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How it's made:Sugar
Firstly, machines harvest the sugar canes by cutting it at the base
The sugar canes are fed into a transport bin

At the mill, trucks empty their sugar cane loads into a receiving table
The sugar canes must be as neat as possible for extracting the juice
The sugar canes are then washed by a machine

The sugar canes hard structure must be broken down by a machine
So, a machine breaks the sugar canes into small pieces

A conveyor belt loads the crushed sugar canes into a milling tank designed to extract the juice from the crushed sugar cane
In the milling tank, the sugar cane passes through a turns of 5 consecutive mills .
Each mill crushes the sugar canes fibres
A worker supervises the operation at each of the mills
A big tank collect the juice that flows from the top and bottom of the mills

Now that the juice is extracted from the sugar cane, it's time to process it!
However, before it is turned into sugar crystals, a sample goes through series of test at the sugar mill laboratory.
They add the thickener,that binds impurities in the juice and then filter it to make it clear and clean.

Then it is poured into a polarimeter, a machine that measures the concentration of sugar
The juice from the mills now falls through a 10m tower. A sulphur dioxide
vapor rise through it, this process known as sulphurtation bleaches the juice.

Then, it flows through a device that measures it pH level.
At a separate factory, workers add powered lime to water, preparing a solution to add to the juice.

An ajitator machine mix the juice and lime for 6 hours to complete a process known as agitation.
Thereby reducing the juice pH level.A sample is taken to a clarifying tank.
It takes over two hours for the juice to settle ,the neat juice floats to the top of the tank🗣️

The juice now collected from the clarifying tanks now boils in a series in a tank called the evaporator tank
These tanks produces a serum that still needs to undergo more processing.
Workers then pour sucrose crystals into these serum.The serum now goes into a centrifugal machine that separates the sugar crystals from the serum.

Your sugar is now ready!

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Ever wonder how the sweet yummy honey we eat is made?
It is made by one of the intelligent and hardworking creatures, it is made by the bees.

Bees have a sophisticated kind of society.

Honey is used for a lot of purposes, it can be eaten, it can be used to heal wounds, it has medicinal uses, there was one time I was coughing so badly, my sister told me to go take some honey
At first I was like, I've been coughing for days, what will this honey do for me sef?
So, I later decided to go take it.
After taking this honey, I felt so relieved.

It all begins in a field where the honey is sucked from the nectars of flowers by honey bees workers. Examples of flowers where they suck nectar from is clover.

The bee workers store this nectar in their bee sacks and take it to the bee hive where other bee workers suck it out and chew it.

By doing this,they break down the nectars complex sugar into two simple sugars, that is: glucose and fructose.

The bees put the honey wax into the cells of the honey comb which they built.

The bee keepers come to take the honey combs for extraction of honey.
Bees will sting if they are unwanted visitors.
When the bee keepers come to the bee hive,they spray the bee hive with a smoke.

A hive can house thousands of hundreds of bees, the hive looks like a wooden frame like structure. The honey combs are inside the bee hive.

They take the honey combs to the honey factory to remove the honey.
An uncapping machine extracts the honey.
Another machine fills in the honey into containers.

Your fresh honey is ready! enjoy!
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How it's made: TEQUILA
Tequila origin can be backed to many centuries ago.
It's origin is from Mexico, where it's is fermented from the juice of the agave plant to produce "poucce".A low alcohol drink.
The Spanish added more alcohol content and tequila was made.

France has champagne, Mexico has tequila.

Tequila is only ! are in Mexico, and Mexico has claimed the right to tequila.
Workers in Mexico have harvested the tequila plant. It takes seven years for a species of agave to mature.

Agave is harvested using a hoe like sharp tool
The workers cut off the green leaves until all that is left is a white part of the agave plant.

The white part called the penna are sent to the distillery.

Workers cut the huge pennas into quarters and load them in a oven to be baked.They are baked for 79 hours.
The starch of the agave penna are converted to sugar. The agave penna softens and the color changes from white to reddish brown.

The baked agave pinna now goes into a shredder. The fruits are torn into long thin fibres. A conveyor belt takes this fibres away to a place of deposit, where a worker evenly spread the agave fibres with a garden fork.
Another machine wheel crushes the fibers, and this brings out the agave juice.It takes two hours.
The juice are packed into wooden tanks, and yeast is added.
The yeast causes fermentation.Fermentation is the process of converting sugar to alcohol.

After 72 hours of fermenting, the alcohol content is reduced by 5 percent and the aroma fills the air.

The meshed liquid is transferred to small copper steels.The alcohol nos boiled up and the vapor is condensed to a more potent liquid.

