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I hate to break this to you but, It is not in your power to keep a man from desiring other women besides you, do not be led to say

-As long as I am good to him, he will stay with me.
-As long as I cook his meals and serve him like a king he will be faithful to me.
-As long as the love making is great he won't lust after other women.

I wish I could say this was true, but Im sorry it isnt, doesn't happen this way.

No matter how great a spouse you are, no matter how strongly connected to God you are as his wife, his desires will not be to you alone if he does not carry the nature of Christ. There is no good you can do to help such a man, for by the nature of Adam has no man won against his flesh.

So do yourself a favour my dear, set your eyes on a man who is soaked in the nature of Christ, one who is born into a new refreshing grace, one who recognizes his position as a priest of Heaven. One who respects and honours God too much to cheat on his woman. One who knows that its not even about you, one who will not flee from temptations because of his love for you alone, but his uncompromising love for God.

With such a man you won't need to do anything extraordinary to keep him from cheating, the fear of God will humble him for you, and the graceful nature of Christ will rule over him.

I say this because it is true to keep your man from cheating, he has to be under an authority higher than you, you he can overlook, you he can compromise on, you he can lie to, you he can make up excuses for, you he can control. But when a man recognises that he reports to the Holy Spirit, a superior authority higher than him, the fear of God will naturally amplify his respect and commitment to you.


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Re: GO FOR A BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 21 May, 2019 - 07:22:48:am GMT

This is true...

But though it's hard to get someone of such. Cause in this world, there are lots of pretenders. People who pretends a lot.

They don't have the fear of God but they seems they do.

They act like they really do. Yet they don't.

I know of someone. That each time we chat, from the chat it's will seems the person has the fees of God. But the time I might him, was when I realized that there was no fees of God in him. He was just a pretender

Now, there are lots of people like that too. Until you've got to know there privacy and all that, you can't tell there real self.

But it's at times very easy to know a person who had the fear of God....

*they don't lie

*Always sincere.

*They pray not for you to know they can pray but because they felt it is needed.

And I will advice this, if you don't have the fees of God, don't look for someone with the fear of God. Cause you will only pull that person down with your bad ways of living.

Bad companies corrupt good manners.
It's the truth.


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Re: GO FOR A BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sun, 26 May, 2019 - 06:44:57:pm GMT

I am of a different opinion, i say this because everyone is just so engrossed with this Christianity stuff, as if being a christian is the remedy for every problem in life, we are talking of a relationship here, why it doesn't work, or why there are issues in a relationship but everyone is saying we should go for a born again child of God.

That isn't the solution to cheating, it also isn't the solution to heartbreaks, haven't we heard of pastors, leaders, facilitators, mentors amongst others who preach the word and are so called born again but their marriages are suffering or nothing to write home about, just of recent we heard about one that claimed he had a child outside wedlock, so being a born again child of God isn't a solution in your quest for the right partner for you!!!

Having said all this, someone might ask, what is the solution? You see the reason we have issues in relationships is because we focus on the wrong things, we look are the physical appearance, material things and all that stuff. Don't get me wrong, those stuffs aren't bad but they shouldn't be the foundation of a relationship, what sustains a relationship is commitment and another thing is character, i say this because every relationship will pass through some challenges and that's when you will know the kind of partner you have.

So its not about being born again or not, because saying we should go for born again makes it looks as if they are far better than those who aren't, or their relationship is far excellent that those who aren't born again, which is not the case. So my fellow young ones, when you want to get involved in a relationship, go for a person that has a vision, go for someone who has a good character, and three go for someone who will be committed to you no matter what, that is the most important thing. Relationship is supposed to be enjoyed not endured, a word they say is enough for the wise!!!


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Re: GO FOR A BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Wed, 05 Jun, 2019 - 12:15:22:pm GMT

Good read. Every man has the tendency of finding more than one female attractive, whether married or not. This is men's biological make up. You can't change it, either can anybody. Don't allow anybody fool you into believing otherwise. Men will always be men.

A woman may love with everything in her when she finds the true she has so longed for, but not even one single man has this tendency. For men, it may last for sometime, but longer into that relationship, man begins to shift or allow his emotions to wander. This is both natural and biological, research proves. Here is the solution.

Like the writer rightly writes, it takes a man with high value and respect for himself, partner and family that may not allow this nature manifest. A man with a deep sense of who he really is knows that this tendency can bring a lot of disrespect to him, the wife and family as a whole. Discipline plays a very big role, but a man who understands the place of the supreme being trades his inability for that of God.

He sees possibility where there seems none and things become as easy as anything that others marvel at how that would have been possible in the first place. It marvels me how most times people make decisions without the power of their spirituality. I am not talking about religion here.

We all have a core. That part of us that has answer to any question we have. A part of us that directs. A part of us that scolds. A part of us that corrects. Don't neglect that part of you in your daily life choices.

How often do people marry someone and hope that some day he or she will change. "Maybe he will change when we get married", my dear if you don't like what you are seeing now run for tour dear life and make a right choice. If a man flirts he won't change during marriage same applies to ladies.

**Obinna Oguji**

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