na????.

I have been called back at my place of work, this time with an ever bigger paypacket.

Susan is the Angel God sent to me to change my situation and I almost lost that chance because of my predicament.

She has so far been excellent with the kids and everything in my life has turned around for good!!

#Help people when you can, there is a reason it's called help.

#If you can't help someone, then don't abuse them.

#Be sensitive in your spirit and listen to God always, only then will you get the peace that comes with obedience.

**God is good**

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Re: I BELIEVE WE'LL LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS by: Velisa(f) .:. Mon, 11 Mar, 2019 - 03:08:18:pm GMT

I almost got myself crying reading through this story. I got the lesson. It's good to help others no matter the condition you are. Show love even when you are facing the worst. And always listen to the spirit of God in you. That woman was a blessing to him and he was also a blessing to that woman.

You might give to someone today and not get anything in return, it is for the future. Givers never lack.

You really need to read this story. The story is touching but has a very good lesson you need to learn.

It' says.... If you can't help someone, don't abuse them. If you see your neighbor in a bad condition. If you can't help him/her don't abuse.


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Re: I BELIEVE WE'LL LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Mon, 11 Mar, 2019 - 04:52:55:pm GMT

Reasons why people don't help

1. Fear of getting into trouble... Fear is one thing that is very common among people why they don't help. In our community nowadays if you are not careful enough. You will get yourself into trouble by helping. And very well we all know several things are happening in this world. Some months ago... A pastor gave money to a begger, not long the pastor left where the begger was something happened. The pastor was drying up suddenly. He was becoming thinner suddenly. People gather around him. What's wrong? What's wrong? They started asking and yet he was getting thinner. It was not long it came to some that witness hegemony he was giving the begger money. They began searching glory the begger. They held him and after several beating he confessed he was the one behind it. If not for people around the Pastor would have died. Imagine this type of thing. This is some of the reasons why people don't give.

2. Another thing is greed.... Some people don't give because they feel they don't have enough. You don't have to have enough before you give. Give out of the little you have. But many don't know this. They feel they have to eat and be full before they have to give others. That's greed. That's been stingy. Another part of greed us some says, they work to make their money. So, let those begging go and work too.


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Re: I BELIEVE WE'LL LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 11 Mar, 2019 - 05:31:57:pm GMT

Wow what a lovely story, see what we have to understand in this life is the ability for us to recognize that what goes around definitely comes around, secondly we need to be good always, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in we need to be good and act matured in a good way, you never can tell who is watching you, and if nobody is watching you God is watching you, a little act of kindness, can make a whole difference in your life and family, kindness is the ability to put others before yourself, to show love and care to the less privileged, it's an act of favor, and the rewards from kindness can't be overemphasized, now look at this lady if she hadn't showed kindness to that woman begging her son might have died, never underestimate anybody even though you're on top, you might need their help someday and how you act today to them determines the help you might need from other people!!!

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