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If you have been pleasing someone and you mistakenly failed just 1 day. The person will say you have changed. He/she has forgotten the 99 days you have always please him/her and hold on to the 1 day you mistakenly failed.
Reasons why years of relationship break up in a day,is because one of the lover has held on to just 1 day mistake of the other. Forgetting the 99 days the person has been doing well.
You know why? Because ''LIFE IS UNFAIR!" If you have the opportunity of pleasing such person again. Please do it! Don't say he is ungrateful. Such is life. Learn to forgive and let go. Don't because of the fact that you failed oneday and they made you feel you've not always done well, stop doing what you know is right. Keep doing the right thing till they get convinced and realized that what you did that made them disregard you was just a mistake. Make them realize that no matter what they say about your mistake in you trying to help them out. You still love them and won't stop doing what is right.

**Gooddypye **

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Re: FORGIVE by: Miracleb(f) .:. Sat, 29 Dec, 2018 - 08:36:23:am GMT

You right dome people can keep malice for African i wonder why

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Re: FORGIVE by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 12 Mar, 2019 - 04:28:10:pm GMT

You are truly right. but I feel once you keep trying and trying and the situation still remain the same. They still turn you down. Then you have to leave them. Give them some space. If they realized how important you were to them, they would come begging for you. But before you leave them you must have tried a lot. And leaving doesn't mean you will hate them. No ... You just have to give some space. Make them feel your absence. And that is when you will know if you are useful to them or not.


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Re: FORGIVE by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 12 Mar, 2019 - 05:21:22:pm GMT

I guess this is my story, I could relate with it but what I have to say is this don't ever live in assumptions, assumption is the lowest form of knowledge, situation like this might occur and maybe the person involved doesn't think about it that, oh my babe has fucked up and has broken my heart but a guy becomes tired when his fiancé be always apologizing for the same thing over and and over again and be so dramatic about it, because right now in my relationship it's going through a difficult moment with my babe, she has her issues while I have mine, and honestly she's the best I could ever ask for but you know what, she hurt me so much and I have really forgiven her but every other day she reminds me of the pain she's going through and that she isn't feeling the relationship like before and it's only normal, for that to happen, she has asked me constantly if I want a break up and that question makes me sick, and what makes me even more sick is that she's hurting and disturbing herself over nothing, if she continues telling me to forgive her even when I have, and accusing me of seeing another woman then I'll just breakup with her but I don't want that, so in conclusion I don't like the way my babe is seeing me now, and what used to be a sweet relationship now looks worse than friendship, so ladies don't be quick to jump into conclusions, men have responsibilities, if he has forgiven you, don't always ask him for forgiveness over and over again, it makes it look as if he's evil or worse than the devil!!! So be wise as a woman and as a man always forgive your woman no matter what, there are no better woman outside than the one you've got!!! A word is enough for the wise!!!

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Re: FORGIVE by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Fri, 15 Mar, 2019 - 06:43:01:am GMT

The act of forgiveness is one that we can't really overemphasize the importance, because forgiveness is a choice, it's letting the pains created by someone or the vacuum caused by a close pal or associates die completely and not holding his or her mistakes or errors against them, forgiveness is an act of love and kindness, the ability to forget and let go of the pains and hurt a person you treasure or value so much might have caused you knowingly or unknowingly, you see in life as youths growing up people will mess up and cause us pains, like they might go beyond their boundary or beyond their limit but in such moments it's our character that will stand for us, it's good to always have the spirit and heart that forgives no matter the offense or wrong things done to you, let forgiveness be a lifestyle so you won't be trapped in your dealings And affairs with men, because be rest assured that they will always hurt you and make you feel down, people are just like that, don't ever let it get to you, always forgive because God himself forgives us whenever we err, as a common saying goes to err is human but to forgive is divine!!!
**Graced **

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