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Honesty is the act or virtue of being honest at all times, no matter the place,time nor condition. Honesty is on of the best virtue man can ever posses.

Attributes of honesty:
2. Accountability
3. Courage
4. Fair play
5. Honour

1. Truthfulness: a man of honesty will always say the truth no matter the circumstance.
2. Accountability: a man of honesty is always accountable to all his actions and reactions
3. Courage: a man of honeaho will always be courageous and does not fear to say the truth even in condition of threat
4. Fair play: a man of honesty will always judge fairly in any matter
5. Honour: a man of honesty will always say the truth to defend his honour and will prevent stain upon his honour

Merits of honesty
1. Trustworthiness
2. Peace of mind
3. Love of the people
4. Respect of people

Demerits of dishonesty
1. A person with a dishonesty character will loose trust of people
2. A person with dishonesty will never have peace of mind
3. People mostly hate people who they found dishonest and doesn't want to relate with them
4. People with dishonesty loose respect of people around them.


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   Re: Honesty by: Davzee(m) .:. Sat, 05 Dec, 2020 - 08:23:51:am GMT

Honesty is act of being true to yourself and everyone around you, when one is honest he or she can achieve a lot. People will trust you because you are honest.

People like honest people so be honest.

Thank you.

**No doubt**

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   Re: Honesty by: Francis(m) .:. Sat, 05 Dec, 2020 - 11:37:20:am GMT

There is this story of a guy who have been seeking for job for a long time, fortunately for him, he met a C.E.O of a company who he rendered a little help to when his car breaked down on the road. The man discovered that he is a little bit education, so he ask for his qualifications, he said he doesn't attend secondary school, but the man decided to help him irrespective of his level.
So, he was called for interview, meanwhile they were so many people that came for the interview.
He was a man that was obviously qualified for the job(gate keeper), but because of the influence the other guy has, he was given the job.
At the compound of the company, some of the interviewee saw an envelope full of dollars. He was shocked and immediately he called the attention of some staff, they were so marvelled by what he did and they ask for his details assuring him of the job.
So they decided to play a trick on the other interviewee to test their honesty.
Then, the guy that was given the job came out of the company, he sighted the money and immediately he changed his walking posture. He looked here and there to be sure that no one is watching, so he picked the money. The staffs who was hiding came out and met him with the money.
He was disgraced and sent out of the company. Dishonesty and greediness has made him to loose his job.
Well, it might not be physical, and that is the most reason why we need to pray against that spirit.
Honesty has a great reward and places you higher than you expected.


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   Re: Honesty by: Abiodun(m) .:. Sat, 05 Dec, 2020 - 12:50:43:pm GMT

honesty. they spoke with convincing honesty about their fears. synonymous moral correctness. uprightness. honourableness. honour. integrity. morals. morality. ethics. principle. principles nobility righteousness.rectitude.rightmindedness .upstandingness. virtue. goodness. probity. worthiness. highmindedness. justness. fairness. incorruptibility. truthfulness. truth. veracity. trustworthiness. reliability. conscientiousness

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   Re: Honesty by: Chiboy(m) .:. Sat, 05 Dec, 2020 - 01:00:34:pm GMT

Honesty is a virtue all man should possess, but may lack honesty in them. A honest person is a truthful person. When a person is honest he his bound to say the truth at all time, regardless of the outcome. It takes honesty to form a person to be truthful.

A honest person is a trustworthy person. When a person is honest, people around him/ her will trust the person because he is know to be honest. If such person should have issue with someone they will definitely come out to speak on his or her behalf because they know him or her to be a honest person.
A honest person is respected In the society, people love him or her because of the way of life of the person. You are been hold to high esteem because the see the honesty on you. They respect you without you call it.
It is very important we be honest in anything we do, In our business, in our place of work, in the society and even in your family.


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   Re: Honesty by: KestyBrown(m) .:. Sun, 06 Dec, 2020 - 05:22:17:pm GMT

Honesty, as most of us already know is an act of being truthful and trust worthy at all times. A man that is honest, gives himself a medal of honor that many wouldn't forget him.

I remember a story of a young man, who was sent for an interview in a particular city. He was instructed by the Boss of the company to go and get some amount of money from a company the Boss's company is in partnership with. When the young man got to the other company, the boss of the other company told him that he can take some amount of money from the money he is about to issued,saying it is normal, everybody does it, your boss wouldn't find out. The young man had lots of thoughts, he was in debt with some people, he is broke as at that time, but he had good virtue and is a man of moral integrity. He didn't reply the boss that gave him the money, but rather said "thank you" and left the occasion. As at the time he went back to his own company, he gave the money to his own boss. The boss smiled, and told him he is grateful, that it is a huge amount of money that was given to him, he said the exact amount of money to the young man. Although, the Boss told him to go back to do his normal routine. The following day, the Boss called on him, told him he is proud of him, and has made the company's ego a good one. He said the other boss of the other company told him everything, of how he wanted to lure the young man to take some amount of money that nobody will know, but rather the young man replied saying just "thank you". The other boss from the other company called his own boss and asked to verify if the young man took some amount of money from the large amount of money issued to him, the boss said "No, he has counted it, and it is the exact same that is there". The boss then appreciated the young man, bought a new house for him, catered for all his demands and gave him 30% of the money that he sent him to collect.
The moral of the story is that we should be truthful at all times and be of integrity, no matter the situation. At the sole end, there are fruitful rewards that awaits patient and truthful people.

**The pursuit of Excellence is gratifying and healthy **

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   Re: Honesty by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Wed, 13 Jan, 2021 - 09:34:17:pm GMT

There is a close relationship between honesty, truthfulness and fair play. When one is truthful he doesn't lie, he tell the truth at all time. And he will be fair to other in all is doing. An individual who is honest would not tell lies to obtain anything or to get anything or to even get out of trouble.

He would always tell the truth. At the same time an individual who believes in treating others fairly will always tell the truth. Honesty is required from every person that is every member of the society . Honesty is still required in business and in public life. Honesty assists in producing a strong and happier society. Honesty assists people in doing the right things and oppose wrong things.

Honesty makes society more productive. Honesty produces peace and harmony in the society. Honesty is the best policy. Honesty makes one to have good name and peace of mind. Honesty is a very value or attribute to have as an individual in a society, it is a strong moral principle to live by.

**Victory **

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