This process is termed distillation. After two distillation, tequila is made.
The tequila is then transferred into bottles ready to be sold.
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Tissues are soft papers used for wiping off dirt. With a tissue you've got no issue.
The origin of tissue may be from the Japanese. Historical account of the seventeen century recorded the Japanese blowing their nose in soft small papers and disposing them on the ground.

Now, in early 1920 modern day tissues were first marketed. It was made as a disposable cloth for wiping of dirt.

Well, some people still actually prefer the traditional clothes wipes for wiping off dirt. Modern day tissues looks more easier to use and it comes with a lot of length.

Tissues are made from recycled waste paper. Papers with soft flexible fibres are best used.

The papers now to into a big machine and it's broken down into fibres then mixed with water. The result is called pulp.

Then,it pumps the pulp with air causing the detachment of the fibre.
The machine takes in the free pulp through different rollers. Each of them being different in size. The rollers squeeze out the dirty water from the pulp.The pulp is then broken up and moved to the next processing station.

I'm the next processing station,the pulp is rinsed with clean water. Now the pulp is ready to become clean tissue.

The transformation from a pulp to a tissue begins in a paper machine,where the pulp is passed across a screen conveyor belt.Then,the pulp passes through rollers that press out the water. Then, the extracted water drains down through the screen. Then the pulp then passes through a hot air dryer and exit the machine as a 10feet wide full paper.

The converting machine is a giant machine that turns these papers into tissues.
The tissues are then packaged ready to be sold!
Happy wiping!
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HOW ITS MADE: Peanut butter
In 1890 Peanut butter was invented. As we all know it it's a delicious ingredient for garnishing. It was first made by an American doctor.
He used it as a protein substitute for people who had bad teeth who could not chew meat. They had to take peanut butter instead.That's cool!

Roller peanuts are the best peanuts for making peanut butter because they look more uniform and roast more evenly that other peanuts that have different varieties in them.

They arrive at the peanut butter factory already shelled.To make 500 grams of peanut butter,you'll need 565 grams of peanuts.let's say about 1500 nuts is needed.

The groundnuts passes through a hot air roaster.In this hot air roaster,the temperature is heated to 204°C . Inside the hot air roaster,there's a shaking motion that moves the peanuts around so that they roast evenly.

When the peanuts come out,they turn from white to light brown.
After that, they're cooled at room temperature using a fan that circulates air at room temperature.This cooling process helps the peanuts not to lose oil.

Next,the peanuts go through a machine called a Blancher. This Blancher machine removes the outer skin of the peanuts by rubbing them through rubber belts.
Then, the heart of the peanuts is also removed,but the skin waste goes to the famers for pig food and the heart for bird food.
The peanuts land in a big stainless steel container.inside this container,sucked up and dropped down into a grinder to be grinded into paste.

From there,the other ingredients are added,that is:salt,sugar and a small amount of hydrogenated vegetable oil. Hydrogenated oil acts as a stabilizer.It keeps the peanut oil from separating and floating to the top of the jar.

Peanut butter contain no artificial coloring or artificial sweetener.
It does not contain preservatives too. It doesn't need to be refrigerated.
The peanut butter is ready.It is filled into bottles ready to be sold.
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In many countries and part of the world, rice is a famous grain food. Rice is a dish that can be eaten with protein, stew, marshes as tuwo for tuwo shinkafa, eaten as jollof rice or fried rice. Rice have various ways of cooking depending on what you feel like eating.

We have different kinds of rice, we have the long grain rice, we have the short grain rice and finally, the brown rice.

In this article, let's see how rice is made. Let's go

Almost halno the world population eat rice. So, machines do the harvesting and processing.
Rice grows in watery areas. After growing for about 150 days , the rice grains we ready for harvest. Trucks transport the rice to storage facilities.

The workers empty the rice at a opening into the receiving pit.
A chain conveyor moves the rice from the pit to storage silos and into warehouses. Fans blow air to reduce the moisture content in the storage facilities.

Now that it's dried, it goes next to the processing plant. Some samples are taken to the lab to test the moisture content. A technician checks the moisture content to make sure it's on target. He also checks out for bugs by using a heat machine.

Once a bug is detected, the whole rice can't be produced and will be rejected.

After that if the rice passe through perforations and rolling cylinders, spinning out the rice straw which spins out.

The next machine sieves our the remaining straw bits and any weed seed. Empty rice husks are also sorted out using this machine.
Finally,mud bugs are removed.

Free of dirts,the rice is taken to a machine that has two rubber rollers spinning,and one faster than the other.It shears off the husks. Another machine removes the remaining husks.

Shaking machines shifters the remaining husks. A grinding machine then removes the remaining dirt from the rice.The rice now changes from brown to white.

