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One of the signs of great mastery of the scriptures is to be able to give accurate answers to questions from the scriptures.

So let's go. Give the correct answers to the questions fromthe questions.

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1) I hung a red rope from my window.

2) I conspired with my husband to lie to the Holy Spirit.

3) I laughed at God's promise about bearing a child.

4) I was seen bathing by a king.

5) My husband and I were tent makers.

6) I was David's great-grandmother.

7) I was deceived by a serpent.

8) God made me a leper for mocking my brother's wife.

9) I died after being pushed out of a window.

10) I won a beauty contest.

11) I kept watch over my baby brother after he floated down the River.

12) I was visited by a desperate and disguised 1st king of Israel.

13) I had bad eyesight.

14) I was the first female Judge.

15) Two of my brothers killed all the men of Shechem.

16) My husband was a fool.

17) I had my boyfriend's head shaved.

18) My husband and both my sons died in Moab.

19) Benjamin was my youngest son.

20) My husband was a carpenter.

21) Seven demons were cast out of my life by Jesus Christ

22) Timothy was my grandson

23) I slept with my father in law after disguising myself as a prostitute.

24) I got married to Abraham after the death of his wife Sarah

25) I was the mother of Dan and Naphtali, the sons of Jacob

All the best....??????????????????'???'???????'???'?????


**I am passionate **

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