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Recipes/Cooking » HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR NOODLES? by: Osaroju(m) .:. Tue, 04 Jan, 2022 - 09:27:46:am GMT
I imagined that this is one question everyone would loved to be asked, so you can dive into your imagination and describe how enticing you would love your noodles to be.Well, I recently learnt another way that noodles could be prepared, I tried it and the result was both satisfying to the eyes and stomach.It was on the 1st of January, when I was hanging out with a very senior friend of mine whom I call dad, and also another friend, I call my twin. Now, she was running late to go home after we had spent the whole day together at our dad's” place.So she explained to me all the steps that I would take to prepare the noodles which was already bought. We had already also gotten the other ingredients and materials that she would use for the cooking.So after she left, I prepared it the next day and it was wow, our dad” confirmed and confessed it.So this is the process stepsCook your noodles, not too soft and remove into another plate to hold itChop into pieces the following carrot, green beans, green pepper, onionMix raw egg into a bolw, with little salt, seasoning and pepperPour little amount of groundnut oil in a pot or pan and allow to heatAdd your chopped vegetables into the hot oil and stirAfter a while add your egg into the mix and continue stirring Now add the noodles and stir the final mixYou see the steps above contains the key to preparing a lovely noodles. If properly done it would look like an intercontinental dish. Lastly, which ever noodles you want to use for this is ok.

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Re: HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR NOODLES? by: Rachael(f) .:. Wed, 21 Sep, 2022 - 11:01:38:am GMT

Indomie( one pack)
Tomatoes and peppers
Vegetable oil
Seasoning cubes and salt.

Step 1: Put the pot on fire, add water to it

Step 2: Add the indomie into the boiling water . Let it boil for some minutes , after that off the cooker.

Step 3: Blend the tomatoes and pepper in the blender .

Step 4: soak and wash the fish and crayfish in hot water . Then drain the water in it.

Step 5: Put the frying pan on the fire ,add some oil into it.

Step 6: Add the grinded tomatoes and peppers and slice some onions in the frying pan , let it fry for some minutes (3-5mins)

Step 7: Add the fish and crayfish in the pan, add the seasoning cubes and pinch of salt into it.

Step 8: After that ,add the cooked indomie into it , let it fry a little .

Served hot!!!!

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Re: HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR NOODLES? by: Wonders(f) .:. Wed, 28 Sep, 2022 - 04:10:52:am GMT

Wow, I'm so going to try out this method of cooking indomine. For someone that doesn't really care so much about for food. In fact cooking isn't one of my favorite activities.

I just hate the fact that I'd spend lot of time cooking what I can finish in few minutes. I feel it's not worth it so if I'm left alone, I can be feeding on cereals and junk for days without minding.

However this indomine recipe is so tempting and looks ravishing, I'd definitely try it out. And with the way I'm looking at it, it feels like one can try out this recipe with macaroni and spaghetti as well. Or I'm wrong?

At the end, the opportunities avaliable on this platform can't be overestimated. Look at it, I may not be so good at cooking, but here's a perfect place to learn much about cooking different kinds of food.

Once again, I'm so proud to be in this forum. For it's not all about writing and there's absolutely no limit to what one can learn on this beneyoyo forum. Indeed this forum is a wonderful one, thanks Admin for having me here!

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Re: HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR NOODLES? by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Fri, 20 Jan, 2023 - 06:53:07:am GMT

The way I cook my noodles is unique but can take some time; the time that it takes is the reason why my friends do complain whenever I want to make their noodles for them. They are like what are all the paparazzi that I am doing on top noodles?

I am the type of lady that doesn't like someone cooking my noodles for me except for the marshal; the Marshal way of cooking noodles blows my mind. That passion makes me approach a marshal shop to buy cooked noodles but indirectly I was paying attention to how he is cooking them.

Since I know how a marshal cooks their noodles I started cooking mine like that too. The following are the steps I used in cooking my noodles:

1. I will cook the noodles only without adding the spice; I did that just to make them tender.

2. I will pour the cooked noodles inside a sieve.

3. Get a round plate that has some more space then add pepper, onion, and the noodles spices, stir it together then add the egg.

4. After stirring for a while I will add the noodles and stir them well.

5. I will add oil inside the frying pan and place it on the fire after getting hot I will add the noodles and then fry them.

That's the way I prepare my delicious and nutritious noodles.

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Re: HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR NOODLES? by: DivineDomokuma(m) .:. Sun, 22 Jan, 2023 - 01:33:04:am GMT

For someone like me who doesn't like stress and like things easy and simple 😏

this is how I prepare mine.

1. break the noodles and place it in a pot

2. put all the spices provided for it

3. boil the noodle

4. get a soft sweet bread and eat it

that's how I like my noodle 😅😅
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