So there is white rice and brown rice ready for sale!
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HOW ITS MADE: Toothpaste
Normally,after my prayers in the morning, the next thing I go after is my toothbrush. A bad breath makes me feel uncomfortable,and brushing my teeth gives me a fresh breath. It even boosts my confidence when speaking.

Brushing your teeth in the morning is important, because it removes the germs that have accumulated in the mouth overnight.

Now, how is this toothpaste that we use everyday made? what goes into those toothpaste tubes?
Let's discuss that!

Production of toothpaste starts in a factory,
A chemical ingredient weighing over 750 kilogram is brought in a sac.
This chemical ingredient contains aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate and zanfim gum. All these chemicals work together with one single goal.Its to prevent the teeth from decaying.

Precise quantities of this chemical are loaded into containers to start the primary production of toothpaste.

After the combination of these ingredients,they are moved on to be cooked.The mixture have to be heated in large aluminum pots to prevent any unwanted chemical reaction from occuring inside.
Modern toothpaste helps in keeping the teeth white, protection against teeth cavities and terminating bad breath.

After the heating of the mixture,each tank produces a withish dough substance.Each tank is also enough to fill 3000 tubes.

Now the color is added, research shows that buyers prefer toothpaste with colors.I even prefer toothpaste with colors.

I can't imagine myself brushing with a toothpaste that has no colors in it.And those colors also come with some more active ingredient, that'll make the teeth stronger, whiter and free from bad breath.

Toothpaste comes in different colors,the most popular one is probably the pepper mint color and flavor.

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Gold is one of the rarest resources found on the earth surface.
It is a precious metal that can be used for diverse purposes. When refined, gold is really expensive and rare.
We shall discuss how gold is extracted and made.
Gold is one of the most malleable and softest metal amongst other metals.It can be pressed really thin, crafted into shapes and drawn into wires, we then say it is ductile.
Gold is not affected by water or oxygen as many other metals may rust when exposed to moisture and oxygen.
Most gold comes from load deposits also called vane deposit. The concentration of gold and other metals In a crack of rocks.
The low deposits require hard rock mining- The process of removing gold deposits by drilling and blasting.
Miners go in more than half a kilometer under the ground for gold mining.
There they drill hole for explosives used in a long hole drill.
The mines engineer sets out a Patten for the drilling. So the miners drill in that pattern. The engineers know the exact location of the gold vanes.

The mining geologist study the ore samples. These samples are collected by drilling into the rocks .

Gold in it's natural state isn't pure, it is mixed with other metals like silver.
So, the mined ore have to be processed afterwards .
After blasting the rocks apart with explosives, a mock machine is used by miners to transfer the ore to cars going to the part of the main processing facility.

There, the rocks are reduced by a machine to the size of a gravel.
The factory then adds water and cyanide solution,it is then grinder by another mill into a mud like substance and then flows into large settling tanks .The solid part goes down to the bottom of the tank.

The wet solid is then transferred by workers to a agitation tank,and air is blow in.A chemical reaction occurs because of the oxygen and the gold dissolves.The water and the solid is then sperated by drum filters.

To now solidify the dissolved gold,zinc powder is added. In smelting the gold to bars a chemical compound called flux will separate the gold from the impurities.The gold is then heated at a temperature of 1600 °C and poured into a plate to form gold bars.
Your shiny gold is ready!
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@Jerrythegifte🙄 Thank you very much for the info...

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@ojc(E😀 Anytime bruh!
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HOW ITS MADE: Mayonnaise

We all use mayonnaise once in a while, some of us use it to do salad.
When I was little, I disliked mayonnaise. The origins of mayonnaise is dated back to a town in Spain where it was known as sah sah mayone.

Sandwiches are tastier with Mayonnaise, tuna are turned into tuna salads with mayonnaise and it's also turns eggs to egg salads. And it's the creamy addition to french fries.

The recepies of Mayonnaise varies,but they all have eggs and oil as their main ingredients.The eggs can be all white, yokes or the combination of the both.
The raw eggs arrive with a tanker truck at the factory, to be pasteurized to kill all bacteria and germs.
The egg supplier have also cleaned and locked the egg supply valve where the eggs come out from. It's an additional food safety precaution just to be safe.
Sanitary evacuation hose are clamped to the tank.The valve is then released with a few blows of a mallet.The eggs are drawn through a hose into a chilled receiving tank.
Soya oil,the second main ingredient arrives by railway tankers .
Like all food produced,for safety and precautions.The tank is sealed at the top.
The soya oil is transferred by a pumping system to a large holding tank.
Meanwhile the secret ingredients for the company's production are being mixed by a worker.
Next,the spice is mixed with a blend of white vinegar,cider vinegar and salt.Then, liquid natural flavor is added. They pour this secret ingredient mixture into a water at room temperature.It produces a substance called slurry. Meanwhile,the raw eggs are transferred into a large holding cold tank.
So now, there are three ready holding tanks.
1.A slurry tank
2. An egg tank
3. A soya oil tank
A combination of this three in the right proportion produces a Mayonnaise.
Later on, the Mayonnaise are poured into bottles and sealed by machines.
Ready to be sold out. Enjoy your Mayonnaise!
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HOW ITS MADE: Tomatoe ketchup

Tomato ketchup ingredients vary only slightly to Mayonnaise. It consumes a large amount of freshly grinded tomatoes.
Tomato ketchup can be eaten with rice,beans, it can be eaten also with fries and a whole lotta other foods go along with the tasty tomato ketchup.

