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If there will ever come a time when you need to be seriously concerned about your future spouse, that time is now. You need to learn how to start praying for your future home, not just casually, but with an intentional spirit and purposeful command in your tongue.

Some of you do not know how to pray for your future spouse and your future marriage. You see your future spouse as someone that is not real, like they are not physically existing somewhere. So when you are praying for your home, you make it sound like the person has not already being created. You make the prayer look like God is going to form someone specifically for you in heaven and throw them down the earth to fall at your feet or at the mall. In your prayers you talk to God about your future spouse like you are referring to a spirit you cannot wait to meet. You know am right. The way you have wrapped this whole prayer thing around your head it feels like the person you are praying for is a new model human being waiting in God's factory. So you pray more with a spirit mindset, your prayer points are more of the supernatural, forgetting that your future spouse might be having a good time at the movies right now with someone they think they'll marry.

Listen to me dear unmarried and patiently waiting,
The God-centred, Jesus-loving, attitude-perfect spouse you are praying for is pretty much real. That person is a human being, a full grown adult with habits, addictions, characters and mindsets they have mastered over the years. Stop praying like you are asking God for a spirit husband or a spirit wife, talk to your Father like you are praying for another human being, an adult that might be as stubborn and quick tempered as you, because the spouse you are praying for is a real person, the marriage you are praying for is real.

The next time you want to pray for your future spouse, pray with a serious intention, pray with purpose in your tongue. Pray about the physical and emotional battles they might be going through right now. Pray like you are praying about a human being. Ask God to place your spouse in the right Bible believing church if they are stuck in a wrong local assembly. Talk to God about the real things people go through. Ask Him to help your spouse deal with that temper, that addiction, that ill habit, that lust, those premarital sexual fantasies. Remember you are praying for a human being, not a spirit.

Some of you the only prayer you know how to pray concerning your future spouse is "Lord, order His steps... lead her to me.... I call him forth... drag him from the left hand side to the right hand side. Disengage her from every love entanglement delaying her movement..." very good prayer points, aunty and uncle prayer warrior. But who exactly are you calling forth? Whose steps are you ordering exactly? The spouse whose anger cannot be controlled? Or The spouse who is still battling ponorgraphy.

Please do not carry this prayer style into the new year. Start praying for your spouse like you are praying for a human being like yourself. Be intentional. One of the things that served as a guide to my prayers before I met my bestfriend was this simple thought pray for her, the same way you would want her to pray for you right now!!.


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Re: DEAR HUSBAND TO BE OR WIFE TO BE by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 11 Jun, 2019 - 10:52:05:pm GMT

Prayer is the key....

If you must have a Godly home of peace then you need to start praying now.

But something baffles me a lot. The so called Christians who prayed and prayed before they got into marriage face challenges in their marriage than the unbelievers.

But I feel, that is why you should never be tired of praying as a Christian.

The Bible says, pray without ceasing.

Just because you are not of the devil, he will wants to do everything possible to have you or destroy your home.

It is not the joy of the devil that the children of God be happy. So, he does everything he can to bring sorrow to their homes.

My dear singles.... Don't wait till a night before your wedding before you start praying. Start your prayer from now.


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Re: DEAR HUSBAND TO BE OR WIFE TO BE by: Confidant(f) .:. Tue, 09 Jul, 2019 - 05:11:56:pm GMT

My advice to those husbands and wives to be...

Folks, as a single lady or gentleman, please think about what value you will add to your future home. Too many single individuals only talk about their requirements for a potential spouse. Few hardly speak about what kind of spouse they intend to be. You also have to bring something to the table in order for your home to work.
A working marriage takes two people. and the quality of any marriage is determined by the quality of the individuals in it. Examine yourself and consider the attributes you'd like in your spouse and make sure you exhibit such. Also, it's important to think about the following:

How you manage finances?
How you manage your time?
Are you disciplined and responsible?
Are you dependable and reliable?
Do you have a good work ethic?
Are you honest and trustworthy?
Are you self motivated?
Are you growing spiritually?
The list goes on. These traits are not just for certain areas such as academics, career, etc. They also matter in a marriage. And it's not marriage that will make you possess these traits. A dishonest person will be a dishonest spouse! These are traits you work on exhibiting now because these traits will help you in marriage.
So don't get carried away by what your future spouse must be like, use your single days to build up qualities that will help you now and in the future. This time is the foundation laying period for courtship and then for marriage. How you manage it, determines what becomes of the next phase of your life. Also, prayerfully seek mentors who can guide you in specific areas that you need help with.


