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Jokes/Humours » Girl Quarells Boy Friend Over Christmas Hair In An Hotel by: PrinceBenjamin(m) .:. Thu, 29 Dec, 2022 - 12:23:55:pm GMT
Last friday a lady was very angry with her boy friend for being unable to buy her christmas hair. The lady said " i am tired for the relationship, its christmas and you cant't even buy me christmas hair", and the boy friend said, "what have you gotten for me ever since we started dating, you dont even work yet you are asking me for money, look at your mate they are out there working and all you can do is to be nagging." in this kind of situation what do you think the girl or boy should do. should they breakup or should they go on with the relationship. Dating is for men not boys and also dating is for women and not girls. i have a question thu, do you think that a boy of twenty years or a girl of that same age should be in a relation when you are still in school.?

**Prince Benjamin**

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Re: Girl Quarells Boy Friend Over Christmas Hair In An Hotel by: FUNMINIYIIDOWUT(m) .:. Fri, 06 Jan, 2023 - 04:16:15:pm GMT

I want people to understand that dating is not about age is about maturity and understanding. Maturity is not about age is about how you address people, how you can face challenges that come to you, how you interact with people or the person you are dating. There is not starting age to dating once that are mature, let them date and that must not allow their dating life to affect there Carrera,future, education etc.

And the girl that has no work while her mate are there working for their future she is there complaining that her boyfriend did not buy her Christmas hair in the public just decided to disgrace the guy publicly and she don't know that the guy will response her like that. She think to make money is easy. Please tell her to go and work to see how difficult or easy it is to make money.

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