Now let's discuss how tomato ketchup is produced.
Tomato ketchup is made of organic ingredients.
1. Tomato paste
2. Agave nectar
3. Natural sweetener
4. Onion powder
5. Spices
6. Salt and white vinegar

Not amazingly,the tomato paste is the main uses ingredient. It arrives in a big tank and sealed too.It is unsealed and a sample is scooped by the factory quality control technician for testing. This is to make sure, the thickness is just right. If the technician says ok? Workers slide a bin filled with tomato paste under a machine known as air driven pump.

The flip is switched and the pump begins moving the tomato paste to a large holding tank the pump transfers 140 kilograms of this tomato paste in less than a minute.

A specific amount of tomato paste is transferred from the holding tank in a cooking kettle.

As the tomato cooks, the machine revolves around by doing this so the paste won't stick to the tank and also to blend in the ingredients.

Firstly, the workers add other ingredients are added like the onion powder, these ingredients have been measured for the right mixture.

The next ingredient is the salt, followed by nectar from the agave plant,the last ingredient is white vinegar.

After all these ingredients have been added, they are left to mix and blend for some hours.Then, the ketchup is made.
The ketchup is later poured into bottles ready for sale.
Enjoy your ketchup!
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HOW ITS MADE: Wooden Matches

When it comes to our everyday life, Wooden Matches are what we use to light up fire mostly to carry out the cooking activity.

Now we shall discuss how Wooden Matches is made...
Over one million years ago, it's taught that fire was used by primitive men. Their method of starting a fire was a long and difficult process. They cut sticks and roll them together.

The Chinese made things easier I'm the fifth century when they invented the sulphur matches. Then later in the late mid 19th century, safety matches were invented.

To make a fire nowadays is easy, you just need to run a match stick across a striker strip and there you go, you've made a fire, you're in business. After the safety match was invented, it took another one thousand years for the modern match to be made.

Matches are cheap and easier to make nowadays. A liner board paper fills into a machine, the paper passes under a hot iron to take moisture content out, to reduce it to about 5%.

A box paper machine can make up to 55 thousand rolls per hour, through high speed di cutting, folding, glueing and forming. The inner boxes size determines the speed of the process and the density of the paper.
Fold in boxes are thrown out by the machine into a conveyor belt . At a rate of 1 thousand boxes per minute. The conveyor belt now drops the boxes into a bin.

The boxes are filed by an automatic machine into single rows and arranges them on conveyors in the filler machine. The outer box is made too.
Now,to make the tip of the matches.In an industrial mixer,gelatin capsules are poured over potassium chloride.The binder for the matches compound is gelatin .The gelatin is dissolved by the addition of hot water.
Silicon granules are then poured into the mix, they control the combustion reaction.

Now, the sticks are being inspected and they pass through a machine that fills their tips with this matches compound.They dry as they rotate through the machine. They are later taken through another machine that packs them specifically into a box.

The matches is then made.
Happy striking!
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HOW ITS MADE: Doughnuts

Everyone likes a taste of freshly baked doughnuts. Doughnuts are !are of flour and they are round mostly,they best eaten alongside a beverage.

We have different kinds of doughnuts, we have the one mixed with chocolate we have plain doughnuts,we have doughnuts mixed with sugar,and the likes...
Now,let's discuss how doughnut is made.

Because doughnuts used to be deep fried in pot fats, people called them oily cakes. When Dutch pilgrims brought them to America,they were balled shaped.So someone brought the idea that removing the dough at the center makes them cook far more evenly. Then the doughnut was born.
There are two main types of doughnuts in the world of doughnuts,we have, yeast doughnuts and cake doughnuts.
For cake doughnuts.
The dough for doughnuts drops from mixer right into hot boiling vegetable oil. The nozzle shakes the dough as it passes. The doughnut fry for about a minute and the half,then the conveyor belt carries them away to cool.

For yeast doughnuts.
Yeast doughnuts require more time to make, the dough is worked npby a high speed mixer,then workers bring it off the machine into bins.From there,it goes into an upper where the dough comes out as a sheet. Then the dough passes through another conveyor belt which makes it 2cm thinner.Then the sheet passes under a shower of cinnamon,that adds flavor to it. Then it hits a rotating cylinder that rolls it into a lock.

