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It's was a rainy afternoon... Mr John stepped down from his car... He was supposed to meet up with one Mr Joseph (a man who was job hunting and was referred to him ) but he needed to get something first before calling him.

The road was very bad so he decided to take a tricycle.
There were two men inside the tricycle ...he joined them and greeted them..the one close to him was holding a file.. . Mr john was wet and so he wiped his face and was touching the man... Suddenly he shouted " you shouldn't wet my file please ...this file is very important.. Keep your wetness to your self """
Mr John simply said " am sorry" when he got to his destination ,he picked up some stuff and returned to where he packed his car... Then called Mr Joseph to meet him up.... Mr Joseph got to the same spot and saw the man he had talked rudely to... He could not say a thing....immediately Mr john saw him.. He entered his car and drove off..
Get a moral lesson from this.... The world is a small place... You don't know who Is who.


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   Re: Don't be rude to people by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Sat, 02 Mar, 2019 - 08:20:39:am GMT

Firstly, I don't blame the man with file so much to have shouted on the other man. He was holding things special to him but where I want to first be against is, documents are usually kept in a file bag or file envelope. That the document can't easily be tampered with. So, I see no reason why he should have being so harsh like that. That is the reason I blamed him a bit to have being rude.

It us very vital we caution ourselves at times, no matter what happens let's caution the way we talk and react to people either publicly or in a two to three people conversation. Cause you don't know how great or how influential the person you are insulting is.

Don't defend your anger on anyone who has no take in it. From the story, the guy has being job hunting and am sure the anger and depression of not getting a job after several attempts to seek one has made him frustrated that he was going for another one again, and someone is trying to be the first case he met. So, the frustration made him react arrogantly. Don't allow frustration, anger, your sufferings be recorded on others. Don't inflect it on others. Though they may do something worth getting annoyed but you should control the way you allow the annoyance in you descend on such person.


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   Re: Don't be rude to people by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sat, 02 Mar, 2019 - 01:35:06:pm GMT

What I learnt from this piece is that we should mind our we respond when we face challenges, don't allow anger take the better part of you, always have control over your emotions, you don't know what it might save you or who you might be relating with, a little act of kindness in the midst of serious problems or a tensed atmosphere might just be what gives you the opportunity you have been waiting for in a lifetime, never speak to people anyhow, speak in love, there's a better way to communicate if something or someone tampered with your emotions and you are angry or upset don't allow your reactions change peoples perspectives of you, be smart and act better and wiser then everything will be fine, in all your dealings please never be rude, it might cost you something that's very important to you!!!

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   Re: Don't be rude to people by: Princess(f) .:. Tue, 16 Jun, 2020 - 10:24:18:am GMT

It is important that we watch our response to anyone. It is possible that he was tensed about his interview, still it doesn't justify his response. He could have been more understanding considering the fact that it is obvious it was raining and going out at such time one should be prepared for the worst(which includes getting wet directly with the rain or cars splashing water on passer-by or getting wet directly by fellow a passenger on board who's already wet). His response was totally uncalled for, it wasn't like the man intentionally wanted to wet his file.

On the other hand the Mr Joseph would have chose to understand Mr John's plight while in the tricycle because no one would want to appear at any interview drenched or submit a wet file, but he didn't instead he decided to punish him for the way he responded.

But that's life, everyone one has different response to situations.


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   Re: Don't be rude to people by: Blackie(f) .:. Mon, 29 Jun, 2020 - 09:13:00:pm GMT

@Gooddypye: we all have our own frustrations and battles, but no matter we shouldn't vent our frustrations on people, we are hurting the other persons feeling. It happened to me one day, I was really angry and frustrated because of college works, I had missed some lectures because I was ill at that time so i was trying to catch up, at that moment my sister walked in and started disturbing me because of some movie, at first I ignored her but her endless chatter really got to me and I screamed at her and said all sorts of stuff I didn't mean. She felt bad but she covered with a smile and walked out, I felt extremely bad. I knew she was just trying to lighten the mood but I was rude to her. I felt so bad that I couldn't even concentrate on what I was reading anymore ,I had to go apologize. Same with humans in general, we shouldn't just talk anyhow to people because of their looks remember "Don't judge a book by its cover". We don't know who is who. The person you talk rudely to might be your helper. If you feel you've said what you shouldnt say to someone then apologize, don't let your ego swallow you. Saying sorry who cost you your life but rather, it makes you a better person.

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