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Programming/Web-Development » Every business owners need to know this by: Taofeek(m) .:. Wed, 04 Aug, 2021 - 10:37:52:am GMT
Many web designers believe web designing is just about building a site that carries information about the company or brand. Asides from the fact that a website needs to carry necessary information about the company or brand, It also needs to meet certain benchmarks so that incoming visitors can be converted into high-paying clients.
Let us take Jumia for instance if you intend to buy from the E-commerce website. It gives you a certain percentage off. Such a freebie is what is called a lead magnet in marketing. Even with that, when the user clicks on the product to get more information and make a purchase. There should be social proof on the product description page that notifies prospects that someone from a certain location just purchases a certain quantity of this product.

Every website needs to convert visitors to leads. Lead magnets are important for every website. Lead magnets can be any of the following depending on the website
1. Free ebook
2. Discount offers
3. Free trial
4. Free registration
5. Free training.

After any of these has been offered to your website visitors, you can then send them to a sales page. This will build trust on your brand

Another benchmark is social media integration.


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Re: Every business owners need to know this by: Fashnet(m) .:. Sat, 14 Aug, 2021 - 04:44:31:pm GMT

This type of information is really needed and it will be useful for a business that wants to grow the sales through a good and detailed website.
Thank you for the information as this will go a long way to help those that want to get their businesses promoted online and having a good website that showcases what the business is all about and promote it because website does not really have to do alone with the name and the surface.
It is but the product and the presentation and how it can attract the buyers. information about the product and discount giving and all that can make website the buyers interest to be drawn to the product and this would bring about increase in sales and thereby making the website to attract more buyers and more customers to flux in and buy their products so thank you very much for the information I think as many as you want to be with her websites on their company or their product needs to follow these guidelines this is my own contribution on this thank you very much.
**Help the needy and love everyone**

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