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Crimes » He was Raped and Abused... Then Death Came Calling.. by: Ninoevans(m) .:. Tue, 17 Aug, 2021 - 12:51:50:am GMT
He was Raped and Abused .. Then Death Came Calling...

Life they say is filled with ups and downs but having this knowledge cannot cure the pain that comes with heartbreak 💔 and betrayals from those we love the most.

The story of Jeff, a handsome young man raised from a home filled with domestic violence is worth telling. Jeff at a tender age watched his mom grief endlessly as his father took pleasure in running around with other women and beating her up at every given chance.

Even though he was young and could not figure out life, he knew the type of husband he did not want to become... his father. True to his words, he grew up to become a well mannered, disciplined and faithful husband to his wife but little did he know that life has its twist and turns. As the story unfolds, his wife's younger sister, Katherine, in admiration of his qualities fell helplessly in love with him but was vexed when all her advances and plans to lure him to bed hit the rock. Ashamed of herself, she decided to get back at him. Just as Potiphers wife has taught many ladies, she devised a perfect plan and accused Jeff of rape..

Jeff's wife was on rage and handed her husband over to the police for prosecution. All pleas to hear him out fell on deaf ears. Alas... Jeff was prosecuted and sentenced to 14years imprisonment. As if the thought of wasting 14years in jail was not enough, he was raped by some of the inmates and the trauma made him take his life.

The news of his death sank deep in the heart of Katherine and she confessed her wrong to her sister.. Jeff's wife. It was too late to hear him out and the fact remains that Jeff's wife killed him because of her refusal to listen to him.

Judging too quick without listening to the other party may later become too costly that the anger you once felt will disappear within seconds.

Should Jeff's wife hand her sister over to the police?

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