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Any man that know the value of a woman will treat her well. You might wonder why i like supporting the female folk too much. Women are a weaker vessel. They are as fragile as the egg, don't look at their shakara, or their egos, or their pride, always know this truth they are and can never be as strong as a man. Treat your woman like eggs, because when once it breaks, it can never be useful to you again.

What you put in is what you will get in return, so put in your best to make your relationship what you desire. Value that woman in your life, value her because she can build you up, and can also demolish you. If you are lucky to find a real woman in your life, my dear don't try hurting her, don't take advantage of her, don't be the reason she cries everyday.

Every genuine tears of a woman can destroy your life and every smile of a woman can build you to that great man God will be proud of. When you cherish that good woman in your life, you will forever find satisfaction. When people admires your wife, all glory goes to you her husband. Take care of your woman well.

Before your wife goes to bed, make her forget about the hustling of the day, build in her the hope of tomorrow's happiness by making her happy before she retires for bed. when she wakes up, ask her how her sleep was, and not only asking your friends. Bro, ask her, 'honey, how was ur night?' Know if she had a nightmare or sweet dreams. Be sure she is happy before you go out to work. call her from time to time during the day to know how she is doing.

**Graced **

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Valuing your relationship is like putting a coin each day in a safe and that consistent act will bring you thousands at the a particular time. A valued relationship increases the life span of such relationship while a relationship that isn't valued has a very great tendency if falling apart.

To value your partner in a relationship makes the person feel highly desired and gives an aura that can not be priced. For example, the simple act of surprising your partner with gifts or sweet messages during the course of their daily activities, or simply putting a call through at the close of the days job to get updated about how your partner day went would create an air of love that'd glue itself to your partners heart for a very long time.

To value your partner consistently will help in enhancing your relationship.

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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