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You push for a wife to help out and when she does, what do you do? You play smart and run away, leaving her permanently doing things while you spend our money having fun outside.

The temptations will always be there to spend and enjoy your money, maybe even with others but in the end, your home would remain the most important of expenses and the one that should always come first.

Having a wife who, in the face of personal things to buy, chose to support the home is a blessing one may not understand until one looks at the sad cases of women who have but don't care about the home. It's a different case if you genuinely do not have but you do have and you do know what needs to be done in the home. So, what really is the excuse?

Think about it, what exactly do we do with our money? Gift girls who should not even be there in the first place, indulge in expensive vices like alcohol, or wasteful purchases of material things we can do without. No worries, the wife would cover.

A good wife that assists is not a pass on one's financial responsibilities. Go back home brother, let your home experience the best of you.


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Re: GIVE YOUR HOME THE BEST by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Thu, 02 May, 2019 - 01:29:20:pm GMT

We don't know the value of a thing until we've lost it.

Some people are looking for a good woman who will support them financially, physically and even spiritually. But some have this woman and take her for granted.

You are suppose to always appreciate anyone who gave her time and support in any relationship.

And that is how some will say that she should even be grateful they married her.

I've seen a man whose wife work and take of the home while the husband has no job but this man still not value it.

I don't pray you lose that woman. But I tell you, if you don't know the value of a thing, you will use it anyhow and even discard it yourself.

**Graced **

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Re: GIVE YOUR HOME THE BEST by: Youngbeauty(f) .:. Thu, 27 Jun, 2019 - 01:28:23:pm GMT

wen you have a home as a wife or husband

Put in your best never get tired because of the challenges you face,some men/women wen they face little problem in their home you see them going out side

wen you have problem in your home make sure you fight it never think of running away cos it won't help instead it get worst,wen you as a man don't have, and after the efforts of your wife going true hell,you guys suffer together eat the little you have together

she try so had to put food on your table as a good wife,after facing and going true ups and down,try to see if you can get maybe a job to earn a living you now start have little something eg money par say then you start thinking of living your home that is stupidity,u think you are playing smart hmm i pity such people

don't think of living wen its time to spend on your family that has gone true hall with you,you can spend with friends but make sure your family gets the best of i t all and have it in mind that they are your top priority

think well,wen you have the money and what you do with it,don't think of spending on women,women that are never they wen you don't have,spend wisely learn to save
a good wife is nothing but blessing,but the bad ones are always bad luck

if you have a good wife learn to treat her in a way she deserves,a good wife only keeps home in peace and make sure the home is in other

give your home the best you can never run from your responsibility,your home is your all

**Obedience is better than sacrifice**

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Re: GIVE YOUR HOME THE BEST by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 01:18:22:pm GMT

Empathy is something husbands have forgotten how to show....or perhaps, they didn't forget, but many just never learnt it for wives.

So... Let's take for an illustration...

Wife is ill - can't be bothered.

She is pregnant (especially from the second) - she's not the first so please don't make a big issue out of it. Can't be bothered.

She goes on a trip - She'll be fine. Can't be bothered.

She is stressed from working the home - It's her duty, can't be bothered.

Worried about an outcome - Can't be bothered.

Needs a hug and reassurance that everything would be okay - We all have have issues. Can't be bothered.

Needs help - Can't be bothered.

Needs attention - Too needy. Can't be bothered.

Confused - Can't you just get it once? Can't be bothered.

Needs help caring for her folks - I have folks too. Can't be bothered.

Appears pissed off - Don't want trouble. Can't be bothered.

Menstrual cramps - Sorry, what? Can't be bothered.

On the flip side though, they get a lot of it when they break down, become like needy babies and ask the seemingly impossible, which gets done.
They get it plenty when they go on trips and don't bother to call to put minds at rest because they probably called throughout the journey. Even this, they take for granted and ask to not be disturbed.
They get it plenty when they are financially down and seek support, when plans don't go as they intended and just need someone to be there...they get it.

Imagine the strength of what they get when they ask it, now imagine asking and finding no care, no empathy. Then truly, they would understand the hurt that comes with it.

That is what they give out each time they don't show empathy. Yet, women still bear with them.

That is something for men to think about and begin to make better.

**God's light**

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