The dough is sprinkled with water by a small metal rod,this keeps it sticky so it holds it shape while going through another flattening roller.
To keep the dough from sticking a sprinkle of corn starch is added to the dough. A cutter then cut the dough into dougnut sizes.

The dough is carried by conveyor belt into a hot boiling vegetable oil ,the dough is fried and turns into yummy doughnuts.
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No one knows who came up with the idea of squeezing oranges to make juice, all I know is that, orange juice tastes amazing!

The popularity of orange juice increased dramatically in the middle of the 20th century.As techniques were developed to extended shelf-life today many people start their day with a tall glass of oga in its purest form.

Orange juice is fresh squeezed and made with no preservatives or other relatives the appeal is indisputable fresh-squeezed oga contains vitamin c and the flavour is authentic. Orange juice production starts in groves the trees take several months to bear fruit and are harvested in early November oranges is a job was done entirely by hand and automated parking system could damage both the trees and the fruits.

The 20th century as techniques were developed to extended shelf-life. today,many people start their day with a tall glass of oga in its purest form orange juice is fresh squeezed and made with no preservatives or other relatives the appeal is indisputable fresh-squeezed oga contains vitamin c and the flavour is authentic orange juice production starts in groves .

The trees take several months to bear fruit,and are harvested in early November.
Oranges is a job was done entirely by hand and automated parking system could damage both the trees and the throat the picker uses a bag made of vinyl composite weight and heavy-duty the amount of juicing oranges this one is Coppola how large is our small but superficial flowers won't affect the quality of the juice.

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The oranges are taken to a processing facility and transfer to a sloped shoot .

The gradient of the shoe prevents damage, as the orange is tumbling to alewife station a sprayer spray soapy water onto the orange is a spiralling nylon brushes scrub and clean while simultaneously.

Then conveyor belt will bring them forward after the wash another sprayer enters the mouth as the spiralling prices continuous cropping the orange is transition to her own work and where that takes them up an underground fence as the oranges exit the dryer,
the inspector checks them for any missed damage

The oranges travel across more revolving brushes the bristles on these brushes are gentle drawn on the first group of the skin of the fruit and remove any residual finally finished with is the fruit and metal teeth spillway the skin it squeezes out the juice while simultaneously filtering out the seeds and the membrane between the flesh of the orange and the skin produce flows into all that the screen on the web filter is the path to the desired consistency.

There are several different filters for different amounts of Pop that use just bottled it just the plastic jugs.
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HOW ITS MADE: Jelly Beans

The jelly Bean is colourful but its beginnings are a bit of a grey area it's believed that this beans jelly centre dates back to biblical times.

Turkish delight many centuries later the outer shell was added and the jellybean was on its way to sweet success .

To make jelly beans liquid sugar is heated in a kettle to about 175 degrees Celsius glucose and then starch and agitating device mix it all together forward and knocks off the excess to be recycled,

Aldingbourne hours down into the starch it makes 756 jellybean impressions per tray The impressions in the starch full-service moulds.

for the jellybean centres give me into the storm smalls this system can make almost a million jellybean centres at 3 our next the conveyor belt.

Fixed the jelly Bean centres to the drawing room where they stay fit 24 hours there's solidifies them and they become area arms flip the traits of sensors and starch and dump them into a drone that will separator.

When the trace flipback their refilled with starch and the molding process begins again meanwhile the jellybean sent is now separated from the starch tumble onto a wire mesh conveyor system liquid sugar flowers out of a kettle food colouring is added to the syrup.

This engrossing syrup is added along with some flavouring to the jellybean centres as they tumble around in a tilted spinning pan sugar is added to the mixture .

The next day when the beans at half past and the beans are tossed around again then the pants stop spinning and the jelly beans play fall into a scale system the device limit abortions than a truck door opens on a drop-down a shoot at the packaging department wants them back the jelly beans are ready to sweeten your day.
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HOW ITS MADE : $150,000 watch

Even in the digital age and mechanical watch still has a timeless appeal one that's made with handcrafted precision however might set you back a six-figure sum at that price time really is a luxury so let's take this box and see why every second of how It's made really counts.

in the Swiss countryside are highly skilled team of watchmakers are assembling a luxurious wrist watch the tools of the trade haven't changed much since the days of pocket watches .

This watch is powered by a mechanism called that will be on invented in 1789 its rotating gears counteract the effect of gravity on time

keeping the even more accurate results a special tool is used to press the watches hands on twin axle at the centre of the watch.

