Romance » Don't Keep What Is Not Yours. by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Thu, 18 Apr, 2019 - 06:57:45:am GMT

If you know you are keeping a girl you know you won't marry, please free her and let her go, so she can locate me and those in need of a wife. Some men don't have conscience at all. How will you lie to a girl you love her, you want to marry her, when you really know you won't marry her? Its totally wrong! You are the reason some girls do tag men as 'wicked'.

The way females were created, they were created in such a way that they can fall for any sweet lies from fake guys. When you start giving a girl, false hope for tomorrow, when you truly know you don't love her, is that not wickedness? Every girl out there deserve the best, she deserve a good man, so stop tricking her into loving you, when you are just using her.

Women are our missing ribs, when you find yours, don't obstruct another from finding his.. Take care of the one you love, and leave the one you don't love for the man that truly loves her. There are lots of good guys out there, but because of you, that girl can't locate him, please leave her alone Don't keep a girl you know is not yours Stop this selfishness and wickedness

**Graced **

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Re: Don't Keep What Is Not Yours. by: Velisa(f) .:. Fri, 19 Apr, 2019 - 06:36:30:am GMT

At times such thing is caused by the lady. Imagine this I would say now...

I know of a lady who broke up with her fiance. The fiance was the one who actually ended the relationship. The reason was because she double dates. She was a player but she soo much love that particular guy. Even if she deceived the other guys, this main guy was her main boyfriend.

Her fiance found out her bad ways of living. Double dating was what he hates. He calls on her and warned her bro stop. But she continued. This makes the guy feels, she doesn't love him. Maybe she took him like one of those her boyfriend. And this guy has being seeking her hand in marriage but she will always say "I'm not ready."

So, the guy feel she is just a player. He cut her off and started dating another serious lady.
After some time, she went begging him. And due to the love this guy so much had for her. She told him planning. That even if they start dating, he won't leave his new girlfriend. She agreed to it. And it's like she being a side chick. And she is 27 years old already. Is there still any chances of the guy marrying her? No... She was even caught in the hotel with another person husband.

Now, this was caused by the lady. Some guys keeping lady whom they don't have interest to marry, is sometimes caused by the lady.


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Re: Don't Keep What Is Not Yours. by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 08:25:16:am GMT

I don't know why this is just so common. I wonder how those guys feel when they keep a lady they are not ready to marry. When you know you can't marry her, why are you still assuring her of love. Leave her and let her go for who will marry her. Don't be a wicked soul. And this is just so common among the guys. And this is same reason some ladies decides to deal with men through their possessed body.

I used to say......that if you don't love someone.... Don't make chat person fall in love with you. You might find it enjoying and normal when you break a girl's heart, but know that you have dig a hole in her. Heart break is very bad and can leads to downfall for the one who brought it. Do you think is normal, to just tell someone it's over? Remember every word has effect.

Find the right woman for you and work with her alone. Stop attaching yourself to others. Some kept on believing in you not knowing you are just using them. Repent from such way. One is not listed wealthy for the amount of girls he has or the number of sex he had a day. So, stop keeping ladies like you are loading a Trailer.


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Re: Don't Keep What Is Not Yours. by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 11:22:36:am GMT

Don't let your actions or lack of actions be the reason she is delayed and kept waiting on a commitment you know may not come. Don't be the reason she misses out on serious prospects. Worse, don't be the reason another brother gets treated rough because of your experience.

Don't be the reason she's twisted and confused on love, knowing that you cannot offer her commitment or worse, love.

Don't be the reason she risks another relationship which you know is better for her.
Her company may be good but please, if she truly means that much to you, let her go.


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Re: Don't Keep What Is Not Yours. by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Fri, 14 Jun, 2019 - 06:58:27:am GMT

Don't keep what is not yours and don't fight foe Hera is not yours.

I do ask myself at times..."why are men wicked?" Men are wicked. I mean extremely wicked. And extra wicked.
The reason I see men to be wicked are...

You know you don't love the girl. She appears beautiful and with good characters, you want to have her by all means. Not to marry her but to brag to your friends that you've caught that queen that refuses very other person. And right in her mind, she will think you are in a serious relationship with her. After having sex with her, you dumped her. That is wickedness. High rate of wickedness. It is not only when you have witch that you are wicked. Some characters you put on, it will be better to have had witch than to have such characters. The Bible says,"the wicked shall be cut off from this world and the transgressors shall be rooted out."

Another reason I considered men to be wicked is this...
They are married but they still go ahead deceiving innocent girls. Tying down their future. Some will even lie to the girl that they are not married. And the innocent girl will believe them. After marrying him, she will find out he's married.

Some men will leave their newly wedded wife to marry another woman. I know a woman very well... Her husband left her two months after their wedding to marrying another woman secretly. That day, he even lied to the woman that he was going for one board meeting so he needs to dress cooperate. The innocent woman was the one who helped him in wearing his suit and even his shoes... Only for he to hear later that your husband went to wed another woman. Wicked men... Very wicked men... Heartless men.. after that woman finished his money, he came back pleading his wife.

**God's light**

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Re: Don't Keep What Is Not Yours. by: Confidant(f) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 03:46:16:pm GMT

Why lead a lady on if you know you don't intend to marry her?

Sex and money are the top reasons, followed by the need for a backup.

You are the side babe but you believe you are the main babe and you are looking as the main babe as the side babe.....clap for yourself.

Merely reading the above will confuse you if you don't read it carefully, let alone bringing it to life with human characters. It is easy to see how people can be confused.

You see, these things get listed but the real reason ladies get led on when marriage was never on the table is a reason that is offered by the ladies themselves.

There are two approaches, it's either you try to read the man or you protect yourself. Ladies seem to prefer the first one, reading the man then making a decision on it. But think about it, I am a guy looking to get in your panties, what are the chances that I am going to come at you as that? Most guys will not, it will start as a 'relationship' till 'smashing' occurs then the true nature of things bubbles up.

There's the other way, the road less traveled, which needs you to protect yourself regardless of what your heart tells you.
1. Take sex off the table
2. Take money off the table.

When you hear people talk about being heartbroken, it is usually a display of pain and hurt for being 'straffed' for free or being 'obtained' or worse being 'straffed and obtained'
for free.
If sex and money was not on the table, it would only be a case of time wasting.

Time is important to ladies, it's probably the most important reason they get desperate and throw money & sex at men even when they don't want to, but men also love their time and no man wants to waste time chasing a babe for sex when it's crystal clear right from day 1 that it is not going to happen.

"You don't know men, if you don't give them what they want, they'd leave you for where they can get it. Please, I can't let anyone take my man away for sex, after all, it's not like I won't enjoy it too".

Keep telling yourself that, it's the sort of mindset that helps keep straf candidates available.

Question: Do you know anyone whose genuine love relationship ended for refusing to have sex?

If he truly loves and intends to marry you, he'll stay even without sex and your money.


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