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Family/Parenting » GOD EXPECTS YOU TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY WITH LOVE by: Richie(m) .:. Wed, 09 Jun, 2021 - 12:25:51:pm GMT
if you lose your ability to love unconditionally, sacrificially as a man, you lose your right to lead that family.
God expects you to lead your family through love. Let's look at the book of 1st Peter, chapter 3, still talking about the rule of the man in the home, in terms of authority, submission. Verse 7 of 1st Peter, chapter 3. It says, likewise, just as spoken to the women, I'm speaking now to the men and beginning with the men because God starts it all Likewise, you husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge,
given honour onto the wife, as of onto the weaker vessel,
Giving honour, giving respect and preference on to the wife as onto the weaker vessel, so there's a reason. If not, you will batter that woman and kill her one day. Why because you have authority. You have more muscle, you're stronger, you are stronger to protect, not to beat to death. We see that happen every other time. That's because of the error in the world, the selfishness in the world, the lack of understanding in the world, that garbage that the enemy has fed men with making men feel they are all in all if Christ dealt with the church that we will not exist today. Look at the way the Church of God is today. Messed up, things are happening. So contrary to what Christ intended, He has not killed us. He's simply still pleading simply still showing his Love. Father, forgive them. He's still pleading today at the right hand of God, showing mercy and giving us another chance. And another chance and another chance. That's the way a man should be to his wife.
A man who is worth his sort will honour his wife, knowing that she's the weaker vessel, hallelujah. And it says and as be heirs together. She is not inferior to him. Being heirs together, being heirs together of the grace of life. Look at the condition look at the repercussion of not doing so he said that your prayers be not hindered. This means to me that unanswered prayers can be as a result of a man being insensitive to his wife. Men, I implore you, whatever your status, whoever you are, never marry a wife to use or abuse or never marry a wife to use her or also to abuse her. Never do it. I mean by extension never abused any woman, no matter what or who she is to you, a mother, a sister, a friend, a friend, sister, somebody,
a colleague, a classmate, enable never ever abuse a woman that's on its own is it course on its own. It makes God turn his back on such a person.
Honour your wife, and honour the woman that God has put in your life, hallelujah. dwell with them, according to knowledge. In this case we're talking about your wife. dwell with your wife according to knowledge, gain knowledge. Go for seminars, when it's time for marriage seminars, do not push your wife out to go and you stay back. You need the knowledge even more in. dwell with them with knowledge. study the Bible. Let the Bible instruct you on how Christ loved the church.
Learn his ways, understand his pattern of love. How that His love is unconditional. Learn his ways and know His ways. dwell with your wife, by knowledge, through knowledge in knowledge.
Do not be an ignorant man. And ignorant man is an empty head That kind of head cannot lead anywhere. You need knowledge. Good knowledge makes you humble. A man who has knowledge that does not puff up that man is humble enough to be able to honour his wife, his humble enough to be able to seek to understand his wife in order to know how to honour her. Your wife is not your neighbour's wife is not even your brother's wife. Your wife is not even your mother. Your wife is a person of her own. A humble man will try to understand his wife. That is part of the knowledge that you gain. gain knowledge and dwell with your wife with knowledge. When you do, you get the best of her. She will have no choice. But to submit to you. She submitted her whole life to you. She submitted has substance to you. She will give you all know herself already. She has been more or less almost bought over. She's not bought because you cannot pay for her life. But you have paid the price on her head. Praise God.
So she's under obligation to submit to you. But when you love her, and you are humble towards her you make the submission much easier. Your love for her is submission to the didn't that Bible say in Ephesians 5:21 submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God, my dear brother, you are submitting yourself to your wife by loving, humbling yourself and honouring. Hallelujah. When you do that, do you know you are submitting yourself to God? You are surrendering your will to God


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Re: GOD EXPECTS YOU TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY WITH LOVE by: Abbey(m) .:. Wed, 11 Aug, 2021 - 04:50:29:am GMT

The head of the family is the father then follow by the mother .
A happy home is a home where you find love ,a happy home is a home where you are living together in peace,unity.

Parent did you share love in your home does love exist in your family most especially the father in the house ,there are some father when ever they come around the wife and children will started crying as if he should not come back anymore.
God love a happy home ,parents if there is any thing that looks like problems between you dont call the third party sit and settled all matters.
A happy home is a healthy home .
A happy home is a love home.
**Abbey **

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Re: GOD EXPECTS YOU TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY WITH LOVE by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Sat, 14 Aug, 2021 - 09:28:26:am GMT

God expects you to lead your family with love.
God is love and his nature is love.The book of Corinthians began to talk about how important love is.In a family where there is love,there is peace and there is everything good.

Leading with love is like paving a pathway of light,because no matter what goes wrong in the family,no matter the issues,no matter what darkness the devil tries to bring into the family,when there is love in the family,love overcomes it all.

Love above all else.

When leading with love,you're leading with the very nature of God.Because God is love.God first led us in the pathway of love by giving his only beggoten son to die for our sins.John 3:16.

Let's follow God footsteps and lead those under our care,our family and even our friends with love.When you lead with love,it settles all things. There won't be any disagreement of any kind. Because, those who you love will always want to agree with you .

**I'm gifted**

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Re: GOD EXPECTS YOU TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY WITH LOVE by: Olatoke(m) .:. Sat, 28 Aug, 2021 - 10:27:27:pm GMT

God love for us is unconditional,that is also why god expect you to lead your family with love.
A family should be full of love you see when a family is not unite love will be absent in such family.
Love is the foundation of a glorious family ,love is the foundation of a joyful family. Mother anf farher how do you lead your home how did you lead your children family love is the best I mean the best.

All daddy in the house love your wife and your children don't love one and ignour others ,show all of them love and care even those children can pray for you and you will find favour.

**Olatoke **

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Re: GOD EXPECTS YOU TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY WITH LOVE by: Jackson2(m) .:. Sun, 05 Sep, 2021 - 08:53:42:pm GMT

God is love, and he love every one. Be it our family or not. But I have one question how do you lead people with love.
**Life is good**

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