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Politics » HOW WOULD YOU RATE BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Sat, 18 Feb, 2023 - 08:53:36:am GMT
Nigeria, before now has gone through so many administrations , both military and civilian.

They have been characterized by one thing or the other.

Much was expected from 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari came into power.

A lot has taken place during the period of his administration. No one would deny that.

Ironically, a lot of people benefitted from his administration. Things were really good for them and they seemed to have the best of their lives , no doubt about it.

Some made the kind of money they never expected to make, built their houses, completed projects that had been abandoned , made business a d leisure trips they had always planned for, even when others were experiencing tough times.

On the other side of the coin, a whole lot of people cried foul. Things took a downside turn for them. They recorded major losses.

The insecurity and economic crunch made life very difficult for them.

It is believed that a good economy tells how good a President is and it rubs off on the citizenry.

On whatever side of the coin you find yourself, there's something to comment on.

It could be based on your personal experience or on that of others around you .

Judging by all that transpired in Buhari's Government , how would you rate it, were promises kept, were hopes dashed ?

**I love being me.**

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Re: HOW WOULD YOU RATE BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT? by: SamuelKingsley93(m) .:. Mon, 20 Feb, 2023 - 09:01:28:pm GMT

0/10 my reasons are not based on hard how things are, but instead because he never kept to his word. He promised many things and the one he actually achieve was the ''change'' he promised us. "APC" "change" was the anthem back then in 2015 and every one was like expecting positive changes but instead we
received shege shared to everyone on a Plata of gold.
Buhari failed in many things. The security he promised us, the electricity, the jobs, to name a few. But I don't anything with him since he is already going but my problem is that man, TInubu that says he want to continue from where Buhari started, scares the hell out of me.
**Samuel Kingsley**

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Re: HOW WOULD YOU RATE BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT? by: RobertGrant(m) .:. Fri, 24 Feb, 2023 - 10:26:28:pm GMT

If am to rate him I will rate him with a star not more than that, reasons best known to me, I don't want to say some certain things that will later get out of control because I don't don't no who is who and were this article will get to , so I rest my case

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Re: HOW WOULD YOU RATE BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT? by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Wed, 01 Mar, 2023 - 10:09:24:pm GMT

To be sincere, giving a review of the Buhari regime will be a difficult thing to do and I know it is not only me who has such motives about him because it is evidence of what his regime has brought upon us as individuals and as a nation.

In my best opinion, his regime is not too favorable for us the citizens of Nigeria and to be sincere every family had a taste of Buhari in their household because suffering is inevitable even though there are grades to the suffering yet everyone had their share.

Well! I will implore us not to stop praying for our nation Nigeria and also we should always include our leaders so as t do effective and outstanding work for the nation.

**Always put God first **

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Re: HOW WOULD YOU RATE BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT? by: A_bFonte(m) .:. Thu, 02 Mar, 2023 - 09:41:51:am GMT

In as much as I would like us to be candid with ourselves that we are basing this judgment of what we can see.

I ask so many people if they have taken their time to go check what has been his achievement which I believe people claim to know a lot whereas they have no idea of it. This means that it is possible that you are there and you don't have any idea of what is going on.

We compare this government a lot with the Goodluck Jonathan PDP administration. The way things were then during those days especially with the Oil boom that was experienced by most oil producing countries put these countries ahead of others. This alone affected his deliverables not to say as if he didn't perform at any rate at all.


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Re: HOW WOULD YOU RATE BUHARI'S GOVERNMENT? by: Olatoke(m) .:. Mon, 03 Apr, 2023 - 06:50:35:am GMT

Buhari government is a fair government.

At least I can give Buhari 30 over 100,
His government is not really impressive to the country.
**Olatoke **

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