The watch will be in cased with 18 carat gold Basil's sealed from the elements with rubber rings the middle casing is now passing to the mechanism before the installation of the winding stem and crown is completed the bridge for the auto winding system is, then leave work at a parallel growth pattern is then engraved onto it this engraving adds visual interest to the bridge making this luxury watch look as good inside as it goes out once the bridge has been set with Jules it's ready to be installed at the centre of the watch.

The jewels will prevent the pots from rubbing against each other causing wear and tear while adding to the luxury look of the final piece.

In the process the rotor that will be attached to the bridge is now engraved the rotor will automatically win the watch it's a signature piece that can be customised to each customer's taste rotate now complete with personalized special giveaways the press also squeezes the rubber ring between the basil and watch creating a waterproof seal the watch is now water resistant to a depth of 19 metres watch is now expected to confirm that the rotor moves freely within the case next computer analyses to watch a device holds the watch and simulate.

Swiss movement while the computer evaluate its accuracy the minute repeater is also tested this is a feature on some watch models which were triggered change the time finally the watch is plunged into a container of water if bubbles appear it would indicate a leak this one passes the test this incredible watch would set you back over $150000 but as well as telling the time it's also an alien that will stand the test of time.
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When it comes to breakfast, bacon is one of our favourite side orders.

It's popularity actually goes back centuries to the days when people cured and smoked meat in their own homes.but today, a quick trip to the store then anyone can bring home the bacon.

It is now processed and even precooked in factories.
It all starts with a load of pork bellies there tossed through a big tumbler the action softens them so it will be easier to remove the skins.

each pork belly go skin side down on a conveyor belt, this conveyor takes the pork bellies to a long automated play that slices this get away from me the skins .

Dropped onto another conveyor belt to be processed into pork rinds.
meanwhile, the meat pieces headquarter flipping device that turns them back side.

And so , workers down the line can trim off any remaining pieces of skin next they mixed up a brine solution which will cure the pork salt is funneled into a tank of water, It's mix thoroughly until the salt dissolves.

Liquid smoke and other flavorings are added the pork belly.
Then it's into the trench cabinet for a shower of liquid smoke as liquid smoke them bars and it adds flavour and colour to the surface the pork.

Bellies are transferred to a bigger when they cook for 5 hours at a low temperature that allows the flavouring to permeate the meat.

Now , it's into a blast freezer for a quick chill down they also Cassandra metal detector to confirm that no piece of the metal hanger that the pork belly and then stored in a freezer .

Until they're ready to be sliced in the bacon this is called the sly sly here workers load the meat slabs in the shoe this way back and forth over a blade, which slices then made into bacon size pieces the bacon falls neatly onto a conveyor belt .

Another conveyor belt rolls over the bacon slices to secure them for cooking in a microwave it will be used to make gravy the microwave slices finally the bacon is stuck for packaging now that's a job well done time to put the coffee on and scramble up some eggs.

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Re: HOW ITS MADE by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Wed, 01 Sep, 2021 - 12:05:39:pm GMT

HOW ITS MADE: Balloons

The summit of a balloon floating in the air sends a message that you're special .

But balloons weren't always so delightful in earlier days they were made of dried animal bladder ,is a bit of an unpleasant concept.

So, in the 19th century someone invented a rubber balloon and that trial balloon took off balloons were first mass produced in the 1930s and after that the sky is the limit .

To make balloons ,
poured into a tank of latex it's filtered through cheesecloth .
At the bottom of the tank mixing 15 hours and it also keeps the latex active so it doesn't congeal .

these balloons come in 53 Oz spray hot water onto balloons to clean them as they move on to a system of rollers which one is latex on this.

Fixture or balloons freshly dipped in blue latex while build a tank full of latex rises coating more forms on the underside the fixture flipped by moving the balloon forms to an upright position, another the brochures roll up the bottoms of the bill is creating lips the lips will make it possible for people to pick the balloon in order to fill with air.

After 60 minutes list of critical issues , the machine brings out all the impurities including a protein that causes latex allergies the hot bath.

Also triggers vulcanization of rubber risers the latex balloons travel to another station chips them into a mix of talcum powder and water this will allow them to be more easily stripped off , the phone now it's time for the list of forms passed through this patient inflate the balloons balloons the machine heat to a steamy 71 degree celsius .

While the balloons tumble and nozzle spray water on my face doesn't just clean the balloons it completes the vulcanization of the balloons now it's time to see if they can stand the test of inflation ,and machine blows air into a huge heart-shaped balloon and heart swells skip and they check out to see any fault, if there's no fault, the balloon has passed the test. Then ready to be packaged and delivered to you.

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The first computer is used to be the size of an entire room, then they were built to fit on your desk .

The newest design is a portable device that sits on your lap and what is lightning this pattern of lines and pants and copper is the wiring for the electronic components ,that will be started to the board this machine place as a stencil of the component layout on to the ball and apply satta paste for the openings of quality inspection camera photographs.

