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You cannot both be angry at the same time.

You cannot loose your minds at the same time.

You cannot both be hot at the same time. One will have to be cold for the others advantage.

Not like you cannot both get angry over a situation at the same time, you can, but in the middle of that anger, one will help the other keep their mind. One will be angry enough to keep his or her head, not for herself, but because she knows that her man needs it in that situation. This is what I mean.

If you are dating someone who joins in your fight and encourage your malice, that is not the power of 'two becoming one' that God is talking about. The power that expresses itself when the enemy needs you to. No, in fact, you are both WRONG for each other.

The power of two is the power that expresses itself when God needs you to. That is how you know If the two of you are coming together to become the right ONE.

I have seen where one partner inherits the enemies of the other. I have seen where one starts keeping malice with the people their partner have issues with. I have seen where one partner joins the other to fight people. To them this is a power of two, they are perfect together because everyone fears them. No one can talk to either of them because the other one will jump at you. This is their own understanding of a War couple, or should i say Trouble couple. People see them and run away. They have No good friends because they have fought with them all. No, this the power of two RIGHT people who are WRONG for eachother.

You cannot both be hot. You cannot both be the villains. You cannot both have uncontrollable temper. You cannot both have issues with forgiveness. Not only will your marriage be a battle zone, but the battle will be extended into all other areas of your life.

Listen to me now while you are yet unmarried If you have a partner who is supporting you to keep malice with People. If you have a partner who breaks the bottles and give them to you when you are fighting people. If you have a partner God cannot call when your phone number is not reachable in moments of anger. Then you might just be getting ready to marry the wrong person.

Be with someone who has a part of your weakness. Someone who has the power to cage your negative energy. Someone you will listen to in those moments when your ears don't seem to be working.

You know how you know? Those times when you suddenly see yourself exercising a certain level of self control in a situation where you would normally take the roof off without listening to anyone.

You know how you are sure? Those times when it feels like a bucket of ice water has Been poured into your soul when your partner says "Its okay babe" in the heat of a temper.

You know how you believe Its true? When you can actually bring yourself to listen. When your partner's voice and touch becomes stronger than any hurtful deeds that has been done to you.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE WITH THE RIGHT PERSON by: Velisa(f) .:. Thu, 06 Jun, 2019 - 08:50:09:am GMT

I have a doubt to this... Not really like that, i will rather say i accept this partially and not fully.

There are some people who naturally dislikes quarrel, like if the words are becoming strong and hurtful, they will just tell their partner is enough calmly.

They will plead even if they were not at fault.

I'm sure you must have seen people like this.

They hate making noise and screaming at each other. They feel they are more than that and are ready to just end the matter.

And this same people will still be cheating on you. They might not even love you the way you think they do.

So, you should be able to differentiate between peoples habits or attitudes towards something and prove of love.

They act that way does not mean they love you. They just hate it when you quarrel on their head.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE WITH THE RIGHT PERSON by: Piwizo(m) .:. Fri, 07 Jun, 2019 - 06:37:36:am GMT

On a personal note i don't believe that, there is a wrong person, that someone isn't right for you doesn't make him or her wrong, its just like food, if i don't like eating a particular food and maybe my brother loves the food doesn't make the food bad. So firstly, we have to kill that notion of this person is not wrong for me, this person is bad for me, or some people even go as far as saying the guy that girl is dating is a wrong guy, i don't even know what she sees in him, that is very wrong, its not good to criticize peoples relationship because you feel its not the right relationship.

One of the fundamental thing that makes a relationship successful is compatibility, for you to enjoy your relationship you have got to be with someone that is suitable to you and that you are also suitable with, because you will spend most times together and it doesn't really makes sense being with someone that you always complain about or nag about, yes we agree that some relationship might have some discord but not to the detriment of the relationship, because a relationship is supposed to be enjoyed not endured.

The other thing you have to check in knowing the right person is knowing his or her vision, and aspirations, if it tallies with yours, look at their potentials what they love spending the majority of their time with, if it is something that you subscribe to as a lady because if that kind of man marries you that is what he will be doing when he is with you. So knowing the right person is not just about love because everybody could offer love but not everybody can be the right person, don't look at physical stature, or material things in deciding who is the right person for you.

Relationship goes way beyond that, you also have to check your connection, are you connected with the person, not necessarily liking what he likes but having this connection, it is one thing to be with someone you can live with, its a deeper thing to be with someone you cant live without. The way to discover or discern the right person for you, is by being the right person yourself, is by working in your God given potentials, don't be idle, when you are idle doing nothing then idle people will come your way but when you are busy living your dreams when idle people come who don't have something to offer you will know.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE WITH THE RIGHT PERSON by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 13 Jun, 2019 - 07:38:27:am GMT

Why do people believe there must actually be someone that is right for them, while the others are wrong?

The question I usually ask myself until I learnt to understand the truth and answer to this question.

I found out that, truly, there is a right man or right woman that matches your craziness for you.

Many will want to stand against this, but it's the truth.

What is good for you might not be good for another person.

You love people who are calm does not mean others will love a calm person too. Some people love someone who is jovial and full of fun.

Our choices varies according to our personalities.

We all cannot be wanting the same thing.

The right man for you might be the wrong man for another.

But there is always a right man for you.

So, take your time and get that right person that fits your career and desire.

But I will say this...

If you are not committed and faithful in a relationship, you might miss your right person. Cause break up may come up if you don't commit to your relationship.

So, if you are looking for someone that will love and care for you, you should also have the same qualities to balance the relationship so, break up will not come up.

**God's light**

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Re: HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE WITH THE RIGHT PERSON by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 09 Jul, 2019 - 12:31:12:pm GMT

@piwizo:Listen guy... There is a right person and there is a wrong person. And the real reason why God wants you to marry the RIGHT PERSON above everything else is because He wants to protect His PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE...

You see, just as you have a purpose for life, God also has His own purpose for your life.

What you have been born to fulfill on this earth is just one of the reasons why He needs you here. Trying to break this down into bits. It's just like a pizza box, your purpose in life is just a piece, connected to other pieces in the pack.

You were born to take dominion, rule over all that God has created, multiply the kingdom and reconcile men back to God this is your own ultimate purpose in life.

But God has given you those parents for a reason. He planted you in that particular family and made sure you are raised in that particular way for a reason. He planned for you to go to school in that community for a reason. He knew it was going to take you longer to finish high school because of your many failures or successes and He allowed it for a reason. He has planned for you to jump between jobs, meet those different people, feel the pain of bad relationships and swim through different life experiences for a reason... all these reasons put together is His own purpose for your life, planned out this way so that you can fulfil your own ultimate purpose. You are such an important piece of the pizza box dear friend.

So the next time you even think about settling for a wrong person, or consider enduring a wrong marriage for fear of not finding someone better or whatever reason at all, I want you to remember this first before taking that decision

"God did not go through all these planning to bring you this far for you to mess it all up by marrying someone who will hinder you from fulfilling your ultimate purpose."

The end point of God's purpose for your life is you. The end point of all these reasons put together is you. Please do not mess it up by marrying wrong, please do not mess it up by marrying from the same people God wants you to reconcile.

Marry the right person for you. Don't say... You fighting always is normal. He or she could be a wrong partner to you. There are wrong partners. Have a ritualistic as CA partner is a wrong partner. Don't destroy God's purpose for your life.


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