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It is very necessary to know ones Genotype before going into Marriage when been in courtship. Because most persons are being ignorant of this all in name of *Love*, and has become a victim as a result of ignorance in the whole world. And parents pls also be of help to your children by letting your son/ daughter knowing his/ her Genotype before he/she says yes to that handsome guy or that pretty lady whom he/she wishes to spend the rest of their life with... Knowing your Genotype and it's appropriate Suitor is very important. *GENOTYPE AND ITS FUNCTIONS*..... AA + AA =Excellent AA + AS =Good AA + SS =Fair AS + AS = Bad AS + SS = Very Bad SS + SS = Extremely Bad ( don't ever try it) Sickle Cells Awareness.. *BLOOD GROUP COMPATIBILITY* *Compatibility*.. Is the state of combining two or more things without conflicts or with easy interaction. *Blood Group* the classes of blood types, based on the presence(+) and absence(-) of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells( RBCs). All blood is not alike, that's why it's very important to know our blood types. Our Blood groups does speaks for us because it saves lives, and we have blood types which are common while others are rare in times of donations. *Blood Group Chart* We have eight blood groups... *O+* (Most common). *A+*. *B+*. *AB+*. *O-* {Rarest} *A-*. *B-*. *AB-*. *Compatible Blood Types*. *O+* can donate to *O+, A+, B+, AB+.* *A+* can donate to *A+ and AB+.* *B+* can donate to *B+, AB+.* *AB+* Can only donate to *AB+*. *A-* Can donate to *A+, A-, AB+, AB-.* *O-* Can donate to *O-, O+, A+,A-, B+,B-, AB+,AB-.*(everyone). *B-* Can donate to *B+,B-, AB+,AB-.* *AB-* Can donate to *AB+ and AB-*. *O+* Receive from *O+ and O-.* *O-* Receive from only *O-*. *A-* Receive from *A- and O-*. *A+* Receive from *A+,A-,O+,O-.*. *B-* Receive from *O- and B-* *B+* Receive from *B+,B-,O+,O-*. *AB-* Receive from *AB-, B-, A-, O-.* *AB+* Receive from *AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+, O-.* (everyone). This is how you blood speaks about you....Lol. *A*(+)> Good leadership. *A*(-)> Hardworking. *B*(+)> Can sacrifice for others and very tolerance & ambitious. *B*(-)> Non flexible, selfish & Sadistic. *O*(+)> Born to help. *O*(-)> Narrow minded. *AB*(-)> Sharp & Intellectual. *AB*(+)> Very difficult to understand. What is your blood group guys?


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Re: GENOTYPE AND BLOOD GROUP COMPATIBILITY by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Fri, 11 Jan, 2019 - 05:16:58:pm GMT

you are correct. It's very important we all have the knowledge of this. cause marrying someone that his/her blood is not compatible with yours is very dangerous. Not only for the mother but most especially the child. Let's take for example the woman is AS and the man is AS, there is no doubt about this, they will give birth to SS. That's the fact. They might be glad they have a child, but they should know that the pains they will cause that child would i've been better if the child was not pain. people with genotype SS suffers a lot.. and one of those things they encounter is unexplained episode of severe pains such as pain in the abdomen, chest, bones or joints. Another thing is swelling in the hands,abdomen or feets. They also have an increased risk of infection, and fever can be the first sign of an infection, Yellow tint to the skin or whites of the eyes and also they encounter signs or symptoms of strokes.

So, in other not to put an innocent child into such condition. Avoid getting married to the wrong partner. Make sure your bloods are compatible.


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Re: GENOTYPE AND BLOOD GROUP COMPATIBILITY by: Velisa(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 05:35:36:pm GMT

Many has being blinded by what they call love that they forgot to think about their future and that of their children first.

Not just about blood compatibility but also checking and knowing the HIV status of that person before you both get into doing anything.

If you didn't check and the person is HIV positive, once you have sex with such person... You will contact it and that means you already put your children in an OH God Why manner.

When you are pregnant with HIV in you, you won't be able to breastfeed your child. Now, imagine the pain and suffering the child will pass through when not taking breast milk.

And you have always place yourself in a condition that you can't come out from forever.

So, my dear brothers and sisters... Check the HIV status of your partner before anything.

HIV is real... AIDS is real.


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