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funny joke: - Jonbull

Yes, this is a good day that Jehovah has created, and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Wow yesterday's service! very important news because today's kids are up to something. Remember that year. Check it out Felix went to Jonbul's house and knocked on the slightly open door, but got no answer. So he touched it again. This time he heard a weak "in". He opened the door wide and entered. When he entered, he found Jonbul's father sitting on the bed, his chin on his head deep in thought, not even bothering to look at the guests who had just entered. After a moment of silence

Felix: Good afternoon, sir

Papa Jonbull: Too late, good boy
Shut up again...

Félix: Sir, I came to tell about one of your sons

Papa Johnbull: Johnbull, brother?

Felix: Yes sir


Felix: Sir, when I was on holiday two weeks ago, someone saw me take N10,000 tuition fees from my pocket and since then no one has seen me.

Papa Johnbull (still in the same position): N10,000? Even the boss is lucky, didn't his mother steal N50,000 last week?

Felix: Jesus! N50,000

Papa Johnbull: (same stance) You cried Jesus three days ago, is that not the N100,000 that I stole?

Felix: (falling on the carpet crying) Oh! Why? Why Johnbull? Sir, you didn't report him to the police?

Pope John Paul II: We did and they arrested him

Felix: Good for him, I'm sure he'll change his ways after a few days at the Nigeria Police Station

Papa Johnbull: (same pose) They gave him back the next day

Felix: How is that possible? What's up?

Papa Johnbull: He said he stole money from the checkpoint.

Thank you.


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