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1.dele Ali nigeria representing england. 2.raheem sterling Jamaica representing england. 3.diego Costa. Brazil representing Spain. 4.sturridge jamaica representing england 5.jorginho Brazil representing Italy. 6.c. Ronaldo Brazil representing Portugal. 7.a. Martial Guadeloupe representing France 8.b. Saka nigeria representing England 9.mbappe Cameroon decent representing France. 10.umtiti. Cameroon decent representing France. 11.kante. Congo decent representing France 12.pogba. Guinea representing France. 13.matuidi. Angola representing France 14.t. Abraham. Nigeria decent representing england 15.m. Ozil turkey decent representing Germany 16.dybala. Turkey representing Argentina 17.emre can. Turkey decent representing germany 18.carvalho. Angola before moving to Portugal. 19.haaland. England decent claiming Norway. 20.gnabry. Mali claiming germany 21.fosu mensah. Ghana decent representing Netherland 22.ross barkley.nigeria decent representing england 23.memphis depay. Ghana decent claiming Netherland 24.jack grealish. Ireland decent representing england 25.alexandre lacazette. Guadeloupe decent representing France 26.origi Congo decent representing Belgium 27.benteke Congo decent representing Belgium 28.batshuayi Congo decent representing Belgium


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Well, this is really a very good fact that you have put together in one article, these players sometimes tend to love the environment they grew up in and they most of the time bond with that surrounding, which leads them to take the citizenship of that country. Although there are other reasonable explanations.

Sometimes, we just have to change our environment, our positions in order to make a solid move to our prosperity, and that's what I believe, happens to some of these players. Some were born there while others could have been migrants, and now the decision of changing their nationality has become a great one.
These players sometimes or most times, understand their value and their quality, so they also decide to make a change for the greater good, even if that means they leave their original homeland to move to another, so as to get enough playing time.

**Least said : Passion is everything... **

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