The soda paste and send the images to a computer new computer analyses looking for any missing paste misalignment other mistakes.

Another camera inspection sun and the component is missing or shifted out of position after function testing in a visual inspection, the motherboard moves to the assembly line and it set aside for the time being.

Next , technicians manually assemble the top half of the laptop called they insert the LCD screen into a frame with web camera and microphone already in bed it the centre part of the screen cover and position the motherboard cable.

Inside the spinal cord to the rest of the laptop then install the Wi-Fi antenna in the antenna bottom cover or components are concealed again .

Turner bottom cover behind this antenna topper they complete the panel kit by pressing in a thin metal frame around the screen next then they install the right and left speakers in the top cover .

Now, the motherboard comes back into play after inspection of computer-guided rather cut out openings to accommodate the computer spares which prevent the electronics from overheating.

Laptop generates a lot more if her laptop and therefore requires two powerful than one after checking the screws are sufficiently tightened their place the motherboard ,which is macho and the solid state disk which stores data the high capacity battery to the motherboard batteries for gaming laptops are typically larger because the faster processor and consume more power.

The last component is the keyboard which fits into a rectangular opening in the top top of the bottom , half a laser etching machine marks the required information underneath an automated machine test numerous functions and a quality control team test several others including the virtual reality feature you want the LCD and keyboard colour displays.

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HOW ITS MADE: Tortilla chips

Tortilla chips is a Mexican snack there actually an American invention.

in the late 1940s and Los Angeles tortilla factory began cutting leftover tortillas selling the first tortilla chips.And the chips are down the usually go fast.

Tortilla chips start out as yellow call the supplier cleans the kernels and tries them to a moisture content of 14% .

Then ships that the chip factory the call goes into a large steel cooking kettles filled with almost boiling water work as deadline and ingredient that does many things .it's antibacterial it gives the corner parched flavour it helps loosen the husk the kernel shell so it will come up later on and let moisture penetrate the colonel .

Each candle contains about 300 kg coal and 90 kilos of water and land combined next stop is a subtank the cooked call every 12 hours to further absorb water what's the most accent hits 45% and the husks are soft .

And loose a pumping system moves the corn to the washer this machine strange the water so that was left is just soft hydrated.

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The next stop is the Tumblr a rotating drum with perforated walls water jets blow off the loose husks the corn travels on a conveyor from the tumbler to ml and Olga feeds the corn into was it literally pulverizers the corn kernels between two stones producing a soft corn dog called masa.
The mana exits the mill through a narrow nose all the shapes the doll into a thin sheet the sheet than one strollers that have triangular dies on the surface .

The triangles move into another heated to 340 degrees Celsius they spend just 16 seconds inside but that's enough time to drive the dog to the point where it won't break apart when handle the heat also trust tiny pockets of moisture in the dough creating little blisters this gives the tortilla chips that trademark bumpy texture .
From taking triangles to the fryer the corn oil is 182 degrees Celsius they take just 55 seconds to fried chips andmesh conveyable then leave them out as they leave the excess oil drains back into the fryer at the next stop .

All these big natural flavour seasoning into a Tumblr the seasonings main ingredients about the Cheddar parmesan and Romano cheese is and spices nozzles the chips with corn oil to make the surface adhesive, then the seasoning tumble zone and sticks after exiting the tumbler the chips travel to the packing department suits route them to different packaging machines .

The packaging equipment represent technical choreography at its finest each machine has 14 bucket shapes cables when there's enough for one package a trap door opens chips drop just as a Foreman device shakes a piece of foil and plastic film to pack the cheapest land in the bag then heat sealer immediately closest the top and cut safely while simultaneously sealing the bottom of the next bag.

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Re: HOW ITS MADE by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Fri, 03 Sep, 2021 - 06:47:14:pm GMT

HOW ITS MADE: Chocolate coins

this is a symbolic trade in some parts of the world shopkins stuffed in Christmas stockings to celebrate the charity of Saint Nicholas .

They also handed out of Jewish children during the festival to teach them the value of money and charity .

Chocolate coins don't have any purchasing power but they do buy alot of appreciative smiles from the kids .
Rhey start with joy chocolate pass each one is a 4 and 1/2 kg hunk of pure chocolate the workers transfer the bars to a cattle it's a kind of double boiler ,hot water bubbles and steams inside a sleep shell to eat and milk chocolate the return 1/4 tons of liquid chocolate in this catalogue the machine that pumps the chocolate through a long pipe

With different cooling zones the chocolate things but not to the point of solidification a process called temporary because,is the chocolate to form a precise crystal structure. But just the right texture and taste the thick liquid chocolate flows onto a conveyor that brings the chocolate under a broad blade .
The blood levels it to a specific thickness and spread it evenly creating a long sheet of chocolate the chocolate now begins to coagulate and Hardy to spur that process it travels through a refrigeration tunnel which is approximately 14 m long this journey transforms the liquid chocolate into a soft solid .

