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If there will ever come a time when you need to be seriously concerned about your future spouse, that time is now. You need to learn how to start praying for your future home, not just casually, but with an intentional spirit and purposeful command in your tongue.

Some of you do not know how to pray for your future spouse and your future marriage. You see your future spouse as someone that is not real, like they are not physically existing somewhere. So when you are praying for your home, you make it sound like the person has not already being created. You make the prayer look like God is going to form someone specifically for you in heaven and throw them down the earth to fall at your feet or at the mall. In your prayers you talk to God about your future spouse like you are referring to a spirit you cannot wait to meet. You know am right. The way you have wrapped this whole prayer thing around your head it feels like the person you are praying for is a new model human being waiting in God's factory. So you pray more with a spirit mindset, your prayer points are more of the supernatural, forgetting that your future spouse might be having a good time at the movies right now with someone they think they'll marry.

Listen to me dear unmarried and patiently waiting,
The God-centred, Jesus-loving, attitude-perfect spouse you are praying for is pretty much real. That person is a human being, a full grown adult with habits, addictions, characters and mindsets they have mastered over the years. Stop praying like you are asking God for a spirit husband or a spirit wife, talk to your Father like you are praying for another human being, an adult that might be as stubborn and quick tempered as you, because the spouse you are praying for is a real person, the marriage you are praying for is real.

The next time you want to pray for your future spouse, pray with a serious intention, pray with purpose in your tongue. Pray about the physical and emotional battles they might be going through right now. Pray like you are praying about a human being. Ask God to place your spouse in the right Bible believing church if they are stuck in a wrong local assembly. Talk to God about the real things people go through. Ask Him to help your spouse deal with that temper, that addiction, that ill habit, that lust, those premarital sexual fantasies. Remember you are praying for a human being, not a spirit.

Some of you the only prayer you know how to pray concerning your future spouse is "Lord, order His steps... lead her to me.... I call him forth... drag him from the left hand side to the right hand side. Disengage her from every love entanglement delaying her movement..." very good prayer points, aunty and uncle prayer warrior. But who exactly are you calling forth? Whose steps are you ordering exactly? The spouse whose anger cannot be controlled? Or The spouse who is still battling ponorgraphy.

Please do not carry this prayer style into the new year. Start praying for your spouse like you are praying for a human being like yourself. Be intentional. One of the things that served as a guide to my prayers before I met my bestfriend was this simple thought pray for her, the same way you would want her to pray for you right now!!.


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