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A little girl got home on a sunday and told her mom what she learnt at sunday shool. Girl: today we learnt about a man called Enoch. Mom: what about him? Girl: he always go on a walk with God every morning. Mom: really? Girl: yes, one day he went on a very long walk with God. Mom: so what happened? Girl: God told him "Enoch, you ve gone too far away from home and I want you to stay with Me". Mom: wao! Girl: he stayed with God and never went back home.

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Re: He never went back home by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 11 Jun, 2019 - 11:00:08:am GMT

The Bible says, Enoch was a man that walk before God.

It means he was a devoted man to God. A man that served God.

He was a man that kept the commandments of God.

And so, the Bible says, And God took him.

He took him because he knows the world is full of sin, one day he might be initiated to sin. So, God took him away before the devil come to destroy his life.

Any one who walks with God and obey his commandments, God is always there for the person. He does everything to make the wrist happy. He guides the person so, the evil hands will not touch such person.


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Re: He never went back home by: Velisa(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 04:16:51:pm GMT

@Gooddypye: There is something I am yet to understand very well in this story of Enoch.

The Bible said, and God too him.

Where I am not clear is that, did he went to heaven like Elijah who never died or he died just to return to God?

It's at times confusing to me.

So, it's better I asked now, cause all I can say about him, is God took him.

As for Elijah, we know very well, that a chariot took him to heaven. Did Enoch too went the same way?


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