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Re: DEAR HUSBAND TO BE OR WIFE TO BE by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 07:19:40:am GMT

Dear Singles....

Guy, Don't let a good woman slip through your fingers because there is no guarantee you will get her back, if a good man that is ready to marry her find her then consider her gone because she's not coming back. Every smart and good guy knows how to keep a good woman for life because they are rare to find!

And lady, don't ever rush into falling in love,for love never runs out. Even if they mock you because you are single, just tell them this: "God is just busy writing the best love story that will sweep me off my feet!"

If you find yourself in love with someone else who does not love you, be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Love just did not choose to rest in the other person's heart. Let it go.

There's a reason and a meaning. You will know in time.... Always remember that sometimes we have to ignore how we FEEL and realize what we DESERVE!

True love isn't something that is forced it is a choice. Many people are so hungry for love that they choose to bite the first type of love that they may see, even if
it's toxic.

Don't be a fool for love choose your love wisely. If you decide to sell your love for a pack of Mr Biggs meal or Mc Donald's Burger chips...., don't blame anyone in the future.

Remember it's not about being what everyone wants you to be, it's about being yourself and finding someone who truly loves you for what you are.

Remember, it is not how you feel now that is really important......­­ .......,its your state of happiness in the future

**God's light**

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Re: DEAR HUSBAND TO BE OR WIFE TO BE by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 08:49:27:am GMT

My advice to husbands and wives to be....Marriage is not for stingy will cost you money, time and your dreams. Marriage won't be right for you if he or she isn't a giver!moreover If you are giving your best to someone and it`s not good enough for them , you`r giving your best to the wrong person.

Dear Ladies
Not every man who approaches you is actually ready for a serious relationship leading to marriage. Many are only seeking for fornication partners to keep them busy till their life partners turn up. Don't let societal pressure push you into scam relationships. Ladies listen, men don't marry because of beauty, you can date a guy for ages and give him sex each and everyday but when it comes to marriage, men look beyond sex, boobs, big ass and beauty. Your charisma will send you far but your character will bring you back.
Dear Gentleman
Not every woman you meet is actually ready for a lasting relationship. Some only just need a financial bailout. Don't let your loose hips lead you into something that will sink you. As A serious Man the higher you elevate your woman and treat her well, the less available she makes herself to other men. When you are stingy and treat her bad, you make her accessible to anyone she thinks will treat her better.

Finally let me tell you the secret true about
Relationship, If "life" can remove someone you never dreamed of losing, "God" can replace them with someone you never dreamed of having. Just because you see one chapter ending in your life, It doesn't mean that there is not a better one currently being written. One that will have you rejoicing in tears of joy, Instead of dealing with tears of pain like you always have been. Believe me when I tell you this,

"There is still someone out there who believes in the same kind of love that you do". Someone who doesn't need a million chances to get it right, They just want to show you a million ways why everyone else got it wrong. Yeah, Those kind of people still do exist....Dear friend it is written,Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me,God will remember you again, don't lose hope,it is well,you are getting marriage Soon.


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Re: DEAR HUSBAND TO BE OR WIFE TO BE by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Mon, 30 Sep, 2019 - 07:14:01:am GMT

Inasmuch as prayer plays an important role in this regard, the people we become also plays an important role in the people we attract. It is good to pray as we influence from the place of spiritual life, but let's not forget the role of our person in chemistry.

Attitude is one thing that really plays a big role. While you pray, what is your attitude towards the opposite sex? What is your attitude towards yourself, marriage and relationship? We can pray for as long as we choose with wrong attitude our prayer will not work.

Another factor can be our mindset and belief. Some people already believe they can't marry from a certain place, some believe all women are evil and some because of heart break will conclude that all men are the same. These beliefs and mindsets automatically get hold of people that no matter how long they pray they hardly see results.

Your prayers must align with your person for you to see positive result. This is what faith is. Faith is not ambiguous as people make it seems.

As a single man or woman, mingle. Don't fold your hands and expect miracle to happen. It's in your networking that you begin to gather the experience and insight on what to expect from a potential spouse based on your person.


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