Next,they clean and prepare to die it's a spring-loaded device that works like a biscuit cutter to punch out round blanks but there's one big difference each cutter is long and tubular so was it pumchee out the chocolate and they accumulate in a pond sheet.
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Re: HOW ITS MADE by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Fri, 03 Sep, 2021 - 06:48:33:pm GMT

This journey transforms a liquid chocolate into soft solid next they clean and prepare to die it's a spring little device that works like a biscuit cutter to punch out round blanks .

But there's one big difference each cutter is long and tubular so was it punches out the chocolate blanks they accumulate inside the lattice work of leftovers journeys board to be remelted into the process so not a drop of blood goes to waste at the end of the line dozens of coin banks have stacked up in each magazine isles of leftover chocolate of accumulated in a bin that will now be transferred back to the melting pot.

Now it's time to print some Johnny to do this the chocolate first and then impossible and the chocolate brownies way it works sheets of gold foil travel between role is to establish any intention perfect moves to chocolate blanks. Between the sheets around the blanks once used to endorse chocolate coins with American penny markings .

Chocolate coins can be made in many sizes with a range of different illustrations the coins now spill out onto a conveyor which takes them to obey all that's left now is the packaging which will be the traditional mesh bag from start to finish it takes less than an hour to make a chocolate coin gold dollars or $5 poker chips everyday is a jackpot of chocolate money at this factory so there's never any shortage of edible cash only decisions to be made poker chip or chocolate bunny while you can always flip a coin.
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It's hard not to wax lyrical about crayons they were invented in America in 1903 when a non-toxic version was created from the big wax crayon already used for marking crates and barrels .

We take a look at how colour is added to childhood is crayons and made from a combination of Wax is primarily paraffin which is ideal because it's inexpensive and easy to Mount it also has what's called an enormous blob.

It leaves enough works on paper the wax is melted to 62 degrees Celsius then a secret powder is added to strengthen the crayon and act as a filler boosting .

The number of crayons the works will produce various synthetic chemicals are also there's one to keep the wax from sticking to the mall and the fatty acid called stearic acid to improve the bath now works is tenting in this case the addition of yellow and red produces orange crayon.

Factory can produce $127 everyday is not toxic after adding the mixture is blended for about 45 minutes it envelops the malls in cool Water

Scrap of the excess which gets recycled rotary machine 2700k on cycle machines operating simultaneously 30,000 the machine that slaps label roller press the label against these then a small arm wraps around this machine labels eight and a half thousand crayons .

The crayons exit the labelling machine and land in a box they sorted according to colour into the appropriate hoppers of the packing machine the packaging line is entirely automated factory programs the machine to collect a certain number of crayons in specific colours according to the type of packet production.

The best-sellers effects of 16 and 24 the packing machine is designed to handle the cranes gently occasionally though a crayon does crack or a label comes loose when that happens a sensor automatically stops the machine and I like goes on above the problem for the jobs cleared.

Then production resumes once the count is complete the crayon line of the box line meet of pushing device slides each set of crayons into a box a built-in scaleways every box should one be on the weight the machine automatically blows it off the conveyor belt then the missing crayon is added manually ensuring the full complement of colours repotting artist.
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Standing long and how these trees are cut the woodcutters are using his mechanical chopper he cuts on top to the bottom to determine the direction in which the fall.

This way here is getting a nasty bum head I think the way they sticky-out branches taking care not to cut his legs off a woodcutter's left trucks made from billions of cellulose fibres these must be part at the mill the play begins with a long-running session.

And so do the paper making machine itself when the magic happens to begin with the creamy white fluid is sucked off by a rotating steel drum that builds up a thick layer of a tangled cellulose fibres ready for catching couching is the Business of lifting what is effectively wet .

Saw the paper off the roller or to a layer of pouch having done the delicate job of lifting the soggy paper in the field has to give it up so the pain of a migraine the series of steamy heated rollers gently warm the paper .

So, it's relieved of the unwanted to witness being simultaneously tried out and flatten having drive the paper off the papermakers here like to make it all wet again but this isn't ordinary water.

It's above of specially concocted chemicals that size the paper going to be painted on without the colours running all over the seat then the paper is turned onto a cardboard core like a toilet roll giant bottle in the quality control department .

And the factory that wants to know if it has been passed. A factory worker has a chopper of his or her own the workers cuts the perfectly sized paper into perfectly sized sheets basically to be used by all over the world to be used by all sorts of artists.
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