Crimes » Extreme Punishment For Crimes Good or Bad by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sun, 10 Feb, 2019 - 07:30:18:am GMT

There is a question in my heart that has been giving me concern in my heart, we know that a lot of criminal activities occur in our environment no matter where you might reside, there are people whose source of livelihood is to engage in crimes of different sort, kidnapping, thefts, rapes, homicides, manslaugter amongst many others, and the punishment giving to them to those who are declared in caugh in the act or declared in court as guilty as charged most times are very striking or alarming for those caught in the act in this part of the world most times we take the laws into our hands and commit man slaughter which is a crime originally, so for that aren't we also guilty for let's say killing a person who killed another person or stole from another person and is caught, aren't we guilty for choosing to take his or her life? For those that finally are judged in court, and given a punishment as firing squad, death by hanging or life imprisonments, aren't the judges also guilty in taking another's man life or taking his freedom from him or her, even though he has initially committed an offence or a crime? This really gave me a cause for concern, I am not supporting crimes but what I am saying is some of the punishments are way too much for the one who committed the crime, and my point is since we have been taking the law into our hands and as a judge sentencing them to death, it hasn't stopped more people committing crimes, so the tactics or punishment for crimes is definitely not working? So what must be done? I for one don't support killing criminals to start with, they could sincerely change someday and be amongst those people that can make our nation great, since they have been there, and nobody will naturally Just love to commit crime, something must have pushed them to it and it is still pushing more to it. Just my thoughts!!!


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   Re: Extreme Punishment For Crimes Good or Bad by: Abbey(m) .:. Sat, 01 Aug, 2020 - 12:42:44:am GMT

Extremely punishment for crime is not good.
Yes criminal are to be published for any offense they have committed, but punishment should be level with the level of crime been Committed, I mean there should be level of standard of punishment for criminal case.
If the crim is high then the punishment also should be high but if the crim is low the punishment also should be low.
This is complicated self do we have low criminals case, crime is crime but any way we have a constitution Thao back it up in the court of law,
But there are some criminal that needs to face an extremely punishment such as the notorious armed robbery, who go for robbery operation and along the line kill so many people, this kind of people are to be extremely Punished, or the kidnappers they should extremely punished also, the terrorists the should be extremely punished, but cases like my husband beat me, she own me money , she hit my car from behind should be taken soft.


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   Re: Extreme Punishment For Crimes Good or Bad by: Vickybrown(m) .:. Tue, 04 Aug, 2020 - 02:31:22:am GMT

Nice point. But should know that according to operant conditioning by Skinner it says this kind of conditioning is a learning process whereby deliberate behaviors are reinforced through consequences. for example, Praising a pet or providing a treat when they obey instructions like being told to sit or heel both helps the pet understand what is desired and encourages it to obey future commands.

When a child receives praise for performing a chore without complaint, like cleaning their room, they are more likely to continue to perform that chore in the future.
But when a negative behavior is performed (for example a child being rude to his parents) it comes with a negative consequence like punishment so that such behavior would not occur again.
Imagine if the government decides to be a little bit loose about punishments for crimes committed by an individual, the level of crime rate in the country would increase drastically. You cannot reduce punishment for crimes committed in order to make things right because it would only make things worse. Before a man commit a crime one of the first things that comes to his mind is if i am caught how grave would the consequence of his action be? if he feels the consequence of his action for the crime is not aggravating he would likely go ahead to perform the crime.


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   Re: Extreme Punishment For Crimes Good or Bad by: Abbey(m) .:. Fri, 16 Oct, 2020 - 05:55:07:pm GMT

Punishment should be given along side with the kind of crime been committed, punishment should not be too much there are some criminal which was been published to death no that is unfair what I think government should do about it is punishment should be carried out with the level of crime been committed, although there are chronic criminal in the country example of people who are to be given too much of punishment are the kidnappers, terrorist, the heads men, because there are some people who commite crime with out of ignorance unwillingly
**Abbey **

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   Re: Extreme Punishment For Crimes Good or Bad by: Omotayodavid(m) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 05:42:15:am GMT

Where there's no sin, there is no law. The essence of punishment is to control the behaviour of people and checkmate their actions. Since the man has been exposed to the knowledge of good and evil, sin has inevitably become a part of human nature. Despite the consequences it comes with, the fear of going dabbling into it is never put into consideration.

In my opinion i wouldn't say punishment for a particular crime is extreme, to uphold peace and tranquillity a country has to be guided by certain blueprints and guidelines, likewise provisions have been made to intercept any one who is found guilty of violating these guidelines. Every offence or crime committed has its own punishment that accompanies it. Trying to seek a better and suitable punishment for certain crimes that are extreme may never be achieved, in certain countries the punishment stealing attracts is death sentence we could say this is extreme, but i am sure the reason for can best be defined by such countries itself, they could feel everything has been putin place for the ease and comfort of the citizens, so theft of any kind shouldn't be given credence. Punishment for every crime differs from each other depending on the structure of such a nation.
We can't come to a definite stand point to tell whether there is an extreme punishment for a crime, given the nature of mankind. No matter how several punishment is people still go into crimes.


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   Re: Extreme Punishment For Crimes Good or Bad by: Holashayo(f) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 11:54:57:am GMT

The Bible says no sinners will go unpunished, but it does not says death must be the punishment. There are several punishment you can give to a criminal that he won't withstand it and will be forced to repent. The part that so many people use now is " the wages of sin is death"..meanwhile, that was when Jesus hasn't come to save us from our deadly sin. Sinners now have the opportunity to repent and come back to God, so also are criminals.
What we don't know is that words of our mouth hit so hard than weapon.
As for the judgement given to the criminals, I won't blame the judges for that because they knew if they pardon them, they will still go back to that act. That is why most of them are killed before they destroy the community, but what is annoying there is that despite the punishment, people still commit crime. So, extreme punishment is not helping at all.


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